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Not good to hold it” she added with an ironic kiss to my foreheadI watched my distorted reflections go pink in the mirrors “II don’t want to be wet in front of everybody This isn’t like at home ‘Nee”She pulled me to a spot out of the way “Go just a little bit right here” she coaxed me “Nobody will see or know but me and when we get out it can be our little secret”My stomach twisted in a knot mostly with anxiety but a little bit of arousal “Can you hold me” I asked really childish but I needed her presence“Mmhm” She spun me around to press my back into a corner and wrapped her strong arms around me “Let go Allison” she aid into my ear as she ran her long fingers down.

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Losing Control

My sidesI sueezed my eyes shut tried to forget I was wetting myself in public and just do this for my kinky amazing girlfriend It took awhile in spite of how badly my need had become and when I felt the first trickle I gasped “I’m going” I managed to say to Renee“And nobody will ever know” she told me “Go enough to take the edge off we’ll finish up later”What did that mean As I pushed small streams of pee into my diaper it grew warm and heavy between my legs I found myself wanting to grind my pussy against Renee and into this amazing heatShe had moved one hand between my legs and I pushed into her hand The diaper was too thick to properly rub myself and it was going to make me crazy.

Summary Losing Control

The relationship between Allison and Renee has always been a power play but when Renee puts Allison in a diaper for a day and takes her to the fair they'll both learn a few new things about how hot control and losing it really can be Warning this 5000 word story includes lesbian watersports diapers bedwetting public wetting and two very kinky lesbians; read at your own risk Excerpt“It’s been awhile since you peed” She pulled me into the fun house“It has been” I agreed neutrallyOur reflections – hers dark haired and skinned mine very light – surrounded us in the hall of mirrors We were alone and Renee slipped a hand under my dress “I do expect you to go in your diaper this afternoon.

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