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Nd generally what it s like being a part time famous person and a part time nobody Love him or not Chris Moyles is part of the fabric of our nation and a proven best selling author A refreshingly honest caustically dry and uick witted commentator on daily life The Difficult Second Book is a highly entertaining listen from start to finis.

Summary The Difficult Second Book

The Difficult Second Book

Uble life of this award winning broadcaster and hapless human being You ll find out just what he thinks of his radio show guests some of the most famous people in the country You ll hear about his showbiz nights out and celebrity neighbourhood You ll also learn why he is obsessive about washing up why he lies to the pizza delivery man a.

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Superman was a hero Clark Kent was a geekSpiderman saved lives Peter Parker sold photographs to his local paperChris Moyles entertains million people each week on BBC Radio Then he goes home and plays Xbox on his sofa wearing only his underpants Welcome to the real world of Chris MoylesThis audiobook tries to get to the bottom of the do.

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