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Remember Body

'All those excessive useless regrets' A collection of nostalgic erotic poetry from one of the greatest Greek poets to have ever lived Introducing Little Black Classics 80 books for Penguin's 80th birthday Little Black Classics celebrate the hug. Some of the poetry in here is rather powerful It laments lost love and speaks of a desire to transfer it onto others This is delusional and is suggestive of a man who cannot let go of his previous experience He carries it with him like an overbearing shadow In the present he tries to relive what he has lost he tries to remember the perfection he once tasted The poet is clearly stuck in the past and his memory of one superior love Nothing comes close to this one ultimate experience It s forever in his mind I never found them again mine entirely by chanceand so easily given upthen longed for so painfullyThe poetic eyes the pale facethose lips I never found them againMany of the poems lament this idea Love is gone No new love can compare But the poems also convey the idea that it was worth the cost of a lifetime s longing Indeed it was worth it to know one night of sheer fulfilment I found that after I had read several of the poems each new one didn t really do much beyond its predecessors They all felt relatively similar The homoeroticism elements were also a little bit too much In some of the poems it defined them it was the love that was lost But with a couple of them it felt a little pointless For example in a couple of cases the poet would describe a scene with a man in it and then for no reason in particular he would eroticise it There wasn t always emotion involved so there was little reason to attempt the same effect in these cases It was erotic for no other reason than being erotic I think these poems are the sort that would be enjoyed in small uantities It s a good edition to dive in and out of but not one to read from cover to cover I appreciate the poet s desired effect but after several poems it began to grow a little stale This isn t a poet whose works I will explore further in the future but nor is it at poet I will look back on with unpleasant feelings Penguin Little Black Classic 43 The Little Black Classic Collection by penguin looks like it contains lots of hidden gems I couldn t help it they looked so good that I went and bought them all I shall post a short review after reading each one No doubt it will take me several months to get through all of them Hopefully I will find some classic authors from across the ages that I may not have come across had I not bought this collection

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Russian steppe Here are stories lyrical and savage; poems epic and intimate; essays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions CP Cavafy 1863 1933 The Selected Poems of Cavafy is available in Penguin Classics. Some Greek poetry in the Little Black Classics collection and it is relatively modern as in the author has not been dead for the past two millennia These are sensual poems There is a lot of love and maybe so longing for love This feeling was portrayed rather well but the poems became sort of repetitive rather uickly and I am not sure I really enjoyed them It was nice to try but not really something I long to read of Little Black Classics 43 Find this and other reviews on

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E range and diversity of Penguin Classics with books from around the world and across many centuries They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan from Tierra del Fuego to 16th century California and the. Wow This collection of poetry is really beautiful There was sense of sadness beauty regrets forbidden love it was all the good things and then some I have found a new favorite poet in the person of CP Cavafy Ahhh I just can t get over how good it was Remember Body Body remember not only how deeply you were loved not only the many beds where you lay but also those desires that flashedopenly in their eyesor trembled in the voice and were thwarted by some chance impedimentNow that all of them are locked away in the pastit almost seems as if you surrenderedto even those pre empted desires how they flashedrememberin the eyes of those who looked at you how they trembledin the voice for you remeber body In Despair He s lost him for good and now on the lipsof each new lover he seeks the lipsof the one he lost in every embracewith each new lover he tries to believethat he s giving himself to the same young manHe s lost him for good as if he s never existedThe boy wished so he said he wished to be freedfrom the stigma and reproach of that unhealthy pleasure from the stigma and reproach of that shameful pleasureIt wasn t too late he said for him to break freeHe s lost him for good as if he d never existedThrough imagination and self delusionhe seeks those lips on the lips of others he s trying to feel the lost love againThese two poems are my ultimate favorite

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ΚΠ Καβάφης was a major Greek poet who worked as a journalist and civil servant His consciously individual style earned him a place among the most important figures not only in Greek poetry but in Western poetry as well He has been called a skeptic and a neo pagan In his poetry he examines critically some aspects of Christianity patriotism and homosexuality though he was not always comfortable with his role as a nonconformist He published 154 poems; dozens remained incomplete or in sketch form His most important poetry was written after his fortieth birthday

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    Some of the poetry in here is rather powerful It laments lost love and speaks of a desire to transfer it onto o

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    Let me stop here Let me pretend this is actuallywhat I'm seeing I really did see it when I first stoppedand not here too of those fantasies of mine of those memories those voluptuous illusionsReturn often and take mebeloved sensation return and take me when the body's memory awakensReturn often and take me at nightwhen lips and skin rememberTry to preserve them poetyour visions of lovehowever few may stay for youCast th

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    ''His mind grows sick with lust''''Αρρώστησεν ο νους του από λαγνεία'' Beautifully written softcore pornography from a teenage girl's tumblr blogI got tired of handing out 4 star ratings so i decided to read some poetry I don't wanna give it 2 stars so i'm going with 3Legit got it for the gay content i obviously also read the poems in Greek i decided to suffer twiceI don't really care for poetry or Ca

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    Ah yes Cavafis would have loved Tinder His work has been mostly labeled as sensual and all of the poems collected in this volume are indeed about desire longing and lust He seemed obsessed with men in their twenties which is interesting considering he wrote the majority of his work after hitting his forties But

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    Wow This collection of poetry is really beautiful There was sense of sadness beauty regrets forbidden love it wa

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    Never have I read such inane tosh as this As I read and poetry I am starting to learn what is good and what is notThis is terrible

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    Some Greek poetry in the Little Black Classics collection and it is relatively modern as in the author has not been dead for the pas

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    The first 20 pages of this were all really amazing poems Shame the rest of this small collection was just whinging 'There's this really hot guy and all we do is fuck which is illegal which only makes it hotter but now he's buggered off and I'm all alone wah wah wah' if that doesn't sum up every poem from page 30 on wards

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    So this is Greek poetry from the 19th century about homosexual sex lust lost loves and nostalgia Some pieces were really good and I w

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    WowI have a somewhat mild dislike of poetry but Cavafy has completely claimed me with this edition The verses are so powerful and lamentful; speaking of lost love the poet is entirely unable to let go of that which he once had and th

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