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P us to lead interesting and fulfilling livesBeginning with a brief history of magic over the centuries what was called magic two thousand years ago is turning out to be scientific fact today a review of the scientific evidence for magic a series of simple but effective magical techniues the key is mental focus something elite athletes know a lot about Radin then offers a vision of a scientifically informed magic and explains why magic will play a key role in frontiers of science. This book is about parapsychology study of psi This is a field of study that is not supported by the science community This field of study is hard to prove with tangible proof I did not fully understand parapsychology I felt like it was a broad study of understanding the things that are unseen such as spirits conscience clairvoyance telepathy forces of this universe etc I apologize if I did not explain psi accurately Pros I found it interesting how the author explained about psi in terms of telepathyFor instance before your friend is about to mention a thought your friend and you both simultaneously talk about it Overall it opened my perspective of how psi is present in our daily life without realizing it Cons I did not understand the scientific verbiage in the book Overall it was an enjoyable book I would definitely need to eduacate myself into this topic to gain a better understanding

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Magination Not according to the author who worked on the US government's top secret psychic espionage program known as Stargate Radin has spent the last forty years conducting controlled experiments that demonstrate that thoughts are things that we can sense others' emotions and intentions from a distance that intuition is powerful than we thought and that we can tap into the power of intention think The Secret only on a realistic and scientific level These dormant powers can hel. Summary As a statistician this was so hard to read The mis inference of statistics made me want to scream It completely eclipsed anything he was saying that was good I wanted to cry There is so much that Radin is saying that is uniue and interesting But if you are a stats major who actually does know how to do inference a part of you dies every single time he infers any study It s just not correct which is sad bc what the study does say is actually kind of interesting For that reason cannot abide by the fact this book has a 4 rating when it really does a disservice to those that are trying to prove psi exists It s just too obvious to real practitioners of any scientific fieldchokengtitiktitikchokeng 8 The first page of the book He lists 3 types of fo magic force of will divination and theurgy I wish he d stuck to his guns on just these topics without all the stats p 43 He talk sabout Giordano Bruno who before 1600 wrote about De l infinito universo e mondi Needless to say he s pretty early to the game on the idea of parallel universes p 47 He mentions Eliphas Levi who talks about lower levels vs higher metaphysical levels of spiritual worlds There are many who have expounded on this subseuently and I find it interesting that he s talking about it being of 1810 1875chokengtitiktitikchokeng 53 he brings the idea of magic to current times where we have a lot of manifestation and positive thinking creation p 55 He introduces Gnosis as relates to magic He talks about how meditation is a core part of this Intriguing its important to understand that Gnostic Christianity is likely one of the big practices of this That goes missing in this book and is an unfortunate thing I mean it is an opportunity to connect even this religion to those that are Easternchokengtitiktitikchokeng 58 Affirmation Magic 1 know what you want 2 Review what you want 3 maintain secrecy 4 Accept the outcome and strengthen your beliefsIt is that simple but these things are hard I again see a missed opportunity to expound on these important points p 8485 He s got a study about people being able to influence where a ball goes The results show that after 100 he s got about 54% of the balls on one side vs his control at 50 In truth that s high but it s not magically high When you then present the results as 1 in 1000 that s both true and not true All you can really do is keep running it to get the numbers higher and estimate a p value Alternatively you can try to lean into those that are believed to be powerful to see if individuals who are mental have a greater ability to influence the ball But you can t really say the odds are 11000 That s not uite what that means p 78 He has a chocolate study in which people chocolate that was blessedplacebo I m going to assume this was done as a true placebo though there are some oddities in how he describes it But you do not interpret results the way he does There is no stat that will ever tell you that 110000 chance It can ONLY possibly tell you a p value associated with rejecting the null hypothesis I hear people say it this way all the time but it s statistically a wrong way to infer the results are telling you I m not going to go through every single place he takes liberties with inference If you know how to properly infer stats that s all you ll be able to concentrate on which takes away from what he s saying p 142 I like this chart on physics vs consciousness vs symbolic language I really loved the front Struggled with everything in the back Maybe work with a different math nerd time

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The chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences IONS turns a critical eye toward such practices as telepathy clairvoyance precognition and psychokinesis Are such powers really possible Science says yesAccording to noted scientist and bestselling author of The Conscious Universe Dean Radin magic is a natural aspect of reality and each of us can tap into this power with diligent practiceBut wait aren't things like ESP and telepathy just wishful thinking and flights of the i. The most scientific approach to magic or psychic ability that I ve read This is a great book for making a clear headed argument that magic is real backed up by numerous scientific studies and that the reason that there s any doubt about it is because we ve been steeped in centuries of Christian fear and pain when it comes to anything magical To this day my scientist friends get very uncomfortable when I discuss the subject because they re so trained to believe it s all complete nonsense Except the evidence shows otherwise and it s that evidence that forms the heart of this book Interestingly Real Magic also argues that magic isn t that strong except for perhaps the one in a million of us who like Charlie Goldsmith can do extraordinary magic but it s something that everyone has some ability in if they choose to try it He gives some things to try that are variations on manifesting or using your intention to affect realityFor myself I m interested in whether people like me without any obvious natural talent for psychic or energy healing disciplines can learn so called magical skills In that respect this book is less useful for learning how to practice these kinds of skills than say Martha Beck s Finding Your Way in a Wild New WorldBut there are gems such as The single most important aide to developing magical skills is to learn how to enter the state of consciousness known as gnosis The time honored and safest way to do this is through meditation I recommend Anna Wise s book The High Performance Mind which details her work in studying the brainwave patterns of meditators and healers using EEG and that helps you create a meditation practice that should be ideal for practicing magic Radin also says The essence of magic boils down to the application of two ordinary mental skills attention and intention The strength of the magical outcome is modulated by four factors belief imagination emotion and clarity He goes on to explain how in experiments they discovered that belief matters hugely in terms of effectiveness which makes being a skeptical scientist and student magician a tricky propositionIn any event I enjoyed the book and particularly appreciated Radin pointing out how the skepticism that the scientific and academic community presents about magic is outdated and full of hypocrisy It s long past time that we moved this into the mainstream and studied it properly

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Dean Radin PhD is Senior Scientist at the INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES IONS and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at SONOMA STATE UNIVERSITY His original career track as a concert violinist shifted into science after earning a BSEE degree in electrical engineering magna cum laude and with honors in physics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and then an MS in electr

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    I was lent this book by our friend Fabrice who is very interested in paranormal phenomena He said I would be surprised Well for the first few chapters I was sure he was wrong It seemed to be of what I had seen before in various pla

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    This is one of the best book I have read on specific areas of the paranormal Radin's historical knowledge as well as his scientific knowledge makes this a terrific read I highly recommend for both the new to real

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    The most scientific approach to magic or psychic ability that I've read This is a great book for making a clear

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    Summary As a statistician this was so hard to read The mis inference of statistics made me want to scream It completely eclipsed anything he was saying that was good I wanted to cry There is so much that Radin is saying that is uniue and intere

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    Real Magic contends that a variety of psychic phenomenons are real magic The book shows there is truth in this statement and in the phenomenon

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    Best book on magic I've read in a really long time There's even a little bit of how to which I think should be turned into the seuel John Dee would be proud I really enjoyed reading about the disturbance in the Force that was picked up by the Random Number Generators project at the shocking result of the Presidential ele

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    This book is about parapsychology study of psi This is a field of study that is not supported by the science community This field of study is hard to prove with tangible proof I did not fully understand parapsychology I felt

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    This book was really fun to read and the concepts really stuck I’ve often felt that certain people seemed to

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    This book takes Dean Radin's Entangled Minds one step further to its logical conclusion magick is real He walks the reader through the history of magic and science which I found upsetting because of all the information held

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review A well written overview and history of magic There were times were the author felt less than objective but all in all he seemed to approach his study in a scientific wayRadin is a PSI scientist He runs experiments testing whether different aspects of PSI are legit This book mostly answers the uestion of How Much of Magic is Real both using his research and that of his

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