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    Genre Erotic RomanceType Standalone Book 5 from The Compass seriesPOV First Person DualRating For six years Lucy Miller e

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    Tamsen Parker hits the spot with the fifth book in The Compass Series; I loved Due South and Evans and Lucy I'm rather partial a hero who is adorably awkward than alpha considerate of a uieter nature yet with a strong presence knows exactly what he's doing between the sheets and has a few surprises up his sleeve That to me is incr

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    4 with love at christmas STARSIs it a standalone? Kinda If you're perfectionist also OCD you need to read this on order Ju

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    Originally posted at Heroes and Heartbreakers Miller and Chanoch Evans have worked together for years but have done nothing than pa

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    I won this ARC in a Shh Smut Heroes HEAs with Alessandra giveaway It was awesome I'm not a fan of shy heroines an

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    This is a different kind of novel to the rest of the compass series The books so far in this series have dealt with some pretty tough characters dealing with some pretty tough issues and let's face it working thro

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    DNF 32% Not doing it for meGenerally I like a good cute nerdy and shy hero but I also want those aforementioned heroes to make me swoon and ooh and aww over them This H was supposed to be all of the above but I just saw him as another generi

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    Lucy is crushed her mercurial boss has forced her to work over Christmas so she won’t be able to make it home fo

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    For His Eyes Only is formerly Due South This book deserves all the love and praise so I have redone my review to match this lovely re skin of my fave seriesIntroduction I am OBSESSED with Tamsen Parker's books so when I got the opportunity to read this book I jumped at the chance This series has been uber sexy uber awesome and has always been a pleasant surprise when I pick the book up and can't put it down ReviewThe Co

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    Favorite uote No seriously This is my life Hyperventilating in my office because my boss almost caught me getting blown by her secr

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Due South The Compass #5

Lucy Miller has worked her way up from coffee fetcher and copy maker to invaluable assistant She’s proud of her accomplishments but she’s looking forward to a break from her demanding boss; a visit home is just the Christmas treat she needs Diligent and unassuming Chanoch Evans has avoid. 4 with love at christmas STARSIs it a standalone Kinda If you re perfectionist also OCD you need to read this on order Just because Both main characters are work for the iron fist maiden India Burke from Personal Geography Book 1 This office romance isn t like others that I ve read Especially this happened on ChristmasChristmas has been everybody s fave holiday With her boss plead and deadline Lucy Miller must postponed her Christmas This is also happened to Chanoch Evans He must work together with beautiful redhead slash her boss secretary Lucy They witnessed something they should t see but their body told another story Fallin in love with co worker wasn t on their agenda for ChristmasLucy is easily likable person She s hard working girl from bottom to top At first I thought she was clumsy and passive but I was wrong In this story Lucy showed her work not only being coffee fetcher for her boss She also isn t ashamed on herself being an attractive woman which is a sin in her hometown I admire her confidenceThis also happened with Evans I never thought he has heavy problems because of his family Evans seems like a perfect office guy with her looks and attitude again it was because India s story But there is another side of him I never know Evans managed to show his control during scene with Lucy with tender and care The feel of her under my lips and my tongue is flat out extraordinary She tastes earthy and human but with a sweetness that echoes the clearer taste of her shoulders I lick her and lick again because I can t get enough Their chemistry is starting to form when they admit wanting each other I think this is the only book that doesn t involve BDSM relationship They re have different taste It was exhibitionist streak inside them Maybe they didn t realize it But both Lucy and Evans are really HOT together Public bathroom beach car also their office far away from bedroom They re completing each other You ll keep still or I ll stop Don t test me Lucy because I m not kidding I m hard as hell for you but I ll walk away if you can t behave If you re good you ll get a treat And by treat I mean a nice hard fuck against this door while the people we work with go about their business not knowing I ve got my cock buried inside your sweet hot cunt Lust I m pretty sure that s what s pushing against the containment of my body Lust and want I m soaking wet I know it Who knew some dirty words in a semi public place could turn my crank so freaking hard Both Lucy and Evans really a match made in heaven Not only in sexual way Lucy really care about Evans and vise versa Both of them are getting know each other and pour their heart out They re far from perfect Both Lucy and Evans are very busy with their work and rarely noticed each other and this Christmas they re finally together Love is certainly found in hopeless place However the ending kinda threw me off Like a sudden brake when everything went smooth Overall it was a great sexy read for office romance lover with nothing exaggerating Happy holiday

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Ed relationships not just out of shyness but because he doesn’t feel like he has anything to offer most of his resources are devoted to his war veteran younger brother When a desperate plea from their boss ruins their holiday plans Lucy and Evans are stuck in an otherwise empty office with. This is a different kind of novel to the rest of the compass series The books so far in this series have dealt with some pretty tough characters dealing with some pretty tough issues and let s face it working through some of those issues with some reasonably hardcore BDSM None of these books felt typical to me This book however treads a ordinary path It s an office romance with some great sex with some pretty mild BDSM elements It s a good enjoyable if not particularly memorable yarn kept on the right side of interesting by Parker s writing which continues to be engagingThe characters in this book are just so nice Lucy and Evans are sweet people who deserve a HEA and are perfect for one another I like that their sexual awakening came about because of catching India and Cris in the act I will take all the bonus Cris and India I can get It could have felt cheesy or like insta lust but it did t The romance progresses believably and sweetly It s Christmasy which isn t something I used to look for in a novel and now I think it s adorable when it s done well and it is here the right balance between too much and enoughThere were places when it went to a level of cheese the strip joint bit I really could have done without and it felt like a word count filler which is so unlike Parker The reasons keeping these two people apart also never felt significant enough just underdeveloped Compare and contrast India for example who had such deep issues you genuinely wondered if she d ever get there with Cris Or Slade who was totally messed up and a character who needed to be redeemed In my opinion those aspects of this book are off compared to the usual standardsSo for those reasons it s probably 35 stars rounded up but it was a lovely read in generalARC provided by author for honest review

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Only each other for company After catching their boss in flagrante they start to see that each other’s mild workplace personas might be just the tip of the iceberg Despite the prohibition against fraternization between employees there may be than kissing going on underneath this mistletoe.

About the Author: Tamsen Parker

Tamsen Parker is a stay at home mom by day erotic romance writer by naptime She lives with her family outside of Boston where she tweets too much sleeps too little and is always in the middle of a book Aside from good food sweet rieslings and gin cocktails she has a fondness for monograms and subway maps She should really start drinking coffeeYou can sign up for her newsletter here to fin