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According to a sensational West End play the Victorian children's writer Dorothea Harding was no dowdy maiden aunt but the passionate participant in a torrid tragic romanc

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The Wild Swan

T they need money than dignity But Roy has misgivings and when a set of revealing letters are discovered he begins to feel that the truth might be important than the story

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E It is the task of Roy Collins to turn the play into an eually popular film Dorothea's descendents have only weak objections to the misuse of their relation's private pas

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    Back in the 1920s Margaret Kennedy’s second novel ‘The Constant Nymph’ was a huge huge success It was one of the bestselling

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    I feel bad giving only three stars to a book with so few reviews by a writer I love and a book with so much going for it But I vowed to rate purely by how much I like a book and this one left me unsatisfied I love the setup and the characters I even like the use of the just miss romance which reminds me strongly of the on

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    The Wild Swan opens with Roy Collins a 25 year old cynic with immense talent who works for BBB Blech Bernstein British as a script writer He is ambitious and wants to become a director but knows that the road to that position is not easy and compromises have to be made to reach it He has developed a style of smooth talking and a sham personality to get along with everyone and get everything done without any au