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She Weeps Each Time You're Born

On the night of the full moon This is Rabbit who will journey away from her destroyed village with a makeshift family thrown together by war Here is a Vietnam we’ve never encountered before through Rabbit’s inexplicable but radiant intuition we are privy to an intimate version of history from the days of French Indochina and the World War II rubber plan. This review first appeared in the Los Angeles Times s a true dumb American confession I have a hard time with historical novels that take place outside of the US I m not much of a history buff and I find it takes a skillful engaging author to both situate and dazzle me with beauty at the same time uan Barry as it turns out is just that kind of author In her debut novel She Weeps Each Time You re Born the Saigon born poet guides us through the history of modern Vietnam with a deft mix of folklore magical realism and stories of struggle and hardship that feel yanked right out of historyThe book spans three turbulent decades beginning with the unusual birth of a girl named Rabbit along the Song Ma River at the height of the Vietnam War under the full rabbit moon six feet below ground in a wooden box her mother s hands cold as ice overhead the bats of good fortune flitting through the dark By 2001 when the narrative ends she has become a living legend in a silvery room inside Rabbit s head she hears and acknowledges the voices of the deadAnd Vietnam is filled with these dead their bodies and ghosts and voices It s a nation of people who have been dying from war for over a thousand years Everywhere their faces buried in the road The novel is framed by a chorus of the dead each chapter introduced with their eerie narration They unroll the developing legend of Rabbit the folklore and spirituality of Vietnam They observe and they wait So many of us still here sleeping in the earth until someone decides it is time to sort us out and take us homeDeath pervades every section of the novel which is structured around vivid snapshots of Rabbit s life at critical moments of Vietnam s history She and her family flee south after the end of the war people pushing south as if just the word south could save them they try to escape with a crew of Cambodian refugees She listens to both the living and the dead and other narratives embed themselves in her experience her grandmother s time at a rubber plantation in the days of French Indochina an ex prisoner s trials at a re education campRabbit s gift allows her to bring a measure of peace and resolution to the rustling dead The simple act of someone hearing them an acknowledgment and then they can go wherever it is they go Her acknowledgment is humane and apolitical and as her psychic abilities bring her to prominence she poses a threat to the war s northern victors who would rather ignore the southern deadThe novel is haunting and beautiful its power multiplied by Barry s mastery of language Her prose reads at times like poetry the innumerable flames like a flock of moons the sound of the bees thrumming a dark electricity at other times it pierces clear and spare Nobody said anything And with that they began to suspect one another She pulls off both a mystical talking parakeet and a page long sentence written in the second person both tricks I know better than to try at homeWith She Weeps Each Time You re Born Barry does her own part in acknowledging her homeland s dead Like Rabbit she taps into history and makes sure they are not forgotten Through her voice they are counted their stories told Our only task is to listen

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Tations through the chaos of postwar reunification With its use of magical realism Rabbit’s ability to “hear” the dead the novel reconstructs a turbulent historical period through a painterly human lens This is the moving story of one woman’s struggle to unearth the true history of Vietnam while simultaneously carving out a place for herself within i. I really wish that Goodreads would let you use half stars to rate books because I feel like 3 stars is mediocre which this book is not but I have trouble giving it 4 This is not really one of those couldn t put it down reads On the contrary you have to take your time and really concentrate There is minimal punctuation which can be confusing when people say something or there is a flashback in the middle of a present day scene but you do get used to that after a bit The book itself is less than 300 pages and while you should by no means rush through it is difficult to read if you take too long of a break in between sittings Lots of characters pop up at various times and if you re not on point then you will be sitting there trying to place where and when you know that person fromI immensely enjoyed how much political and cultural meat went into the book There were several times that I took a break from reading in order to research a particular event or place which was mentioned being an American born in the 80s I have minimal exposure to Vietnam other than the war The imagery used was fantastic and the main character Rabbit was very likeable and made me want to follow her journey At the end though I am left wondering if perhaps I am too stupid to thoroughly appreciate this book There were numerous ongoing mythological themes that I feel like the author was trying to blend into the story but I sometimes had trouble connecting And that was particularly evident in the end While all of the reviews I ve seen on here praise the depth and beauty of this book I almost want to read it a second time to see if it has of an impact Either way a beautiful way of showing the struggles and people of Vietnam

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Uan Barry’s luminous fiction debut brings us the tumultuous history of modern Vietnam as experienced by a young girl born under mysterious circumstances a few years before the country’s reunification a child gifted with the otherworldly ability to hear the voices of the dead   At the peak of the war in Vietnam a baby girl is born along the Song Ma River. they had begun calling her Rabbit naming her for the full moon that had licked her clean The rabbit with its innocence its youthfulness its long bright ears that hear everything in the realms of both the living and the dead Rabbit because the world is full of rabbits Rabbit because by sheer force of numbers the rabbit walks among us unnoticed but pandemicBorn in the war ravaged country of Vietnam Rabbit is pulled from the earth from her dead mother s body and is blessed or perhaps cursed would be appropriate with the gift of hearing the voices of the dead This is not just Rabbit s story it is a narrative of the Vietnamese people their suffering and tremendous loss over the course of a complex history We learn of this history through those voices that come to Rabbit as she traverses her country with her makeshift family a group of individuals that flee to find a place of greater safety a place to try to begin a life that has some semblance of stability The voices are those of the living with whom she travels and meets along the way but also the voices of the dead that have perished during the times of French colonialism the Vietnam War and during the period of post war reconstruction It is a tragic story and one that will make you ache as you learn the misery of these people and this country Everywhere the world was charred The bones of trees stood like primordial signposts warning of pestilence and death In the moonlight the earth looked blackened like the skin of a fishThe author uan Barry is a poet and her writing is sublime I truly got wrapped up in the beauty of her words despite the grim truth and sorrow of which she writes Magical realism can be hit or miss for me and here it was definitely a hit I loved the way the use of a mystical element helped to illuminate the history of Vietnam It felt like the dead were literally screaming for recognition for their unheard stories to be told Those stories are important and ones with which I was not previously familiar My understanding of Vietnam history is uite basic and this book shed a lot light on the subject and has piued my interest in learning I had a bit of trouble reading this as the timeline would shift back and forth in time This was partly due to my own ignorance regarding the history so I just needed to focus on the year as given by the author before each section of the book But often within a section there would be a flashback to a previous time so concentration is reuiredI recommend this book to anyone that enjoys historical fiction and doesn t mind a bit of magical realism and those that savor a very lyrical prose The beauty of Vietnam is reflected from the pages even while your heart breaks for the Vietnamese Three things cannot be hidden long the sun the moon and the truth Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened

About the Author: Quan Barry

Born in Saigon and raised on Boston’s north shore uan Barry is a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the author of four poetry books; her third book Water Puppets won the AWP Donald Hall Prize for Poetry and was a PENOpen Book finalist She has received NEA Fellowships in both fiction and poetry and her work has appeared in such publications as Ms and The New Yor

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    they had begun calling her Rabbit naming her for the full moon that had licked her clean The rabbit with its innocence its youthfulness its long bright ears that hear everything in the realms of both the living and the dea

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    Beautiful This is a prime example of how a poet excels in the novel form The poetry gracefully occurred throughout the book I cannot emphasize enough the sheer gorgeous language found in this bookThe story is magical and gripping It tells of French colonialism in Vietnam and later of the American war as well as a bit afterI must mention my appreciation for this book especially its placing the Vietnam experience

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    XXX I received this novel as a Goodreads Giveaway from Alfred A Knopf Penguin Random House and uan Barry Thank you so much for allowing me to read this novelMy husband is a Vietnam vet two tours in 1964 65 66 He and I have both read this book and shared ideas impressions and their impact on each of us in our own hearts First this is a fanta

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    It's obvious uan Barry writes poetry this book is filled with poetic imagery Once I started it I could barely put it down It reminds me of One Hundred Years Of Solitude with flashes of magical realism as well as how it follows the characters through time The author references the Buddhist Wheel Of Life and the book's str

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    Poetic and mystical a story of Vietnam and its people from the French occupation through the VietnamAmerican war This is the story of a girl Rabbit who is born and buried alive with her dead mother Little Mother When she is found three days later Rabbit is able to hear the dead speak We learn of the reeducation

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    This review first appeared in the Los Angeles Times 's a true dumb American confession I have a hard time with historical novels that take place outside of the US I'm not much of a history buff and I find it takes a skillful engaging author to both situate and dazzle me with beauty at the same time uan Barry as it turns o

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    I really wish that Goodreads would let you use half stars to rate books because I feel like 3 stars is mediocre which this book is

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    i'm obsessedok see this book is beautifully written which isn't a surprised considering the author's a poet but it's also beautiful because it's so comprehensive in its articulation of vietnamese history sans americanisms

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    Ok uite honestly I'd give this 15 stars It wasn't bad enough for me to uit listening but I didn't really enjoy it I reserve 1 stars for books I can't finish I do believe this books suffered from me reading it as an audio book as I didn't really like the reader and the book jumped around in time and was uite confusing in audio I may

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    The writing was exuisite I woul

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