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    Audiobookread by a very talented child with a growing resume by the name of Kivlighan de MontebelloKivlighan has appeared in 11 films 1 theater production 2 television shows and 5 voice overs I was so impressed by the presence of this child’s voice honestly one of the very best VOICE OVERS I’ve listened to in my entir

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    My reviews can also be seen at “Zach’s story starts on the worst day of his life and takes him on a journey no one could have expected” The book opens with six year old Zach his teacher and his classmates hiding in a closet A gunman has entered the school and they can hear shots being fired It was extremely intens

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    I finished this book about the effects on one family in the aftermath of a school shooting just days before the horrific school shooting in Florida What a powerful and remarkable novel The author’s decision to write from the point of view of a first grader who survived provides a brilliant and welcome perspective; one I’ve not seen in other “school shooting” fiction I’ll step onto my soapbox now and say that

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    Once again fiction takes us into reality a reality that I wish wasn't true A school shooting taken out of our recent headlines a six year old boy named Zach survives his ten year old brother does not Our narrator is Zach his voice as he takes us into not only his feelings but those of his parents Heartbreaking for sure Am somewhat of an outlier with my rating Seems like because of the subject the young narrator that this book should garn

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    4 timely and emotional stars to Only Child ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Review of the audio 🎧Only Child was released eight days before the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this one but it came highly recommended by my friend Elyse especially the audio version which is narrated by a child a child prodigy really speaking in first person Zach becomes an “only child” wh

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    This is heartbreaking material so timely and so relevant given the continuing horrors of school shootings An amazing read that will stay in my

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    A very strong book striving to give a very private view into a child's perseption of the world Of couse I wouldn't really say that the writer got it too good how children think there are many different things that stick out Still the emotions

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    5 STARSI'd give it 10 if i could I think sometimes you can make other people happy by letting them take care of

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    A remarkable debut novel ripped from the much to common school shooting headlines but brilliantly told through a different perspective SUMMARYIn ONLY CHILD six year old Zack Taylor tells us a story It’s the st

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    Let me just start by saying my only regret is not listening to the audiobook version of this because I’ve seen so many people rave about how incredible the young boy who narrates does I read a physical copy and still was floored with emotion while reading This is not an exaggeration I was fully holding back tears and in need of tissues the entire time I read this book And it hit me uite early on Of course right from the start we

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REVIEW è eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ Rhiannon Navin

We went to school that Tuesday like normalNot all of us came home Huddled in a cloakroom with his classmates and teacher six year old Zach can hear shots ringing through the corridors of his school A gunman has entered the building an Audiobookread by a very talented child with a growing resume by the name of Kivlighan de MontebelloKivlighan has appeared in 11 films 1 theater production 2 television shows and 5 voice overs I was so impressed by the presence of this child s voice honestly one of the very best VOICE OVERS I ve listened to in my entire history of audio listeningI HAD TO LOOK THIS KID UP WHO WAS HE Pretty amazing that s for sureHis talent for what his job was to do impressed me different but WOW like Sherman Alexis did with his memoir You Don t Have to Say You Love Me This child Kivlighan is a PRO voice narrator GrantedI ll admit there were definitely times that I felt this 6 year child was speaking much precocious than any six year old child I knew When I first started listening to this Paul and I were both piddling around in the yardIt was dangerous listening to Only Child with Paul My husband was a bad boy influenceHe started laughing Then I started laughing This child said things that were funny but also things that we both felt no kid would ever sayNOT THE WAY HE SAID THEMbuthe was so darn adorable I didn t care I wasn t far enough into the book yetto ever believe I d find him having me cry real tears a HALF DOZEN TIMESI just LOVED HIS VOICE Plusas the story continued by now Paul was long gone this story became and REAL NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO SAY IT IS DEEPLY SAD DEVASTATING of what happened in Parkland Florida yesterday A senseless violent mass shootings sooo horrific I can t even wrap my mind around what the families are going through Yet I am so so sorry for the suffering the families are going through I can t believe I was actually listening to this story when Paul walked in the door and said have you heard the news in Florida I hadn t Fiction non fiction What to make of all this Six year old Zack is one incredible phenomenal character MemorableThe start of this book begins with the horrific shooting at McKinley elementary The writing has our full attention instantlyLIFE CHANGED INSTANTLYAndZack s older brother Andy was killedThe rest of this book the next 85 percent of the storytelling takes us inside the Taylor family We meet Jim Melissa Zack s parents extended family members the gun man s family neighbors and others in the community The largest focus is on what s happening in the Taylor family from Zack s perspective DURING THE LATE HOURS FROM ZACK S BED Pop pop pop screaming sounds were coming out of my mouth but then I heard daddy s voice Zack it s ok but I still made screaming sounds and I couldn t help it because the gun man was back again How did he get in our houseand now he s going to shoot us and we will be dead like Andy The nightmares began instantly too as soon as the Zack was back home When Zack s grandmother Mimi went grocery shopping and brought bananas back to the house along with other items Zack was furious inside He knew that the only person in the family that like bananas was Andy Zack got so mad inside that he threw those bananas away This was just one example of how his acting out was seen as a bother Zack became an annoyance He was in the way of the adults being busy grieving His mother was under extreme stress for weeks months everything was not now Zack Her acting out hurt everyone around her besides herself When my own father died I was 4 years old I remember those months of neglect stay away from mom Mom is too sad to have time for me Months of neglect turned into years It was pretty painful for me reading how often Zack was left alone It was obvious to see that his mommy thought it was easier if he was just out of the way I didn t have those words the obvious when I was 4 years old But it was the painful truth I wasn t included in daddy s loss What does a 4 or 6 year old know LISTEN TO ZACKHE KNOWS MORE THAN THE ADULTS IN HIS HOUSEI remember wanting to speak to my mother one day about missing my daddy She said well his death was a hell of a lot harder on me than it was on you I believed her Now I know she was wrong Loss is not a competition For awhile Zack noticed that his mom he was busy cleaning invisible messes His Daddy stayed in his office in the house all the time Zack created a hide a way spot for himself in his brothers room inside the closet It became his secret hiding place where he like to read books to his brother and talk to him The books he was reading from used to be his brothers they were adventure stories He had all 53 books to the Magic Treehouse books These books turn out to be wonderful wise inspirations about healing but I m jumping ahead of myself Zack s parents were dealing with their grief differently and separately each dealing with the loss of their son in their own way NOT Effectively Zack was left to figure out how to grieve alone too His books were giving him great supportive ideas They stimulated his own creative imagination and gave him strength I was moved Howeverwhen a house is on fire not literally people IN THE HOUSE IN MAJOR CHAOS it s not easy for ANY book to inspire miracles Soon fighting between Zack s parents elevated like RED HOT CHILI PEPPERSMy Godit got so darn ugly frightening to me so you might be able to image what parents screaming at each other are doing to a 6 year child There was a scene at the funeral that I related with Zack and I shared an embarrassing shameful feeling Zack was 6 I was 4Zack had an accident in his pants I did too As children we were all dressed up and we were supposed to be big boys and girls mommy was going to have a very hard day Well pooping in your pants at the family funeral when already petrified to even LOOK INSIDE THE BOX and pooping in your pants is a hard day for a child too The author did excellent jobgetting across the damage that is done by parents to children even if justifiably so when they are neglected ANDhow parents fighting hurts kids AND that loss is deeply felt by kids tooZack painted a feelings painting with colors to express how he was feelingRed was for embarrassingBlack was for scaredGraygreen was for mad and angryYellow was for happy An invisible hole what s for loneliness White was for sympathy he came up with sympathy with his dad Zack was a very special child His family experience an unbearable loss His parents had other problems bursting at the seams before the tragic school rampage where 19 families at Zack s school directly were affected The reality isthe families suffering from the events in Florida yesterday were also dealing with challenges before too Author Rhiannon Navin opens our eyes to see things we have not thought about Yes this book makes you cry but it does other things too As uncomfortable as it was to witness the parents fighting AGAIN AMAZING VOCAL NARRATOR it was valuable to witness it from a CHILD S Ears Maybe it s a cop out when adults say Oh children are resilient Perhaps but are we sure Do adults justify children s resiliency for their own benefits I loved this book I loved Zack s dad I loved Zack s teacher ANDI especially loved ZACK TAYLOR


Only Child

Sues a uest for justice while Zach retreats into his super secret hideout and loses himself in a world of books and drawing Ultimately though it is Zach who will show the adults in his life the way forward as sometimes only a child ca 5 STARSI d give it 10 if i could I think sometimes you can make other people happy by letting them take care of you I Am Emotionally Destroyed I started this book and finished it within 3 hours and I couldn t stop reading it It was so much than what I was expecting and for being a debut novel this was incredible I read this for my book club and I m so glad we chose to read itThe opening scene in this book will hit you hard Imagine An elementary school and kids are shuffled into a closet The teacher has to lock the door and tell them to continually uiet down All the kids can hear are Pop Pop Pop Some scream some get sick and some are in total shock about what s happening They ve done lockdown drills before but nothing uite compares to having to do the real thingA knock on the door and it s the police they usher the kids out and into a safe place the church Zach the 6 year old that this book is narrated by is trying to take it all in as he passes people on the floor Dead Covered in Blood He just wants his Mom Dad Eventually his mom gets through to the church and gets him His Dad shows up and they start to look for Zach s brother Andy The story goes on to take us through the grieving process of a school shooting how to deal with the shooters family and how mental illness can effect even the smallest in our community our children We watch Melissa Zach s mom turn into someone completely different we watch the family start to tear apart and we watch Zach start to blame himself and take on the burden of trying to fix everything that s gone wrong He reads and comes across four secrets to happiness and he tries to use them to heal everyone Can you imagine a six year old trying to fix this truly horrific disaster What a miraculous childThere s so much to this story than what I just wrote but I can t because I don t want to spoil anything I cried no less than 5 times while reading this book As a disclaimer I don t have kids but this devastated me and I can only imagine if you have kids this book would effect you in an even deeper way I could literally feel the emotion coming off the page through each and every character Clearly this is an emotional book so brace yourself before you read itThis book is told in the narrative voice of Zach the six year old boy and how he views all of the decisions and conversations that his family and people around him are going through I think sometimes we forget how smart children are and how their perspective of things can sometimes be the best They can help us heal and they tend to see the best in situations Does Zach go through some serious emotions Of course He just lost his brother and his parents are fighting However he is still able to see perspective when it comes to the situation and tries to bring everyone together to make it good againIf or when I ever have kids I hope to God that I have a kid like Zach He is the kind of kid you want to raise and the kind of kid you would want when a tragedy occurs in your life As I was reading this I also kept thinking about the kids at Sandy Hook and their families I can t imagine what that day was like and I now have a tiny bit of insight and emotional empathy towards the parents who had to go through this devastation Unfortunately this book is so relevant in our society today and I hope that people read it and take action There are things we can do and we need to keep fightingWhich brings me to my last topic that was important in this novel Mental Health Again most of the school shootings happening in today s day in age are done by individuals who are getting guns in their hands who may not be mentally fit to have them We need to keep talking about this and continue to protect our children Remember School should always be a safe place for your kids Always So in remembrance of those beautiful Sandy Hook soles we lost I will continue to keep talking about this and fighting to keep our schools children etc safeEveryone should pick up this novel I think it s powerful amazing fantastic beautiful emotional relatable and strong Hats off to the author for her debut novel I will be a fan for life

REVIEW è eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ Rhiannon Navin

D in a matter of minutes will have taken nineteen livesIn the aftermath of the shooting the close knit community and its families are devastated Everyone deals with the tragedy differently Zach's father absents himself; his mother pur 4 timely and emotional stars to Only Child Review of the audio Only Child was released eight days before the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School I wasn t sure if I was ready for this one but it came highly recommended by my friend Elyse especially the audio version which is narrated by a child a child prodigy really speaking in first person Zach becomes an only child when his sibling his brother Andy was killed during a school shooting Zach s eye view is portrayed as he relays conversations between his parents the shifting dynamics of his family the interactions with the shooter s family and so on all from Zach s perspective I thought this was a risky choice because Zach is only 6 years old and there were perceptions and things he said that weren t uite developmentally appropriate for even the most precocious six year old Also I think I ve gotten used to multiple narrator stories and I only heard from Zach Those things said the risks are worth it because I think profound messages are conveyed by hearing this young voice describe how his family was affected by the tragedy of a school shooting and the loss of a sibling Another interesting choice the author made was having Adam be troubled not that unlike the shooter I enjoyed how she explored this dynamic within Zach and Adam s family members and likewise in their interactions with the shooter s family In my opinion Only Child is not a sad book It s hopeful for there is hope in healing It s not a tragic book rather it s an important book because we have to keep the dialogue open in order to keep our children and communities safe