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Ove with her husband but Jed is the strong silent type Sarah has no idea what he feels for her and is afraid to ask After weeks of polite awkward tolerance they've.

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Marriage for Real

Reached a make or break situation One of them must reach out but will it be Sarah or Jed Can they at last make their true feelings known and begin a real marriage.

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A Marriage in JeopardyAfter a hastily arranged wedding Sarah and Jed lost their unborn baby and with it the reason for their marriage Sarah knows she's deeply in l.

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    Super angsty – as in borderline depressing – marriage in trouble story Actually it’s been a relationship in trouble story since the Hh first met in Bavaria Best selling writer hero is 8 years older than the fun loving heroine who has just finished university She’s been hiking around the world and is on he

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    This book was sad to me The Hero and young heroine had an affair that resulted in pregnancy They married were involved in an accident and lost their baby What was so sad was that they never communicated honestly with each They just had a surface marriage both were afraid to delve deeper for fear of what they wo