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Ment was surprise enough but when Adam told her that her life was in danger because of a smuggling case she didn't believe him Still Adam had insisted on marriage.

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The beachcomber

Jessica had no time to think All in one day she met and married Adam Oakman and the world began to spinDiscovering he worked with her brother in the Justice Depart.

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For Jessica's protectionOf course the marriage was supposed to be annulled later Jessica could only hope that her exciting new Adam filled life would go on forever.

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    Jessica Gentry who's 22 and Adam Oakman in his early 30's meet on a beach on one of the Golden Isles of Georgia and feel a very strong attraction to each other Jessica discovers Adam is her brother Dennis's boss and she may be in danger Her brother Dennis is working undercover for the Justice Department on a s

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    Exotic location suspense love What's not to like?

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    might have 3 copies

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