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    I think it was Kathleen's review of this book that brought it to my attention I absolutely loved it It had me on my toes all the time Great main characters The bad guy was a fucking psycho of the highest order The romance or smexy times? Not a lot but I didn't care I was gripped by the story from the word go and let it take me and my emotions with it to the endThis was my first time reading this author It sure won't be m

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    I LOVED this book There was never a dull moment The heroine went through a lot in this book and totally held it together The

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    Rating 45 5I'm always a little wary of trying new authors since I have no idea what I'm going to get but this book was de

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    This was one heck of a book It had everything I look for in a thrillerBeth Denison's world falls apart again Chevy Bankes the man who let her get away seven years ago is out of prison and is holding a grudge Starting in Seattle he's killing women sending Beth dolls as testimony of his crimes Moving closer to her with each killNeil Sheridan former FBI is called on board when the Seattle murder rings enough bells

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    Enjoyed this easy to read modern romantic suspense thriller set in 2009 Most of the book takes place in Virginia but other places are also mentioned throughout the US as the serial killer moves in on his target Beth Denison to extract his revenge The killer's name is given right away so there is no guessing as to who do

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    WOWIt took me long to read this book because the villain was really creepy I read a few chapters a had to stop because I was holding my breth and chewing my nails so suspenseful it was Since the very beginning we know who the villain is but st

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    The past few years has not been kind to Neil Sheridan spending most of his time with the bottle instead of finding something to live f

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    25 Stars

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    Years ago Elizabeth Denison came in contact with her worst nightmare She became the victim and obsession of serial killer Chevy Bankes She survivedif you can call always being on alert and scared a better alternative Bankes was caught and sentenced to prison He is now out and ready to pick up where he left offFormer FBI special a

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    I really wanted to love this book But I didn't I enjoy reading romantic suspense and thrillers and for some reason this book fell for me For one I thought it was too long and drawn out The romance wasn't really there I didn't feel it Sure the

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S eerily similar to a murderer Neil encountered in the past The investigation leads Neil to Beth's doorstep and he is certain she isn't telling him the truth Neil is the only one who can get through Beth's defenses and as they grow closer discover the secrets that Beth is hiding about her fateful night with Che. The past few years has not been kind to Neil Sheridan spending most of his time with the bottle instead of finding something to live for When his old friend shows up and needs his help on a case he had worked on and believed to be solved he finds he web of betrayal stretches farther than he can reach Beth Denison has moved on with her life she has a beautiful daughter and has filled her home with love as well as made sure she trains daily to protect herself from any threat that may come her way She knows killer Chevy Bankes may not be done with her but she plans to fight to the death if he ever gets close Neil is sent to see what he can find out what the link between Chevy and Beth is but finds that one reason he has been looking for to get his act together instead Beth Something about her and Abby draws him into instant protection mode and he doesn t plan to let goA spine chilling read I was on the edge of my seat reading this roller coaster ride of a novel as Chevy has his target in mind and plans to cause a lot of chaos on the way to retrieve it The beginning is a bit confusing because there are so many players in this book but by chapter 2 it all makes sense tons of surprises add to the intensity of this read

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One Scream Away Sheridan Series #1

Killer Chevy Bankes is a master of disguise and just paroled he's coming after the woman who sent him to jail the beautiful antiues expert Beth Denison A set of antiue dolls brings Beth into his sight and inspire Chevy's disturbing crimes as he draws closer to Beth and her young daughter Chevy sends the dolls t. Rating 45 5I m always a little wary of trying new authors since I have no idea what I m going to get but this book was definitely a winner Top notch romantic suspensewhich is my favorite romance sub genre So I was pleased all aroundSummaryIn One Scream Away Beth Denison is an antiues expert living in Arlington Virginia with her young daughter trying to forget the horrible events of the past and the secrets that she kept She d kept uiet on a murder she d witnessed feeling guilt that she was partly to blame for what happened But now the man guilty of the murder is out of jail and coming for Beth She believes he wants revenge solely on her for ruining his plans and for a dark secret she is keepingNeil Sheridan is an ex FBI agent hitting rock bottom Tragedy has caused him to turn off his emotions completely Then he learns that a suspected murderer he d killed in the line of duty may have actually been innocent of that crime because another body has turned up with eerie similarities He s asked to consult with local authorities on the new growing string of murdersThe authorities learn that their unknown serial killer has some connection to Beth but she keeps denying it She can t let anyone know her secrets No matter how sexy she thinks Neil is no matter how safe he makes her feel with his protective ways she won t tell At least not until she learns that the man she thought was coming just for her is actually killing other woman along the way and sending her antiue dolls after each murder Beth knows she can t keep her secrets any longer that she needs to tell all that happened so the police can put the man away That doesn t mean she won t be ready for him when he comes for herwhich she knows he still is She ll do anything to protect her daughter and save herself But Neil isn t about to let her face him alone He ll do everything to keep her safeReviewI read on the author s website that she started out writing suspense playing around with writing in general before deciding to try out romantic suspense with this book And it shows in the writing The suspense aspect of the story is definitely the stronger part There s still a pretty solid romance for the most part but the suspense is top notchThe catching a serial killer deal is by far not a new story idea It s uite a popular one but I thought author Kate Brady did an excellent job making the story uniue creative and engaging The whole thing with the dolls was excellently done and really added a great dimension to the story There s not really a whodunit in the story you know from the start who the bad guy is but you don t know why everything is happening The book is basically what will happen next and what s the reason for it all And I thought it all flowed together nicely and the reasons for it all were interesting and fit perfectly with the story Brady createdOverall the suspense plot just really sucked me in and had me wanting to keep reading It reminded me uite a bit of a Karen Rose book It s not as darkly creepyor rather it is really creepy it just didn t have as much of a feeling dire darkness But for you Karen Rose fans I think you d enjoy this bookAs for the romancelike I said above there is definitely a romantic angle to the story enough so that the romance fans should be satisfied but it was an aspect I thought could have been better written I didn t entirely feel the chemistry between Neil and Beth Something about the way Brady wrote the romance felt like it forced them together just for the sake of having a romance in the book The romance needed build up passion and a natural flow But even so the romance didn t suck I didn t mind it I just wasn t fully engaged in it And for you fans of steamy sexthis book ranks on the PG PG 13 scale It s pretty tame but I didn t mind reallyHmmwhat else to say The book did frustrate me some in the beginning first because the writing early on is a little choppy But that improved as the book moved on Then I got a little annoyed with the heroine and her secret keeping and refusing to clue the police in on what she knew I wanted to bonk her on the head and tell her to spill it already And I admit that the character of Beth on the whole was at times frustrating She s an odd combination of super strong independent woman and borderline TSTL at times I liked her but I wouldn t ever list her as a favorite heroine of all the books I ve read Neil on the other handliked him a lot His character could have been a little developed emotionally but he was a good character to read about That poor man deserves to be happyThere was one other thing that annoyed me a little and that was how casually the death of a supporting character was treated I just thought much should have been made of it Instead it felt like a sidenote which was disappointing for the character who diedI also had conflicting feelings on the Epilogue which does not feature the HH but instead deals with awell I ll say a certain character I wasn t sure what Brady s purpose was in writing the epilogue Whether it was to answer a few final uestions or leave an opening for a future story If it was to answer uestions then it did that well Although it you aren t paying close enough attention you can easily miss a crucial detail I almost missed it But if it was to leave an opening for another storylinethen I admit it would leave me grumbling not wanting to wait for a later bookAll in all even though there were a few aspects of the book that could have been better they didn t really knock down my overall opinion of the book that much They were mostly little things that kept me from absolutely LOVING this book I did love it but it just wasn t perfectIf you re a fan of romantic suspense where there is a really strong suspense part of the story then I d definitely recommend giving this book a try I m glad I picked it up randomly It was well worth reading I m definitely looking forward to the second book in the series featuring Neil s brother Mitch

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O Beth one by one and she soon realizes that these antiues carry the same marks as his victims signaling that the final piece in his collection will be for herNeil Sheridan gave up his FBI shield five years ago but his best friend Rick a cop pulls him in as a consultant on a case involving a serial killer who i. WOWIt took me long to read this book because the villain was really creepy I read a few chapters a had to stop because I was holding my breth and chewing my nails so suspenseful it was Since the very beginning we know who the villain is but still nobody can catch him He s incredibly intelligent and full of clever ideas to evade the law If was fascinating in a creepy way The romantic aspect of the story was so and so but I realy didn t care about that so good the mistery suspense part was So if you want a really good suspense book with a trace of romance where romance is almost insta love thi sone is perfect