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Commend her or so she believes Can these two lonely souls find love amid the gossiping beau monde while someone plots to tear their fragile world apa. Just well boring I don t know how to describe this book with any other word Just nah Story started very well but after you get really into the plot it gets boring because the lead character is having so much problems with himself it s not even possible to have issues like that

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Nothing To Commend Her

The Earl of Pensby lost his wife in a fire one that left him scarred in ways than one He’s surly brooding and according to half the ton a monster Ex. In general I found this book disappointing and pretty darn awful Honestly lately I ve been reading romances because I m at a pretty stressful period in my life and they are just brain candy for me which helps with anxiety But maybe I need to stop reading these because well See for yourselfThis book thankfully didn t feature any less than consensual moments between the two main protagonists or any others for that matterI think the world has come to a pretty sad state of affairs when I am reduced to WANTING to like an otherwise awful book just because it doesn t feature sexual assault or other sexist memes Here is a commentpost where I detail how I have come to feel this wayCongratulations world But back to the current novelGood pointsCharacters In general I liked the IDEA of some of the characters but I didn t like the way the characters were portrayed in the book For example I liked the idea of two people who are rejected by most of society yet find happiness with each other eg the two main characters had a somewhat interesting setup the man has suffered after being disfigured when he tried to save the life of his first wife during a fire in their home while the woman has been rejected because she is not beautiful or rich and a spinster I guess More belowWorld building I don t have very much to say here either This was pretty summarily donePlot Yeah I don t have anything positive to say here either SorryBad pointsconstructive criticism Characters Honestly this one place where I had to call bullsht I mean the two main characters have been married a VERY short amount of time and they had only spoken briefly on one occasion before that and then they both realize that they are IN LURRVE Why I never knew what do they have in common What do they like to do together I never got a sense of that Magnus ie main male character spends his time bemoaning his fate and lusting after the main female character ie Agatha Otherwise a lot of his time in the book is spent working alone ie taking care of the estate as he apparently does without a steward and later on entertaining guests when they show up The only time the two main characters are shown to have much of anything in common aside from their initial sympathy for each other ie since they are both in a sense outcasts is on one occasion where Agatha accompanies her new husband and he talks to her about the estate as he would to a man Which she really appreciates because he didn t dumb things down for her because she is a woman Aside from this single occasion we are never SHOWN what these two characters have in common yet they decide they are in love with each otherUmm Okay I guessAlso there is the even less believable romance of their two friends ie a lord who is Magnus s close friend and an American woman who corresponded with Agatha and just shows up at their home The male friend sees her and is immediately attracted to her All we see are these two characters arguing with each other and we see that they are attracted to each other They stay for a week or two I think together with the two main characters at their home then promptly decide they are in love and decide to get married This was just ridiculous because there was no buildup whatsoever I mean do these two characters like the same books Do they like to discuss politics Do they enjoy the outdoors How do they feel about the world they live in andor their place in it Nothing is saidshown about thisUm nope I don t buy it World building Honestly this is a problem with many of romance novels Why not give us an actual sense of what life was like in this time period Very very few details regarding life in 19th century England are provided such that this could almost have been set today What did they eat What did they wear What was or were the sources of income for Magnus s apparently we just have to believe this since no information is provided rich estate Is it farming How many tenants does he have Nothing is explainedPlot Oh Lord this was dumb For most of the book we follow events as someone tries to off Agathamain female character Why Apparently because the killer a woman had been in love with Magnus s first wife and blamed him for her death Or something Anyways she ie the stalkerwould be killer gets killed and that s it This didn t make much sense because we were never really SHOWN why this woman would have been so convinced that the woman she loved was in love with her While I am uite aware a stalker doesn t reuire much in the way of encouragement to feed their delusions it behooves the writer or so it would seem to me to show us the details of the character s psychology that led to this conclusion In other words a little detail and building of the plot beyond she s cray cray would have been niceAlso yeah I call HOMOPHOBIA Because nothing says being lgbt friendly like having the only gay character be a character who exists only to further the plot of the hetero characters And who promptly gets killed once that purpose is fulfilled And of course this character is a crazed killer UghI think this plotline also falls into the bury your gays trope as well So fck this book honestlyFinally isn t this kind of plotline which has been done to death in romance novels ie a crazy character who tries to off one or both main characters for no better reason than to provide DRAMA really hurtful to people with mental illness I really think we need to think of the ways we portray individuals who suffer from mental illness mental illness serial killer honestly Could we at least do us all a solid and agree to make that distinction clearer in literature Thank yourantAll in all don t bother with this one

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Cept to Agatha Trumwell she sees so much than his scars But with a pitiful dowry unfavorable looks and a tendency to speak her mind she has nothing to. Magnus the Earl to Pensby lost his wife in a fire and severely injured and scarred himself in the attempt He knows what others say about him behind his back and he knows the repulsion people feel towards him He wants a wife for just namesake Agatha Trumwell is not the most beautiful woman a wallflower and very intelligent She has prepared herself to be a spinster and a scientist Until her cousin forces her to attend a ball where she over hears some women making cruel remarks regarding the Earl call him a monster Being the outspoken woman she is she lets them have it and then leaves Only to encounter in the dark a mysterious man who picks up her spectacles after losing them running off Agatha then finds herself being betrothed to the Earl by her father After a uick marriage Agatha feels that this is a marriage of convenience only and that the Earl has no affection for her Magnus is fearful to approach Agatha for being rejected by her repulsion of him once she sees him And now someone is trying to kill Agatha to make Magnus suffer I absolutely love historical romances and just adored this one I fell in love with all of the characters and story line Two people who have their own scars who can find each other in love and friendship is so heartwarming Both so very headstrong and independent they are great together Usually I can figure out the who dunnit in books but this one really surprised me at the end I say bravo to Ms Barrett I really enjoyed this book and can t wait to read of her work

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    This little book started out so promising I LOVED the title the Kindle sample hooked me big time damn you and I bought the book with

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    Agatha feels she is very much on the shelve at 25 years old she has never had a marriage proposal and feels she never will However she has her scientific studies to keep her occupied and her father to care for This all changes when she comes to the defense of Lord Leighton known as The Monster because of all his scarring he received whilst

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    In general I found this book disappointing and pretty darn awful Honestly lately I've been reading romances because I'm at a pretty

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    This book had a great deal of promise Agatha the heroine was very engaging smart outspoken compassionate and interested in science She wasn't interested in society fashion or any of the other pastimes considered pr

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    I was so looking forward to this book I love beauty and the beast married couples bluestockings I was thrilled Those aspects of the book were very good She is a scientist Very cool Here was I disliked Even through the heroine was forthright there were dumb misunderstandings of intention The mystery was very ve

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    Magnus the Earl to Pensby lost his wife in a fire and severely injured and scarred himself in the attempt He knows what others say about him behind his back and he knows the repulsion people feel towards him He wants a wife for just namesake Agatha Trumwell is not the most beautiful woman a wallflower and very intelligent She has p

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    This is a regular re read Plain spinster bluestocking marries scarred hero after they're thrust together at a party trying to avoid

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    Just well boring I don't know how to describe this book with any other word Just nah Story started very well but after you get really

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    Another reviewer said it perfectly once they got married the story became a bit of a bore Very predictable plot and a hero who needed his head examined 225 stars

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    The Hero was burned in a fire as he unsuccessfully attempted to rescue his first wife For three years he has removed himself from Society first and foremost to heal from his wounds He had to relearn everything moving his arms and legs walking living He was emotionally injured by the stares the whispers and the

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