Mission Improper (epub / Ebook) By Bec McMaster

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    Ahhhh simply amazing ♡ Why are aren't people reading her books??? Like seriously if you're a fan of Paranormal Romance look no farther And what's better than Historical Paranormal combined? Very few things ind

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    ⭐️35 stars⭐️ I never used to dream Not when I was trapped in the cage because if you dared to dream then you would dare to hopeAnd nothing hurts than having that crushed and thrown in your face

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    I'm thilled that Ms McMaster wrote this spin off I've been missing the world of the London Steampunk seriesI loved both the heroine and the hero Both Caleb and Ingrid are great and I loved them I usually don't li

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    5 'steamy' stars I don't think I could ever forget you You're one hell of a woman And I don't know where this road will take us or whether I can be what you want but I do know that I want to explore that option I have no words This world that Bec McMaster created is simply marvelous I loved the original series I adored it hell I wanted to live in it And after reading this book I can say that the spin off is on a good way to be eua

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    I want to know what it feels like to explore that that spark between us I want to exorcise you from my mind from my thoughts That's all I want to burn like the supernova that flames through my veins when you're

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    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review “'Revenge is going to be very sweet’ Byrnes whispered in her ear as he brushed pastShe followed him feeling that little thrill tingling through her blood unable to stop herself from whispering ‘Just remember two can play at that ga

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    I'm so glad this series continued as although I liked how things ended in the last book in so many ways it brought things to a close The problem for me was what could happen next? The ueen had finally taken back

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    25 starsHmpf I'm wondering why I keep reading Bec McMaster's books and end up not really liking them or rather liking them and not liking them Does that even make sense?Well her writing is compelling and she can build up a good mystery and pursue it throughout the series My main complaints remain though The books and this one is a spin off of the London Steampunk series and many of the previous characters have still a significan

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    ARC REVIEWIf you are a fan of Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk series hang on to your Kindles because you will love this ride We first meet Caleb Byrnes in the earlier series We know he’s controlled disciplined and loves to solve puzzles His previous encounter with verwulfen Ingrid Miller left him tied up in knots and he is eager for payback They are partnered together to investigate the strange disappeara

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    The only disappointing thing about this book is the sex scene I wanted also the ending left me wanting some answers and I better get them

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Three years ago London society changed forever with a revolution placing the widowed ueen firmly on the throne her blue blood husband tried to take from her Humans verwulfen and mechs are no longer considered the lesser classes but not everybody is happy with the new orderEntire families have gone missing in the East End When Caleb Byrnes receives an invitation to join the Company of Rogues as an undercover agent pledged to prote. Ahhhh simply amazing Why are aren t people reading her books Like seriously if you re a fan of Paranormal Romance look no farther And what s better than Historical Paranormal combined Very few things indeed I seriously looove this author She is one of my absolute favorites If you haven t read her London Steampunk series yet then what are you waiting for She has some seriously sexy vampiresIf you are interested you can start with this one but I recommend you start with the 5 books London Steampunk before the events in this one This one picks up a 3 years after London Steampunk ended I was excited but also nervous because I desperately wanted it to be as good as the books in London Steampunk and let me tell you the author did not disappoint me Her books have everything I can hope for Romance and FREAKING HOT steamy scenes humor action and mystery and characters you can t help but loveI can t wait for the next book to read Holyyyyyyy guacamoleee Bec McMaster one of my favorite authors my favorite series YAAAASSSSSSS happy dance happy dance This is me right now happy danceBec McMaster I could kiss you now

REVIEW Mission Improper

Mission Improper

Ct the crown he jumps at the chance to find out who or what is behind the disappearances Hunting criminals is what the darkly driven blue blood does best and though he prefers to work alone the opportunity is too good to resistThe problem He’s partnered with Ingrid Miller the fiery and passionate verwulfen woman who won a private bet against him a year ago Byrnes has a score to settle but one stolen kiss and suddenly the killer. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Revenge is going to be very sweet Byrnes whispered in her ear as he brushed pastShe followed him feeling that little thrill tingling through her blood unable to stop herself from whispering Just remember two can play at that game Rating 4When I was reading this book and realized that this story was about a newly assembled team of detectivesspies Especially since one of the team members is the sweet charismatic Charlie from the previous booksThere are six of them we have our aloof investigator hot blooded verwulfen sweet inventor charming thief grumpy mech and playful spy If you have read the London Steampunk series which hopefully you havewill because the plot character history and terms would be lost on you you would recognize some of them with Byrnes Ingrid Ava and Charlie being in that bunch For the most part Byrnes and Ingrid the main characters do most of the work in trying to solve the mystery of a mass disappearance but it has been a delight seeing this group that seemingly has little in common with each other get to know one another and actually start acting liking a team The plot romance and characters have all been enjoyable to read The plot is a whole lot of fun and I believe it is a fitting addition to the London Steampunk series There are spyingespionage a masuerade ball detective work psycho vampires a rescue mission etc Besides the fun parts I also really appreciate that Bec McMaster has shown us the aftermath of the rebellion that took place in the last book It would have been easy and unfortunate for her to just end her series there when peace is supposedly restored and humans blue bloods mechs and verwulfen all have eual rights now However McMaster has realistically shown us that after the revolution everything is not simply fixed after years of prejudice oppression and animosity This is set three years after the rebellion as tension rises againWhen I first heard about the couple for this book I was honestly feeling skeptical I thought Ingrid already had something with Jack from Rosa and Lynch s story in the 3rd book and Byrnes had something with Ava from Perry and Garrett in the 4th book So when I heard that Ingrid and Byrnes were going to be together I was like Uhh What Fortunately this is not an actual love trianglesuare As I saw Ingrid and Byrnes get together it honestly felt right this is not a spoiler because all London Steampunk books are happily ever after guaranteed for whomever the book is centered on They are literally opposites with Ingrid being hot blooded and expressive and Byrnes being cool and collected There are a lot of teasing and sexual tension between them as they play their cat and mouse games While it is cute and funny to see them play their games to seduce one another I love the moment when they finally choose to put away their pride and fear to give in for an actual relationship and life together I also really adore that even though Byrnes prefers to never let Ingrid in any danger during their missions she stands her grounds and he learns to trust and respect her strength and abilities By the time I reach the epilogue my heart is literally melting from the bond they have formedNOTE There is sexual content in this book Ingrid Miller Byrnes s voice was soft as honey his arms like steel Are you going to tell me that you don t hesitate to launch yourself at a vampire and yet a tiny insignificant rat sets you uaking Shut up Further I find Ingrid as an individual character rather likable I mean she could get irritating at times when she is too hot blooded but then again that is somewhat part of her nature When she sees a wrong is being done her first instinct is to act which could potentially lead her into trouble so I cannot entirely fault her because she is a compassionate person I also love those moments when she tries to one up Byrnes and tries to make him suirm She talks back to him and it s awesome She pretty much kicks ass and I love that she is not afraid to stand up for herself and her kind She is so wonderfully bold and YESSS to a heroine actually literally kicking ass with her physical strength and using her own brain On the other hand Byrnes is great too He can be frustrating at times especially when he tries to deny his feelings for Ingrid but he is still a good guy I love seeing him trying to solve the mystery He is a lone wolf but through this mission he learns that working with a team is not so bad afterall He is overall honest and fair even though he can act distant at times I love how well he ends up treating Ingrid As for the side characters I love them The group is particularly hilarious when they banter There are skepticism and distrust among them in the beginning but they learn to make this work and they have a lot of humorous love hate moments particularly with Kincaid the grumpy mech I looooooove seeing Charlie again being as confident and mischievous as ever I am definitely excited for his story the most because after the 5th book I cannot stand to NOT know what s going to happen with him and Lark He is grown up here I mean it has been 3 years and so I am looking forward to see him grow up a bit and finally get his own book For those who are waiting as desperately as I am for his book there is a small scene where he talks about Lark for a bit I love seeing him here a bit mature but still so amusingly charming and funny I think he s actually starting to come round he Charlie joked uietly Even wished us luck Really Garrett arched a brow Well it was like Go kill them bloodsuckers and don t get bit cause I aint comin in after you Ingrid had to grudgingly admit that Charlie gave an impressive impression of Kincaid I am also always SUPER ecstatic to see returning characterscouples such as RosaLynch PerryGarrett and LeoMina It has been 3 years so it is good to see everyone again happily married and with babies My fangirl heart jumped out of my chest when I read their scenes I especially like seeing Rosa interacting with Ingrid again as friendsnon blood related family and Lynch giving mentor like advice to Byrnes I just love seeing this great cast of family and friends book after book as they each navigate their own life Overall like all of the other London Steampunk books Mission Improper is filled with an engaging and evolving plotline sweet romance and a cast of great uniue characters It s just loads of fun to read especially if you enjoy steampunk we get a London set in the past some vampiresparanormal a little science and technology etc with Bec McMaster s creative take on each aspect I give it 4 stars because I love it but still not my favorite out of the London Steampunk series which goes to RosaLynch s story in the 3rd book In addition I will like to give props to the inclusion of LGBT for certain side characters in this book I enjoy it and I am certain I am going to read every future London Steampunk series book because I am already entirely invested in this world and these characters The next book comes out in 2017 We see the beginning work in this book for the couple for the next book which I already ship because their scene together is simultaneously funny and cute The next book couple is view spoilerAva the sweet inventor and Kincaid the grumpy mech hide spoiler

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Is not the only thing Byrnes is interested in huntingSoon they’re chasing whispered rumours of a secret project gone wrong and a monster that just might be dangerous than either of them combined The only way to find out is to go undercover among the blue blood elite But when their hunt uncovers a mysterious conspiracy Byrnes and Ingrid must set aside their age old rivalry if they have any chance at surviving a treacherous plot. ARC REVIEWIf you are a fan of Bec McMaster s London Steampunk series hang on to your Kindles because you will love this ride We first meet Caleb Byrnes in the earlier series We know he s controlled disciplined and loves to solve puzzles His previous encounter with verwulfen Ingrid Miller left him tied up in knots and he is eager for payback They are partnered together to investigate the strange disappearance of groups of people blue bloods humans and others Given the fragile nature of the relatively new coalition government these crimes pose a threat to national security This is post revolution of the ueen s consort who was committed to maintaining a blue blood privileged society The ueen s government in contrast is trying to bring euality to all the different factions and move toward a democracy This government must show that they keep the citizenry safe I found the beginning of this book a little slow going not because the writing is slow but because I had to reacuaint myself with the characters from the previous series Because it has been awhile since I read my last London Steampunk book I found myself scrambling to remember the names and relevance of characters As the first book in a new series it can and does stand alone It is not necessary to be familiar with the characters but I want to map their relationship to last series As an adventure the story is suspenseful with lots of political intrigue There is a conspiracy led by a new breed of blue blood extremists that are intent on bringing down the ueen s government They are faster stronger and terrifying than the former blue bloods Yup this is going to be a fun ride Originally posted at Love Affair with an e Reader I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review