David Shulman (Download) Stigma 20 – Kindle ePUB and Epub

  • Hardcover
  • 176
  • Stigma 20
  • David Shulman
  • en
  • 22 January 2017
  • 9781472443731

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Stigma 20

And the pleasures people take in abusing others Engaging with the thought of Goffman and developing the notion of stigma to examine the insults and mocking that now flow on the Internet this book reveals that stigmatizing and suffering are now forms of public entertainment and constitute a dangerous means of social control As such it will appeal to scholars of sociology with interests in cultural and media studies new technologies interactionism cyber bullying and research metho.

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Trolls ranters critics and teasers the Internet teems with people who insult others As the Internet has brought about a technological capacity for people to archive discrediting characteristics as though they are collectibles to mock people with representative power than has ever been historically possible and to enable mass participation in spreading insults and verbal abuse that were once limited to school hallways and office cubicles this book examines the mocking on the Inte.

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Rnet that comprises a significant part of the new data cultures in which we all live What different types of online mocking exist What conseuences do all the insulting emails tweets status updates and links to disparaging images and videos have for society Through analyzing the content of web sites message boards and other individual posts Stigma 20 examines the different types of mocking that pervade the Internet the impression management people use in the stigmatizing process.