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Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact

Eir enemies The commandos are outnumbered and outgunned deep behind enemy lines with no backup–and working with strangers instead of trusted teammates Matters don’t improve when Darman the suad’s demolitions expert gets separated from the others during planetfall Even Darman’s apparent good luck in meeting an inexperienced Padawan vanishes o. Not all soldiers wear uniforms ma amThanks to a Star Wars book club I got to reread this amazing Clone Wars era novelFour clone commandos have been assigned an important task land on iilura apprehend scientist Uthan and destroy her work on biological agents targeted at clones But a Mandalorian mercenary the desperate natives and a green Padawan might keep them from their objectiveWhat I LikedThere is so much to love about this book it s hard to decide where exactly to beginI guess I should start at the beginning the characters So many books even or maybe especially Star Wars ones tend to generalize The sleuth is usually down and out but incredibly smart The scientists are either sexy sassy ladies or complete dorky nerds Jedi are omnipotent all seeing The bad guys are plum out of a children s book replete with giggling over their latest plot device which is lame lame lame Personally I am sick of this I want to see REAL people People who are like me So so at their jobs average in looks maybe not uite happy with themselves and not because they don t have any friends being supermodel material after all cue eye roll trying so hard to figure out why the heck they are thereAnd then Karen Traviss starts writing Star Wars First off THANK YOU DEL REY Karen Traviss is a superb intelligent writer and the perfect fit for the Republic Commando novels She can do what so many others fail at particularly in this book she writes about real peopleHokan is a mercenary He is not a giggling bad guy but an intelligent well planned Mandalorian who doesn t kill because it s fun but for a purpose He even shows a fondness and appreciation for a subordinate something sorely lacking in other novelsEtain Tur Mukan is probably one of the best written Jedi in the universe Seriously here is a woman with a conflict She has no idea what to do doesn t even think she can do it if she could and isn t a super Jedi either She doubts she uestions she is unsure In fact she totally blows up at Darman when he calls her commander and is later chewed out by Jinart This is rarely done in the Star Wars universe and is a breath of fresh air in a sewer plantThen the clones Karen Traviss gets the award for making each clone identical yet separate Niner is a no bones leader Fi is sensitive worried about the feelings of each member Atin buries his thoughts behind mechanical euipment Darman is amazing tender yet tough Through him we see the uniue balance of hardened warrior and childlike innocence something one would never have expected from clones bred for the sole purpose of killing anotherThe other characters Jinart Uthan etc are similarly well done but in a much smaller scale since they are of background charactersMoving on from characterization the number of characters is perfect We have as primary characters 4 clones one Jedi and one Mandalorian Jinart the Weeuay the other Jedi and Uthan being secondary There is just enough time to develop each character not too much to interrupt the action and plot One complaint I had about Death Star was its huge cast It was challenging to get close to any of the characters when there were 20 or so of them Karen Traviss keeps the cast small so the audience can grow close to them It works perfectlyI feel the balance in Hard Contact characters Mando a history philosophical musings on the usage of clones and the actual plot of the story is perfect KT spends enough time to make you feel for the characters get acuainted to the Mandalorian lifestyle which had never before been revealed ponder the humanity of the clones though this got to be a little much at times see below and do what commandos are supposed to do Fight The action in the story is prominent cementing its Star Wars iness but while it is a big part of the book KT doesn t cut back on characterAnother small favorite comes when Hokan mentions to Uthan another ho hum lady not some sexy vixan Thank you again KT about Hard Contact I love it when the author slips in the title of her book somewhere in the actual book I know it can t always be done but this was totally awesomeWhat I Didn t LikeIt was very challenging to visualize the Gurlanins They are vaguely described as having a snout being black and reminding me of either wolves or panthers Other than that their shapeshifting their appearance is cloaked in mystery making it hard to imagine the actual creatureAnother problem I had was towards the end At this point I felt the message of clones being real people was too heavy handed Etain mentions it at least twice in the last ten pages besides the conversations previous I understand the concept and appreciate KT making the effort to talk about something this controversial but I think she could have backed off a bitFinally I do not appreciate Etain s being practically commended for defying a superior officer when she is demanding the Laati stay on iilura until Fi and Niner return from their mission Anywhere else she would have been courtmarshalled for defying General Zey s orders I understand this is a fiction novel however I feel that the scene could have been modified so as not to seemingly promote this fantastical scenarioDialogueSexual SituationsViolenceStar Wars dialogue in the form of fierfekA Weeuay attempts to rape Etain Other similar acts are referred to circumspectlyThis is a story about commandos and battle There are tons of battles lots of gun fights deaths explosions etc While most aren t gory in nature they do existConclusionsAmazing KT has done for the Star Wars Clone Wars era and for the Star Wars universe in general what many of the other novels The Cestus Decpetion and Jedi Trial could only dream of doing In Hard Contact the audience is transported into the middle of a commando mission There is no doubt about the authenticity the realness of the surroundings weapons actionsKT not only has created one of if not the best action novels but she has also done the unbelievable she has created a Mando a culture catapulted the clones into humans and has portrayed Jedi in a real life senseWith these amazing accomplishments under her belt it would be impossible for me to give this novel anything less than a 5 stars even with the minor road bumps

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As the Clone Wars rage victory or defeat lies in the hands of elite suads that take on the toughest assignments in the galaxy–stone cold soldiers who go where no one else would to do what no one else could On a mission to sabotage a chemical weapon research facility on a Separatist held planet four clone troopers operate under the very noses of th. 40 to 45 stars This is an excellent example of a really good writer which Karen Traviss certainly is using the Star Wars universe as background but still taking the the time to tell a good story If you were to remove the Star Wars elements from this book it would still be a compelling read as the characters are fully fleshed out the action scenes are very well written and the plot is excellent It is books like this that show you what a rich wonderful background the Star Wars universe can provide It also makes you angry that so many writers just mail it in knowing that the Star Wars brand will sell itself Highly recommended

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Nce Etain admits to her woeful inexperienceFor the separated clone commandos and stranded Jedi a long dangerous journey lies ahead through hostile territory brimming with Trandoshan slavers Separatists and suspicious natives A single misstep could mean discovery and death It’s a virtual suicide mission for anyone–anyone except Republic Commandos. Talk about not judging a book by its cover Neither the title nor the cover art prepared me for this beautiful story full of well rendered thoughtfully constructed 3 dimensional characters and an at times heartbreaking at times funny adventure You don t have to have played the game this is a tie in to in order to enjoy and fully understand this book I ll definitely read the next in the series

  • Paperback
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  • Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact
  • Karen Traviss
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  • 07 October 2019
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#1 New York Times best selling novelist scriptwriter and comics author Karen Traviss has received critical acclaim for her award nominated Wess'har series and her work on Halo Gears of War Batman GI Joe and other major franchises has earned her a broad range of fans She's best known for military science fiction but GOING GREY and BLACK RUN the first books in her new techno thriller seri

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    When is a Star Wars novel not a Star Wars novel? That seems to be one of the uestions raised by Republic Commando Hard Contact On the surface it very much seems to be one you have a group of Commando clone troopers trying to rescue a young Jedi from a Mandalorian warrior and the Clone Wars are very actively happening in the background of th

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    I admit before I started my Star Wars binge I had than a few prejudices about tie ins just ask all my friends who had to listen to me whining about the tie in rFantasy Bingo suare for months on end I heard bad things about uality And I just never saw the point Sure I have played video games that had tie ins before but I've never really cared about video game lore But Star Wars has left me with a few specific itches I d

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    40 to 45 stars This is an excellent example of a really good writer which Karen Traviss certainly is using the Star Wars

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    Not all soldiers wear uniforms ma'amThanks to a Star Wars book club I got to reread this amazing Clone Wars era novelFour

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    Star Wars republic Commando – Hard Contact is a great read for anybody who loves Star Wars books or Star Wars in general The plot follows a suad of clone commandos and a Jedi Padawan as they carry out a mission on a farming planet In this way it is unlike most Star Wars books It is a great military book and shows how a four person suad works together The author uses imagery well to allow the reader to visual

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    I’ve never read a Star Wars book before so I don’t know if this one is pretty typical for how it goes but I really enjoyed it It was far grittier than I expected and the combat was described with surprising realism The commandos f

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    Star Wars novels are my preferred brand of junk food reading I don't use that term because there's anything wrong with them; I used to consume them multiple times weekly But it's franchise tie in fiction I know rou

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    Talk about not judging a book by its cover Neither the title nor the cover art prepared me for this beautiful story full of well rendered thoughtfully constructed 3 dimensional characters and an at times heartbreaking at times funny a

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    This is my first contact with the star wars expanded universe and this is a very good story with some profound d

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    I'll admit all of the drama surrounding Karen Traviss has steered me away from these books I've heard that she's ridiculously anti Jedi and makes them out to be villains and her track record of writing military fiction has made me think the RC books wouldn't be my favorites in the world However while this is only my fir

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