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An overbearing brother and a bullying husband have made Carrie unsure of her sexuality All this changes when she discovers the steamy world of adult internet chat rooms Assuming the name Dominiue she soon begins a number of X rated on line liasonsHer att.

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SinNet Black Lace

Empts to juggle reality with her virtual life are complicated however by the advances of Max a great bear of a man who won't take no for an answer and by Sam a young internet addict with a tempting line in lustful submission And when she employs a sulky.

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Male house slave with blond ringlets and a taut young bottom Carrie is suddenly having fun than ever before Is it submission or strength that she truly desires in her partners or can she blend all the admirable ualities of Dominiue into her own personali.

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    good book perfect to get you thinking lol ;o