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Thor of Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism avg rating ratings reviews Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism Douglas R Saltar al contenido principalcommx Prueba Prime Hola Identifcate Reclaiming the Christian Powers Healing Ancestral Reclaiming the Christian Powers Healing Ancestral Fundamentalism Starts November th Registration Deadline November nd Prereuisites Two or lineages complete via Daniel Foor’s Ancestral Lineage Healing method Verification from your ancestral guides that this course would be beneficial for you and the lineage healing process at this time If you meet the second An Evangelical Fundamentalist Convergence? In its president Douglas McLachlan wrote Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism in which he defends separatism but describes how easily it degenerates into mere external morality Concerning such a mutated Fundamentalist separatism he writes “The effect was the development of a classical for. A biblical book on Christianity This is one that I will want to reread every couple of years

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Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism

M of legalism conformity to an outward code as the sign of spirituality which corrupted THE SELF IDENTITY OF FUNDAMENTALISM FUNDAMENTALISM by Rolland D McCune Dr William R Rice was trained for the ministry in the s and s at Bob Jones University a clearly militant fundamentalist institu tion and at Grace Theological Seminary then also an outspoken fun damentalist school He began his pastoral ministry in the post World War II era when fundamentalism’s identity was not only self assured but recognized GHI AMERICAN FUNDAMENTALISM AND EVANGELICALISM fundamentalism and evangelicalism with a view to their distinctions and adherents IV COURSE READING You must read In Pursuit of Purity and answer the study guides for each chapter Read Be Ye Holy Identify a minimum of five key points per chapter You must read a total of pages on Fundamentalism or Evangelicalism Submit a reading report listing the books or journal articles. Douglas McLachlan offers an objective helpful self analysis of the Fundamentalist movement as it stood at the turn of the century He identifies the danger of developing a reactionary mindset focused on behavioral patterns a focus on the superstructure of Fundamentalism Instead McLachlan urges for a return to the biblical foundation for authentic historic Fundamentalism Topics discussed include the view of leadership evangelism preaching and separation His concerns are helpful and insightful though not perhaps original Still they help to solidify my own thinking as a younger Bible focused Fundamentalist

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As someone relatively new to the realm of fundamentalism a little over five years I thought this was helpful in establishing a biblical foundation Some of the admonitions seem directed to those who have been established in fundamentalism for uite some time and may be intentionally or unwittingly contributing to error in one way or anotherThe author starts with a chapter outlining the hinderances to a balanced fundamentalism which I thought was good and helpful He then discusses fives areas that he considers to be vital to the health of this movement true leadership authentic evangelism authentic proclamation authentic separation and spiritual vitality Each topic has some great thoughts and teaching I especially appreciated the chapter on evangelism and thought the chapter on proclamation was very relevant to today The chapter on separation was a good overview and it sought to walk a delicate balance cautioning against going overboard on either side of the issueI didn t agree with everything although it will be good to consider these things in depth and I thought there were some sections that needed scriptural support to be cited In other sections I would have appreciated the referenced scripture being written out when it was the main argument so that it was right there to read instead of just having the chapter and verse The book is well written but it s almost structured like a very detailed outline than a book Each chapter is a series of well ordered lists of arguments It s very easy to follow but it felt a little dry and hard to really get into I really loved Dr McLachlan s heart for genuine humble biblical fundamentalism and his desire to confront the sinful imbalances with which we so often struggle as individual and corporate theologians It is clear that he is very knowledgable about the Bible and has a strong desire to apply it rightly and encourage others to do the same even at the cost of being disliked by his fellow fundamentalists It is a call from within the movement not as a criticism from without There were lots of nuggets in each chapter that were helpful and encouraging to me Some of my favorite thoughts 1 Fundamentalists hold to a set of beliefs which transcend all cultures and all times because those beliefs are sourced in the eternal Word of God2 We are too often better known for caustic criticisms or perceived error than for careful defenses of revealed truth3 Love is not merely the accompaniment of truth it is its atmosphere4 Boldness in Scripture never means harshnessBiblically boldness is genuineness or fullness of communication the courage to tell the whole truth both comprehensively and compassionately5 It will do neither us nor the cause of Christ any good to feign the defense of the Bible while we are at the same moment denying the integrity of the Bible by violating its ethical principlesdoctrinal correctness is never a justification for ethical corruption6 To express holiness and love simultaneously reuires sacrifice How do we know this The supreme demonstration of holiness and love expressed simultaneously is the cross of Christ the place of ultimate sacrifice It was there that both holiness and love were satisfied The penalty holiness demanded was paid and the pardon love desired was purchased7 What I know and understand about God s integrity gives me confidence regarding what I don t know or understand about God s sovereignty8 Me first in time will lead to me alone in eternity9 We need to be sharing with the lost the way with the learned the truth and with the longing the life which can only mean sharing with them Jesus Christ10 Christians are not to have contempt for the world but compassion for its needy peopleThis book is helpful in introducing believers to the true goals of fundamentalism and in inspiring those who have been with it for years or even decades to evaluate themselves against scripture and guard against the errors that may be easily acceptedignored under this umbrella It brings each reader back to what the Bible says and to a greater understanding of who God is how he acts and what he desires

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    As someone relatively new to the realm of fundamentalism a little over five years I thought this was helpful in

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    A biblical book on Christianity This is one that I will want to reread every couple of years

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    Douglas McLachlan offers an objective helpful self analysis of the Fundamentalist movement as it stood at the t

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