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    My first story by this authorheh Story starts off about how powerful lawyers are There are reasons why I 'heh' but not important I move onThis is another story where we get a hint of this is my life now and then move uickly to and th

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    Good until the endIt had a good story going but the end was very lackluster I was hoping for something a seuel could work

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This story is an erotic fantasy intended for adults only Stephanie thinks she has what it takes to be a model Back in school she was the most popular girl Boys chased after her They were all so desperate for her approval It was all so easy for her so she thinks the modeling world is going to be the same But it isn't Here professionalism matters She's one pretty face among many but Stephanie doesn't understand that So she bursts into her agent's office demanding something new something bigger and better She isn't patient and she isn't willing to do the work Her agent is sick of this So he does exactly what she wants He offers her a new opport.

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Human Petting Zoo

Unity one complete with an enormous contract Stephanie doesn't bother to read it Why would she She's the talent She knows she's going to be treated well no matter what And that's why she's a fool She signs the papers and she seals her fate Yes Stephanie thinks the world owes her something but it doesn't By signing those contracts she agreed to work in a human petting zoo Here she's going to be stripped collared and trained This very special facility houses dozens of young women who are made to perform as kitty cats puppy dogs and ponies Soon Stephanie meets Oliver and Jessica her trainers Oliver is a powerful man and he's not going to tolera.

Read Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ê Kimmy Estrada

Te any bad behavior Jessica is a sadistic little nymph the kind of girl who enjoys playing with animals Down onto her hands and knees and locked into a collar Stephanie will try to be defiant But the harder she fights the she's going to be punished Worse than that she might face the ultimate demotion There is a new project one designed for a new class of human pet Stephanie thinks being a cat or dog is bad but what happens when her handler decides she'd be better off as a stupid cow Human Petting Zoo is a 23000 word novella that includes bondage human pets public humiliation and milking All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.