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Anche in assenza di precise notizie non è difficile immaginare che nella sua carriera di pubblicitario Davis Grubb mai avesse lanciato un prodotto con un accorgimento efficace come uello con cui nel 1953 al suo esordio presentò Harry Powell alias il Predicatore cioè lo psicopatico più seducente e abominevole che si ricordi uattro lettere tatuate sulle dita della mano sinistra hate e ua. While it pains me deep down in the dark fleshy crevices of my book loving core to admit this noir classic was a utter MISS for me and my feelings can be fairly summed up by the famous villain s iconic tattoos I don t think it s all the author s fault and my oft awry expectations will saddle a large chunk of the fail burden for this onebut on that below First a uick summary to set the tablePLOT SUMMARYTaking place in the American South during the Great Depression and based on the real life crimes of serial killer Harry Powers the plot revolves around murderous lady hater Harry Powell and his attempt to locate the 10000 hidden by his now dead prison cellmate To this end Powell upon his release from Prison impersonates a preacher and woos the dead man s widow and her two children Things do not go well for anyone and what follows is violence murder evangelical chicanery and a desperate chase the ends inTHOUGHTS The Movie Yet Unseen I haven t seen the movie yet and I mention that first because I m not sure how tied other peoples impression of the story are tied to the film I am looking forward to seeing the move and I think that it may succeed with me where the book did not for two primary reasons First just looking at pictures of Robert Mitchum as the Preacher is enough to chill my hemoglobin He looks like creepy incarnate and knowing Mitchum s prodigious skill at portraying the dark nastiness of humanity s seedy underbelly I m confident that he can inject the sense of eerie tension that for reasons I mention below the novel didn t deliver shudderSecond my biggest issue with the story other than the little girl was the sauntering slow unfolding of the plot and the lack of enough impact points to drive the tension It seems a good bet that the movie will be able to distill the essence of the story into something far dramatic Things I likedOn the side of a I thought Davis Grubb did a superb job creating a sense of place with his story His depiction of the South felt genuine and you could feel the crushing weight of poverty and despair The dialogue and attitudes of his characters felt natural and rang true I also loved the first 25 pages during which we re introduced to both our future victims and their infamous tormentor The Preacher is a terrific character and Grubb does a nice job slowly unveiling his malignity and his disturbing view of the world all of which is wonderfully reflected in his uniue tattoos See this hand I m holdin up See them letters tattooed on it Love Ben love That s what they spell This hand this right hand of mine this hand is Love But wait Ben Look Look Boy This left hand Hate Ben hate Now here s the moral boy These two hands are the soul of mortal man Hate and Love Ben warring one against the other from the womb to the grave The Preacher sees himself as avenging instrument of God ordained to bring God s wrath to a corrupt world Up to this point in the story I was hooked and thought I was in for a memorable experienceThenThen Things I didn t likeThenNOTHING HAPPENED Well not nothing but the pace sputtered and slowed to a crawl The story began to look like a slice of hard life look at living in the depressed South than a psychological thriller involving a cat and mouse game with a psychotic killer And while there s nothing wrong with the first kind of story it was not the story I was expecting when I picked this up I was looking for a dark disturbing In Cold Blood meets Cape Fear What I got was Grapes of Wrath meets Little House on the Prairie with a few moments of ill deployed tensionThe biggest hindrance to my enjoyment of the story was that I simply never came to care about a single person in the story The wife came across as weak flimsy and unsympathetic The boy the central hero of the story was okay but just barely and I never vested to any great degree in his well being As for the little girl I hated her If I m completely honest I was rooting for the Preacher to take her out of the game She annoyed me to the very last nerve in my body and committed every single stupid character offense that drives readers crazy She s the person at whom you re constantly yelling things like Don t go in there Don t open that What are you stupid don t tell him that UghWith such a lack of empathy for the characters it was hard impossible for the menace of the Preacher to take hold of me Thus despite being a uniue terrifically diabolical bad guy his efforts were wasted because my lack of concern for the characters never garnered enough of sympathy to fix my busted give a damn This is all just my impression from reading this and I know that I am in the distinct minority here I think there are many times that a book can lose its reader for reasons that have nothing to do with the uality of the story whether from missed expectations the reader s mood or some other outside influence That may have been the case here I don t know All I can say for certain is that it did not connect with me and I was extremely pleased to be done with it so I could rush out and rent the moviewhich I hope to watch this evening20 stars

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Prendente sarà allora tornare al testo d’origine la storia scopriremo è ualcosa di più se possibile dei fatti che la compongono e che ruotano intorno a un bottino di cui solo i bambini nelle mani del Predicatore conoscono il nascondiglio è un’omelia nera una lunga e cupa ballata atroce almeno uanto le filastrocche infantili che di tanto in tanto la interrompono risuonando nel vuoto. File this one under the heading of What is Possible is Scarier than What Isn t This book is perfect if you want to be truly frightened for Halloween because I would much rather have a ghost in my house than have Preacher Harry Powell sleeping under my roofThe novel is set in West Virginia during the great depression Ten year old John Harper s father Ben commits a crime steals several thousand dollars and in the process kills two men Before he is hauled off by the lawmen who come for him he hides the money and tells John were it is swearing him to secrecy His crime and the terrible secret he thrusts upon his son sets a frightful series of events into motion that bring into the lives of his wife and children the most evil of evil men a self proclaimed preacher named Harry Powell who is intent on finding the money at any costI m not sure I breathed normally through the entire telling of this tale That Grubb based it on a true story that occurred in his own hometown made it even harrowing I am not generally a fan of either murder thrillers or horror films which probably explains why I never saw the classic movie made from this novel Robert Mitchum was cast as the soulless Powell and having seen him in Cape Fear I had no problem imagining him in the role I remember having a lot of trouble sleeping after seeing Cape Fear I think Night of the Hunter might have the same effect I believe this is the kind of book the word spine chilling was invented for

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Ttro su uelle della destra love Il resto – e si intende la costruzione di un gotico tutto americano dove le luci dell’espressionismo proiettano lunghe ombre sul paesaggio spettrale del Midwest – lo ha fatto il film diretto due anni dopo da Charles Laughton e interpretato da Robert Mitchum ogni scena sembra girata per imprimersi come in effetti è avvenuto nella memoria Tanto più sor. Ohio river Somewhere in a valley along its shores a young boy and his family lived happily ever after until his dad Ben Harper robbed a bank stashed the money somewhere and made his ten your old son John and four year old daughter Pearl swear to never reveal the location They had to swear swear swear swear And they did They promised never to tell their mom Willa neither And they didn tThe secret was not so safe It turned out to be a fateful pledge they madeThe evilness of mankind the greed and desperation of the Thirties bloomed around the two children forcing them into a life of the survival of the fittest They had limited tools to understand the dark side of human nature but instinct demanded of young John to keep his promise to his father to protect his little sister come preacher or the hunter of the night Fear dotted young John s daily meanderings and came calling in his dreams at night Especially at night when the full moon roseThe two children could not escape all the other children s chant at Cresap s Landing Hing Hang HungSee what the hangman doneHung Hang HingSee the robber swingHing Hang HungNow my song is done How possible was it for a ten year old boy to convince the world of the devil in disguise The man with LOVE and HATE tattooed on the flesh of his fingers He had Jehovah on his tongue and a uick knife in his fists When the cloth was the man s holy attire and the Bible his mantra who would believe a little boy How can young John convince his mother that religion also had the scoundrels covered and love was not what it was meant to be for herHis dad not only left him with the secret but also with a skiff And coming with it was uncle Birdie his dad s old friend Uncle Birdie understood than he let on You done a good job with Dad s skiff Uncle Birdie Nothing at all boy She s your skiff now But say I reckon I could have your permission to take her out once in a while on my own Shucks yes Uncle Birdie You re practically a part owner You fixed her up Well now boy it d be just grand if I could take her out ever day for a little mess of catfish or tobacky boxes Besides a boat needs usin to keep her trim Inadvertentlyor was it his dad left him with the two things he needed to do the right thing The Ohio river was his only way out in the end ReallyOld Rachel Cooper way down stream many weeks away fostered children who were left as debris along the river of doom and destruction of the Great Depression When morning shot its golden shafts into the mists of the trees in the yard Rachel stole softly into the kitchen to the stairway for a moment and stared in at the children on the steps filled suddenly with the wonder that each of us must feel at least once in our lives the knowing that children are man at its strongest that they are possessed in those few short seasons of the little years of strength and endurance than God is ever to grant them again They abide They hurdle together as these children now did asleep in blessed faith and innocence beneath doom s own elbow thumbs tucked blissfully between their sweet lips First published in 1954 this bestseller attracted attention for not only the fast moving thrilling suspense drama but also for its outstanding prose It is words like these that kept me riveted to the tale And it was probable that when Miz Cunningham like and ancient barn owl fluttered and flapped to earth at last they would take her away and pluck her open and find her belly lined with fur and feathers and the tiny mice skulls of myriad dreams The novel is based on the true case of the serial killer Harry Powers dubbed The Lonely Hearts Club Killer who went to the gallows in 1932 in Moundsville West Virginia Mikes Review convinced me that this golden oldie was a must read I found this old copy in South Africa online at a secondhand bookstore and waited almost six weeks due to the post office strike in the country to finally hold it in my hands this past weekend It was one of the best reads this year Thanks for this wonderful recommendation Mike For some or other inexplicable reason I feel enriched by it My goodness what a magnificent read it wasRECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE

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    The faces ran together like the years; like the long rides in the yellow lit railroad coaches through the clicki

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    While it pains me deep down in the dark fleshy crevices of my book loving core to admit this noir classic was a utter MISS for me and my feelings can be fairly summed up by the famous villain’s iconic tattoos I don’t

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    The Night of the Hunter Davis Grubb's novel of the Sociopath in the Pulpit This novel was selected as a Moderator's Choice for members of On the Southern Literary Trail for October 2014 Come join us The Night of

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    Have you ever seen the classic film of the same name starring Robert Mitchum? One of the scariest movies I ever saw when growing up so I couldn't wait to read the book Who could ever forget the chilling Mitchum singing the old hymn; Leaning on the Everlasting Arms as he chased 2 innocent children as they tried to escape their murderous stepdad The author was inspired by true events occurring in West Virginia during the Depression era by se

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    I loved this book as a child and since I first got this as a gift years ago and have reread many times

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    Ohio river Somewhere in a valley along its shores a young boy and his family lived happily ever after until his dad Ben Har

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    File this one under the heading of What is Possible is Scarier than What Isn’t This book is perfect if you want to be truly frightened for Halloween because I would much rather have a ghost in my house than have Preacher Harry Powell sleeping under my roofThe novel is set in West Virginia during the great depression Ten year old John Harper’s father Ben commits a crime steals several thousand dollars and in the process kills

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    shoot shoot davis grubb kicked me not just once but twice i yelled aloud with the tension that his book built up in me the first was a yelp of fear while the second was one of pure desperation the terrible production values of this edition notwithstanding i'm really torn about saying that because i appreciate that blackmask has it in print but the minimal attention to make this book readable just hasn't been made a used

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    Well what a great little book that I would never have picked up without Mike Sullivan's recommended read for moderator's choice for October in On the Southern Literary Trail group The dark days of the depression a malevolent preacher who preys on widows for their money before he murders them two small children trying to escape hi

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    Some of the prose was admirable but the child protagonist and his little sister got on my nerves almost immediately They didn't feel believable to me and I kept muttering things to myself like hey John boy you might be eight but blue people? Come on give me a break you must know what cops are Also just move the damned money to a new hiding place without telling your sister Duh Problem solved And man oh man I hated that twirpy lit

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