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Es to the debonair bachelor Henry Schoonmaker to the spiteful maid Lina Broud threatens Elizabeth's and Diana's golden future With the fate of the Hollands resting on her shoulders Elizabeth must choose between family duty and true love But when her carriage overturns near the East River the girl whose glittering life lit up the city's gossip pages is swallowed by the rough current As all of New York grieves some begin to w. So I d be lying if I said I was oozing with excitement to read this book In fact I put off reading it for just about a year A really good friend of mine recommended me this book and told me I d absolutely love it but when I bought the book I let it gather dust in the corner of my bookshelf There are two reasons why I put off reading this for so long One because its a Historical Romance I cannot even begin to tell people how much I HATE okay hate is a strong word but seriously I don t like them Historical Romances I don t know what it is about Historical books but for whatever reason I can t get into them I tried reading Entwined and that was a bust I tried reading Soulless and that was a dnf Its mainly the time period the way of life and the characters that puts me off and no matter how hard I try I can t get sucked in The second reason is that this book is in the third person When I read books in third person I hardly ever give them five stars no matter how well written because as I ve said before I want to make a connection to the characters I understand that this is difficult to do especially when a writer wants to incorporate than one voice in the novel but at the same time I feel almost shut off from everyoneSo then finally one year later I picked this book up because the book I wanted to buy wasn t coming out until Saturday I didn t feel like reading anything else and I had only a minute to choose a book before I had to leaveAnd oh my god yeek I loved this book I don t know how to explain it but I did I fell in love with a historical romance third person book Who would have thunk it I can t even begin to describe how much I loved this bookAt first the beginning started off a little slow but then things began to pick up speed ergo the snowball effect My heart simply burst for Elizabeth I can completely relate to her when she thought about how trapped she felt in her life especially since her mother was forcing her into marriage but then when she admitted she was in love with Will her glorious sexy coachman I think I died Although Elizabeth would be characteristically described as fake I applaud her Because despite her wishes she wanted to do what was best for her family but in the end she decided to do what was best for herself And she really truly loved Will Even though we unfortunately didn t get to see much of him in this book their love was innocent and true something I have not seen in a long time Elizabeth Will 3Then there s Diana Elizabeth s feisty little sister God was she a beaut She s the girl that most teenagers become when they try to find themselves I really have nothing bad to say about her because she was so true and real to herself yet completely opposite of Elizabeth Usually when it comes to siblings I prefer one over the other but both girls were great to read about and I am glad that Diana did not resent her sister in the end Enter Henry playboybachelor extraordinare When I first read about him god I couldn t stand him He was arrogant annoying and frankly a man slut He was also macking it up with Penelope who didn t seem to mind in the least and in a way I m glad his father wanted him to straighten out although his father did it for selfish reasons instead of fatherly concern Then there was a change in Henry something gradual yet sudden small yet monumental and so so beautiful Watching him fall in love with view spoiler Diana was the greatest thing And I loved how she made him feel like crap at first She really showed him how much of an ass he was but he still loved her and she loved him Their circumstances however were completely unfair hide spoiler

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The Luxe

Onder whether life at the top proved too much for this ethereal beauty or if perhaps someone wanted to see Manhattan's most celebrated daughter disappear In a world of luxury and deception where appearance matters above everything and breaking the social code means running the risk of being ostracized forever five teenagers lead dangerously scandalous lives This thrilling trip to the age of innocence is anything but innocen. It s September 1899 and the Manhattan season is starting off with a bang Elizabeth Holland the darling of the high society set has returned from her year in Paris in time for the first ball of the season held at her best friend Penelope Hayes newly finished and incredibly vulgar mansion Penelope is all about showing herself to the best advantage and has her sights set on young rake Henry Schoonmaker but his father has other ideas Intending to run for mayor the following year he wants his only son to shape up and marry a good girl from a good family Elizabeth The day after the ball he proposes to Elizabeth and is accepted even though her heart belongs to the young coachman Will whom her maid Lina also loves because Henry s family has money and the Holland family now has none which no one know about except them You have to keep up appearances after all This is the day he also meets Elizabeth s younger sister Diana and there s something about her that captivates him like no other girl ever has It s a tangled mess and it s about to get a whole lot messier as Penelope schemes to break up the engagementOkay I ll admit that despite being rather anti girly I ve always had a thing for dresses and period costumes and the big poofy thing on the cover certainly fascinated me But it also repelled me it s just so HUGE and PINK and PUFFY The descriptions of this novelseries that I came across said it was like Gossip Girls and that it was about New York High Society girls at the turn of the century well it all put me off Until a friend recommended it and I m glad she did for as ridiculous as the dress is the book is really very goodI don t watch Gossip Girls so I can t speak to any similarities there what I was reminded of though was Edith Wharton s The Buccaneers Admittedly I have read very few books set in 19th century Manhattan so Wharton s book was the only one I could think of mostly because it s about four girls from new money making their way in the world amongst the British upper class I highly recommend it or the TV mini series based on itAnyway I completely expected to be utterly bored by this book but instead I was vastly entertained and gripped by the unfolding mystery and tension and even though the prologue tells you the ending it doesn t tell you anything and you re never sure what s going to happen next or how it all worked out I did suspect from the very beginning the truth about Elizabeth thoughThere was plenty to love and enjoy here despite the somewhat clich d characters The setting is vividly brought to life though I would imagine some people wouldn t care for the little asides about dress fabrics and ormulu gilt bronze inlaid chairs but to me it added some necessary and authentic detail as well as showing without actually telling the disparity between classes and breeding the gaudy over the top grandeur of the Hayes new mansion the stately but stuffy Schoonmaker home and the refined old world elegance of the Hollands all highlighting the still pervasive class clash between old money and new inherited from the British The period is also supported by little clippings from newspapers journals and those books on the proper deportment of a lady at the beginnings of the chapters which help remind you of the world outside and surrounding these preoccupied young women and how everyone is watching them There is some thought given to class consciousness the social expectations pretensions and manoeuvring of the rich but I was pleased to see it didn t suffer from too much presentism It was also good to have one of the protagonists be a lady s maid who ends up on the street you get to see the less glamorous hard working trade side of the cityOf the four protagonists Elizabeth Diana Penelope and Lina I liked Diana the most Probably because she was the most honest direct and least girly she had spunk and flair and was the least superficial Elizabeth was handled well a goody goody demure and seemingly innocent girl in public sharp and uncomfortable with her maid Lina in private and relaxed and true to herself with Will a realistic portrait of how most of us present different sides to different people sometimes what is expected of us or what creates armour for us or what enables us to get along with people the best Elizabeth wasn t all that likeable because she didn t stand up for herself as much as you d want but she was definitely sympatheticThe bitch of the book is Penelope of course and she s marvellous at it She s the character you love to hate She s the most straight forward of all the characters and spiteful and duplicitous and you have to admire her tenacityGodbersen s prose helps lift the novel above the usual fare it s nothing fancy but it is solid capable unpretentious and confident I thought it started a little slowly but once I became interested in the characters the pacing really picked up and held me The author doesn t have any annoying ticks or over used favourite words so it flows well and smoothly For a debut novel it is remarkably polished free of typos and other poor editing glitches though I doubt gotten is as old as 1899 There are four books in the series The Luxe Rumors Envy and Splendor I had to look up what Luxe means because I had no idea it s a noun meaning luxury or abundance Fitting

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Pretty girls in pretty dresses partying until dawn Irresistible boys with mischievous smiles and dangerous intentions White lies dark secrets and scandalous hookups This is Manhattan 1899 Beautiful sisters Elizabeth and Diana Holland rule Manhattan's social scene Or so it appears When the girls discover their status among New York City's elite is far from secure suddenly everyone from the backstabbing socialite Penelope Hay. The Luxe is about turn of the century New York socialites falling in love and misbehaving New York s darling debutant Elizabeth Holland is poised to marry one of the most eligible and debaucherous bachelors in the city but her perfect life is not what it seems The Luxe reads like Gossip Girl meets Edith Wharton Sadly it has all of the shallowness and poor writing of the former with little of the intelligence and power of the latter For realsies Read the rest of my thoughts on The Luxe HERE

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    Maybe at this moment you're checking my rating and thinking What the fuck?I'm going to tell you something I enjoy reading shallow trashy books Somehow they pull me into a world of bitchy spoiled backstabbing characters; name dropping and the ne

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    The Luxe is about turn of the century New York socialites falling in love and misbehaving New York's darling debutant Elizabeth Holland is poi

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    That dress That dress How can this not be a fun romantic read? And so I dived into 1899 New York City high society with its whirl of dances and social calls and hidden agendas And came to a stuttering halt very uicklyI can do shall

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    The Holland sisters Elizabeth and Diana are at the top of the social ladder When their father dies the girls move away to get educated about being a proper lady and when they come back they find out that things don’t look too good for the Holland family They’re broke But if Mrs Holland has anything to say about it they won’t be not for

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    So I'd be lying if I said I was oozing with excitement to read this book In fact I put off reading it for just about a year A really g

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    With glitz glamour and secrets galore The Luxe is like Gossip Girl set in 1899 New York When reputations are at stake and secrets become a currency friends turn on friends and no one is safe We begin the story with an end of one The funeral of

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    Sorry but I can't go on reading this drivel Maybe I am too spoiled by Edith Wharton and know too much about Gilded Age s to enjoy this book I know that young men and women of that time simply do not behave talk or live the way Godbersen portrays in her books If you take the historical setting out of the story what's left i

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    It's September 1899 and the Manhattan season is starting off with a bang Elizabeth Holland the darling of the high society set has returned from her year in Paris in time for the first ball of the season held at her best friend Penelope Hayes' newly finished and incredibly vulgar mansion Penelope is all about showing herself to the best advantage and has her sights set on young rake Henry Schoonmaker but his father has other ideas Intendi

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    I hate hate HATE books that are suppose to be set in one time period but they have the behavor of someone in a different time period If I didn't know better I would have thought that this books was set in the present time I won't ruin it for

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    Hmmm This is an interesting book It is as the name implies very luxe The gown descriptions are sumptuous and all the characters are gorgeous with thick curling hair and full pouty lips However I had a hard time figuring out who to root for as i

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