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Following the disappearance of his father Owen returns to the Welsh village where he was raised to live with. I ll be honest I had to DNF after around 5% The editing or the lack of was simply atrocious but that wasn t my main issue It was the racism The first time the white protagonist called his Middle Eastern future love interest donkey lashes I jerked in my seat I was confused and hurt Comparing Middle Eastern people to cattle is horrible in any context even if you re trying to give a compliment I think it was supposed to be a complimentary nickname It s not actually used in a positive way I just realized I was already upset but I thought okay this might be a one off thing It wasn t Maybe a page later the protagonist continues with this Everyone else called him the Persian or that Iranian fella I had never heard his actual name and had only ever seen him from a distance when he was working in the fields It was also in that respect that he reminded me of a donkey because it seemed no matter how much work load the farmers piled on top of him he continued to toil away in all weather So wait You re saying that because the farmers around you are apparently racist and treat Maredudd like shit and he doesn t fight it he s like cattle Donkey especially There s so much wrong with this situation The race component to calling poc cattle is so horrible how has nobody caught this in proof reads Betas Editors Anyone After that I had to check how many times does he get compared to donkey and according to the kindle search function it s four times Four times this Middle Eastern character gets compared to a donkey Why use donkey as example for long lashes instead of the commonly accepted cow which by the way has no racial connotations Saying he s as hardworking as a mule is fine saying he reminds you of a donkey because farmers treat him bad is Very Much Not My family is Middle Eastern I got called much worse than just donkey growing up But I don t expect to read something like that in a romance If anyone compared me or anyone in my family to a donkey I would break their face



His mother and her boyfriend While pursuing the mystery of cattle mutilations in the area he meets Maredudd a. Witcheskin had such a vivid and creative world I really loved the magic and the uniue perspective of it I am not used to this kind of folklore and myths and I enjoyed reading about them It had some dark elements and gore y parts that gave the story a darker shade that went so well with the wind that was blowing out my apartment I liked all the characters for different reasons and my favorite one has to be Maredudd He was very interesting from the beginning to the end and had a great voice I hope I m explaining this right I couldn t wait for every scene with him in itI liked Owen too and his journey got me reading some articles and threads so I can understand it better He is strong but everyone breaks at some point and I liked that he was so open to everything new it suited him wellI won this book in an Instagram giveaway by April and I have to say a big thank you I want to read books with LGBT characters and this was such a great start

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N old friend of his mother's and learns something about his parents that they've never told him♦ 110000 wor. 35 stars Witcheskin is an intense atmospheric book that starts out very slow It took me several weeks to get through the first 40% but after that it got intense and I flew through the restContent warnings include transphobia animal mutilation and gore injury through falling body horror in a witchy context various horror elements racismThe format of the book is familiar tiny village where everyone knows everyone a mysterious beast roaming the woods killing and gruesomly mutilating animals and all the villagers pretend it s just a rabid dog or wolf rather than something vastly horrifyingThe main character Owen feels like an outsider in the tiny Welsh town His parents might have been born and grown up there but be grew up in Bristol until his father s death brough him and his mother back to her roots It doesn t help that he s dependent on his mom s new boyfriend who s an abusive ahole and outed him as trans to the village community many of whom are small mindedHis only solace is his camera and the mystery of the mutilated animals that he s trying to solve even if the villagers don t want him to And then there s Maredudd an old friend of his parents who suddenly turns up injured in their house and seems to know much than he lets onThe atmosphere of the book was what drew me in It s bleak and heavy like a smothering blanket that chokes you but provides too much warmth and twisted comfort to leave which very much reflects Owen s situationThe rampant transphobia he faces was hard to swallow at times but there were bright moments too His mother is very supportive but doesn t always speak up for him even if the love between mother and son is palpable Not all of the villagers are bigoted dckheads and there are several friendly and even warm interactions tooIt wasn t always clear to me why Owen who s 28 doesn t just leave He lives with his mother and Geraint her horrible boyfriend and is entirely dependent on the latter It s hinted that Geraint outing Owen to the village community is the reason that Owen doesn t have a job and thus can t earn money to support himself but there is little textual support as to why the one causes the otherIt s also hinted that Owen s shyness and lack of self worth is part of the rift between him and the villagers but again it s not something clearly elaborated or establishedThese were minor uestions marks that came up while reading but didn t impede the reading experience overallThe minor romantic sideplot was well done in some areas and lacking in others I liked Owen s internal monologue and how he felt as he was getting closer to Maredudd I could relate to him a lot but the actual falling in lovedeveloping a crush part was flimsy at best Owen simply states what he likes about Maredudd but the reader doesn t get to see any of those ualities that early on Maredudd is mostly smiling silently for that part barely ever talking and I was surprised to find how early Owen expressed interest in Maredudd when he was still such a unknown variable to the readerThe mystery of the beast stalking the village wasn t always as prominent as I had hoped and mostly develops in the second half of the book That s also when the witchy stuff starts to happenI liked the overall mystery though the conclusion was a lot smaller scale than I had anticipated and there weren t a lot of clues foreshadowing or build up previous to the big reveal Witcheskin is ownvoices for the trans rep which felt very raw and authenticThere were also several editing errors typos and some cases where I think the wrong words were usedwords switched places accidentally which was confusing at timesThe writing was good and easy to read with mostly vivid descriptions save for a few extremely awkward ones like describing Maredudd who was born in Iran as donkey lashes which I found uestionable

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    I’ll be honest I had to DNF after around 5% The editing or the lack of? was simply atrocious but that wasn’t my main issue It was the racism The first time the white protagonist called his Middle Eastern future love interest ‘do

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    A Joyfully Jay review 35 starsSo first off I will say that this is an incredibly creative world The mythos that the author chose to weave into the tale was amazing and well chosen There are a lot of elements that

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    First of all the reasons why you should read this book in my opinionTrans rep adorable healthy and sexy mm romance witches mystery hor

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    Witcheskin had such a vivid and creative world I really loved the magic and the uniue perspective of it I am not used to this kind o

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    ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review This book picked my interest when I saw

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    DNFed at 31% This book was kinda a baffling read for me Based on the summary I should love it but it was hard for me to get into itThere were two big problems I had with this bookFirst the racism? Listen I am white as mayonaise but I don't think its appropriate to call your love interests donkey or any variation thereof That was a big WTF moment when I got to it and I almost put the book downThe second was the disprepancy between the showi

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    35 stars Witcheskin is an intense atmospheric book that starts out very slow It took me several weeks to get th

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    It's one if these hidden gems that deserve way attention Wales witches and a mysterious beast Add own voices trans rep and a cute healthy mm romance What can one possibly want?I'm probably the only person who's read The Rough Sleepers before Witcheskin and I thought I knew to expect from Nem Rowan I was wrong It's a very different sort of a story and while they are both urban fantasy they manage to escape the restrain

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    I received this novel from the author as a giveaway on Twitter I entered because the description caught my atten

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    Loved it Magic romance and a relatable main character the last of which is super uncommon for me to find so thank you My trans masc heart needed this

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