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Inspired by serial killer Harry Powers The Bluebeard of uiet Dell who was hung in 1932 for his murders of two widows and three children This best selling novel fi. The Night of the Hunter Davis Grubb s novel of the Sociopath in the Pulpit This novel was selected as a Moderator s Choice for members of On the Southern Literary Trail for October 2014 Come join us The Night of the Hunter was selected by members of On the Southern Literary Trail as a group read for October 2018 Davis Grubb born July 1919 Moundsville WV died July 24 1980 NY NY Grubb was the author of eleven novels The Night of the Hunter First Ed First Prtg Harper Brothers NY NY 1953 The novel was a finalist for the National Book Award in 1955 Not that you mind the killings There s plenty of killings in your book Lord Preacher Harry Powell Let t get right down to it Davis Grubb wrote a Southern Gothic classic when he created The Night of the Hunter It was his first published novel appearing in 1953 Charles Laughton filmed Grubb s novel which premiered in 1955 It was the only film that Laughton ever chose to direct Laughton s masterpiece was added to the National Film Registry in 1992 It should be there It has been chosen by the Criterion Collection as a selection among films deemed worthy of restoration Charles Laughton directs Robert Mitchum as the murderous Harry Powell It is the Great Depression sometime in the 1930s along the Ohio River border of West Virginia Times are bad Families are disrupted It is not unusual for children to roam the roads looking for food and shelter wherever they can find it And men who would not otherwise have done so do desperate thingsTraditional ballads tell of the timesTIMES ARE GETTING HARD BOYSUnknown expanded by Lee HaysTimes are getting hard boysMoney s getting scarceIf things don t get no better boysGonna leave this placeTake my true love by the handLead her thru the townSaying good bye to everyoneGood bye to everyoneTake my bible from the bedShotgun from the wallTake old Sal and hitch her upThe wagon for to haulPile the chairs and beds up highLet nothing drag the groundSal can pull and we can pushWe re bound to leave this townMade a crop a year agoIt withered to the groundTried to get some creditBut the banker turned me downBut I m goin to Californ i ayWhere everything is greenGoin to have the best ole farmThat you have ever seenTimes are gettin hard boys was collected by Carl Sandburg It s earliest known printing is in Sandburg s The American Songbag published in 1927 Lee Hays a member of the legendary Weavers blackballed as a result of the McCarthy hearings ultimately faded from view However Hall provided the lyricsPete Seger another member of the Weavers refused to disappear Listen to him sing Times Are Gettin HardBen Harper husband to Willa and father to ten year old John and four year old Pearl walks out of the hardware store in which he works determinedly enters the bank across the street successfully robbing the bank of 1000000 But he kills the teller and the bank president in the process Ben makes it home in time to stash the money in a clever hiding place swearing his two young children to tell no one not even their mother where the money is It s a heavy burden to put on a ten year old boy Pearl hasn t a clue to the significance of the oath she has sworn Then young John Harper watches his father carried away by the lawTelling where the money is hidden might save Ben Harper s life but he s not buying it He s guilty And he is sentenced to hang by the neck till deadBen s lawyer tells him there s hope for clemency if he coughs up the money The answer is no Willa with a glint of greed in her eye begs Ben to tell her where the money is on her last visit with him on the eve of his execution Ben tells her the money will drive her headlong to HellBen s cellmate is Preacher serving s stint in the pen for auto theft He begs wheedles and cajoles Ben to reveal the hiding place Ben still refuses and takes his secret to his death on the gallows The hangman said he kicked for a while before he went still He shudders at knowing he executed a man with a wife and two childrenPreacher is Harry Powell a sociopath of the highest order Is it twelve or is it six he uestions himself For Harry is not just a simple car thief He s the murderer of any number of widows into whose affections he has talked his way in A man of the cloth A man of God Who could be a perfect suitor Well it s not Harry Powell whose character is based on the true case of Harry Powers dubbed The Lonely Hearts Club Killer who swung from the gallows in Moundsville West Virginia in 1932 Harry Powers Innocent looking isn t he Among his victims a widow and her three children Their bodies and that of another widow were found in his homeWhat kind of childhood did Harry Powell have to cause him to hate women with the vile abhorrence he held for them Why was every woman the Whore of Babylon Harry works his way into the homes of widows and murders them for the small amounts of cash stashed in the sugar bowl on the dining room table He will preach a revival here and there and pass the hat for enough money to keep him alive until God tells him it s time to kill another womanGrubbs writes at breakneck pace Preacher Harry is out of the penitentiary a month after Ben Harper Swings He s in Ben s home town in a matter of days Willa given a mercy job at Icy and Walter Spoon s Ice Cream Parlor is no match for Harry s smooth talking ways And he s so good with the children My little lambs he calls them Pearl who has no real memory of her father has no problem calling Preacher Daddy John sees through Harry for what he is Harry s out for the money and he ll get it at any cost It s not much of a spoiler to say Willa doesn t have a long and happy second marriage not after she overhears Harry asking Pearl where is the money No one knows where Willa went With Willa out of the picture Harry has the children at his mercy It is easy to divide and conuer when dealing with a ten year old and a four year old It is easy to lock John into his room while he wheedles the secret of the money s hiding place from PearlThat Grubb has a ten year old outwit the wily psychopath might be a real stretch of the imagination Grubb pulls it off without a hitch Pride does go before a fall The Preacher underestimates the determination instilled in young John Harper by the promise he made to his father to guard Pearl with his life Thanks to John the children escape It s a ride down the Ohio River in his father s old skiff in which he and his father had run trot lines in better daysIt s on that run down the river that the children encounter Rachel Cooper the most finely rendered character in the novel Rachel has long been widowed and on her own Even during the Depression she is self sufficient selling eggs and butter And if there are such things as Angels Rachel is one of them She s taken in three children tossed into her lap by the harsh economic times If there s room for three chicks there s room for five John and Pearl have a new home Lillian Gish as Rachel Cooper She protects her chicks But it is inevitable that Harry will track the two children down John sees him at a distance and hears him singing Leaning leaning safe and secure from all alarms Leaning leaning Leaning on the everlasting arms Just as John saw through the Preacher s false broadcloth coat so will Rachel It s only a uestion of whether good or evil will winThis is a remarkable work of literature The prose is flawless Grubb drops you into the minds of each of the characters even that of Harry Powell It is a place in which you don t want to linger but linger there you will And Grubb compels you to stay there until he s ready to release you from his artful graspGrubb grew up in Moundsville West Virginia He saw the effects of the Depression on his own parents His ancestors had lived there for over two hundred years He drew on his childhood experiences to create the world he wrote of in The Night of the Hunter He remembered well He wrote well And in no other work did he write as well of social corruption through the misuse of religion and the disruption of the family as he did with this short jewel of a novel Read it Read it than once Watch how he put it together It s just that damned goodCharles Laughton may have gotten the glory But there would have been no glory without Davis Grubb Nor would Laughton have been praised so much without such a strong screenplay written by no less than James Agee Nor would Robert Mitchum ever have had his unforgettable role with the words love and hate tattooed across the backs of his fingers James Agee dead at the age of forty three May 16 1955 These letters spell out the Lesson of Lifeboy boomed Preacher with a cozening and unctuous geniality Shall I tell you the little story of the Right Hand Left Hand the tale of Good and EvilHate roared Preacher thrusting up the fingers of his left hand so that all might read It was with this left hand that old brother Cain struck the blow that laid his brother low And since that ungodly day brethren the left hand has borne the curse of the living and Almighty JehovahLove cried Preacher thrusting up the right hand now See these here fingers dear friends These fingers has veins that lead right suare to the heart to the almighty soul of Man The right hand friends The Hand of Love Now watch and I ll show you the story of Life The fingers of these hands dear hearts they re always a tuggin and a warrin one hand against the other Ah yes dear hearts that s some mighty fine writin REFERENCES The Serial Killer of Clarke County Davis Grubb Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library In Their Own Country Davis Grubb West Virginia Center For the Book EXTRASNight of the Hunter Trailer Laughton Reads from The Night of the Hunter Mitchum sings Leaning on the Everlasting Love for a good shudder to Grubb talk about writing and reading from his works Note This is the first part of six One part leads you to the next Rare to find this much of an author s lectures preserved so readily availableCharles Laughton and James Agee feuded over the sceenplay of The Night of the Hunter Laughton claimed sole credit for the screenplay It was not until years later that Agee s reputation was vindicated Read Downriver and Heavenward With James Agee by Michael Sragow Agee Film Writing and Selected Journalism and Agee Let Us Now Praise Famous Men A Death in the Family Shorter Fiction for the Library of America He is the author of Victor Fleming An American Movie Master

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Rst published in 1953 to wide acclaim by author Grubb who like Powers lived in Clarksburg West Virginia served as the basis for Charles Laughton's noir classic Re. I loved this book as a child and since I first got this as a gift years ago and have reread many times

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Named Harry Powell the lead character in this book with LOVE and HATE tattooed on his fingers is remembered as one of the creepiest men in book and cinema history. File this one under the heading of What is Possible is Scarier than What Isn t This book is perfect if you want to be truly frightened for Halloween because I would much rather have a ghost in my house than have Preacher Harry Powell sleeping under my roofThe novel is set in West Virginia during the great depression Ten year old John Harper s father Ben commits a crime steals several thousand dollars and in the process kills two men Before he is hauled off by the lawmen who come for him he hides the money and tells John were it is swearing him to secrecy His crime and the terrible secret he thrusts upon his son sets a frightful series of events into motion that bring into the lives of his wife and children the most evil of evil men a self proclaimed preacher named Harry Powell who is intent on finding the money at any costI m not sure I breathed normally through the entire telling of this tale That Grubb based it on a true story that occurred in his own hometown made it even harrowing I am not generally a fan of either murder thrillers or horror films which probably explains why I never saw the classic movie made from this novel Robert Mitchum was cast as the soulless Powell and having seen him in Cape Fear I had no problem imagining him in the role I remember having a lot of trouble sleeping after seeing Cape Fear I think Night of the Hunter might have the same effect I believe this is the kind of book the word spine chilling was invented for

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    The faces ran together like the years; like the long rides in the yellow lit railroad coaches through the clicking river midnights as he wandered from town to town Lord won’t I never settle down? Lord won’t you never

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    While it pains me deep down in the dark fleshy crevices of my book loving core to admit this noir classic was a utter MISS for me and my feelings can be fairly summed up by the famous villain’s iconic tattoos I don’t think it’s all the author’s fault and my oft awry expectations will saddle a large chunk of the fail burden for this onebut on that below First a uick summary to set the tablePLOT SUMMARY

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    The Night of the Hunter Davis Grubb's novel of the Sociopath in the Pulpit This novel was selected as a Moderator's Choice for members of On the Southern Literary Trail for October 2014 Come join us The Night of the Hunter was selected by members of On the Southern Literary Trail as a group read for October 2018 Davis Grubb born July 1919 Moundsville WV died July 24 1980 NY NY Grubb was the author of eleven novels The N

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    Have you ever seen the classic film of the same name starring Robert Mitchum? One of the scariest movies I ever saw when growing up so I couldn't wait to read the book Who could ever forget the chilling Mitchum singing the old hymn; Leaning on the Everlasting Arms as he chased 2 innocent children as they tried to escape their murderous stepdad The author was inspired by true events occurring in West Virginia during the

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    I loved this book as a child and since I first got this as a gift years ago and have reread many times

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    Ohio river Somewhere in a valley along its shores a young boy and his family lived happily ever after until his dad Ben Harper robbed a bank stashed the money somewhere and made his ten your old son John and four year old daughter Pearl swear to never reveal the location They had to swear swear swear swear And they did They promised never to tell their mom Willa neither And they didn'tThe secret was not so s

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    File this one under the heading of What is Possible is Scarier than What Isn’t This book is perfect if you want to be truly frightened for Halloween because I would much rather have a ghost in my house than have Preacher Harry Powel

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    shoot shoot davis grubb kicked me not just once but twice i yelled aloud with the tension that his book built up in me the first was a yelp of fear while the second was one of pure desperation the terrible production values of this edition notwithstanding i'm really torn about saying that because i appreciate that blackmask has it i

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    Well what a great little book that I would never have picked up without Mike Sullivan's recommended read for moderator's choice for October in On the Southern Literary Trail group The dark days of the depression

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    Some of the prose was admirable but the child protagonist and his little sister got on my nerves almost immediately They didn't feel believable to me and I kept muttering things to myself like hey John boy you might be eight but blue

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