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Nutrition Dietetics Practice and Future Trends provides a comprehensive overview of the Dietetics profession Now in its fourth edition this text includes the most recent updates made by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics its name structure and internship protocols The text provides an overview of the career opp.

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Nutrition and Dietetics

Ortunities for dietitians explaining what they do highlighting the specific areas of dietetic practice and listing the reuirements to become a dietitian This text is an invaluable resource for both students and practitioners because of its thorough explanations and insight into the dietetic professionNew to the Fou.

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Rth EditionUpdated education and experience reuirementsNew name for the association the Foundation and the journalNew experience programsExpanded practice opportunitiesUpdated membership and salary dataNew charts and tablesExtensive appendixUpdate references Current practice auditsTrends in the dietetics profession.

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    Very useful information for dietetics students wanting to get into certified programs and to sit for the exam

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