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TedCaught off balance Connor relies heavily on Lucas his outside man and only link to the real world but he gets sucked in by Riley and his attempt to clear his name and prove his partners fabricated evidence to frame himUp to his eyeballs in the dark world of trafficking Connor finds it easier to believe Riley than what the FBI is saying especial. When I recently discovered Hayley B James was releasing not just another book but also another in her Secret Sin series I was beyond thrilled I first came to know this author in 2011 when she released her first novel Undercover Sins That story immediately became one of my most favorites and still is todayUndercover Addiction can be read as a stand alone and even though the characters from the first story play a really important role here the author gives enough back story to fill any gaps So it s not mandatory but you really are missing out on a great storyConnor Bishop an undercover agent has just wrapped up a 3 month sting operation when he is asked to go back in Needing information to bring down the rest of the scum behind the human trafficking ring Connor uickly agrees to go back He already fears he likes this particular lifestyle that Caleb lives his undercover alter ego a little too much He likes the danger and he likes being up close to humans who may have a little monster in their DNARiley Drapeau is the criminal informant Connor will work with He s also the same man he had in his bed just a few days earlier Hooking up at the local bar for a one night tryst suddenly has a lot meaning behind it He fears Riley targeted him on purpose and he may not be wrong with that assumption Aside from that fear they definitely have chemistry and he s pretty sure the spark is not one sided He really wants to trust Riley but he needs to remember he is also a very dangerous man A man who has no compassion for humans and finds nothing wrong with killing them if they are in the wayOne of many problems Connor is left to unravel is the two personalities he picks up with Riley When faced with his associates Riley is controlling and intimidating When it s just the two of them Riley is compassionate and caring He s pretty sure they both are feeling the same desires Also his words behind closed doors go against the persona he portrays in public You re beautiful like this Riley whispered pressing a slicked finger into him Connor was compliant but moved his hips in response to Riley s touch Rileyreached around grasped Connor s heavy cock in his free hand andrepeated Beautiful When it is no longer just the two of them Mason Riley s assistant makes his feelings known that he does not like Connor He feels threatened by his presence and jealousy runs rampant through his mind As far as Connor is concerned in regards to his safety Mason is a much bigger threat than RileyConnor tries to keep himself grounded and keep his real identity in the forefront as much as possible He relies heavily on his friend Lucas who he trusts than anyone When Lucas tells some of his own secrets he s been carrying Connor is taken my complete surprise He doesn t know how to process this new revelation and right now is not a good time with his life on the lineRiley is playing a game not only with himself but everyone involved in this case There are many times throughout the story I could not tell if he was telling the truth or just a really good liar As danger surrounds all of them fear and worry will take over your thoughts More than once I caught myself holding my breathUnderneath Riley s exterior he wants to be a good man He has never had love but he wants to find it I believe Connor changed him and made him want to be a better man As the showdown comes to a full explosion people will be hurt and betrayal will be evident than ever When the smoke clears there will be agonizing moments of despair Truths are lingering to be told but may not see the light of day Who will take the fall and who will walk away Regardless to either outcome all of them will lose something that had once been valuableThis story has many twists and turns with edge of your seat excitement The author does an outstanding job of keeping your interest with action packed drama The dialogue is serious most of the time but humour finds its place when needed The MC s and even the side characters have a camaraderie between them which makes the story flow seamlessly It s obvious the author took great pains in relaying a plot filled with danger mystery suspense and love While Connor and Riley did have sex and their moments in the bedroom were very passionate it was not the focus I think they really bonded during these moments and slowly started to trust each otherHayley B James has written a perfect story IMO She has given us two sexy characters who at their core want love but before that is fully accomplished they must work for it and develop trust and honesty between them She also has a major development late in the story that will having you going OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME And if that isn t enough to keep you invested their banter is contagious and sure to have you smilingI would recommend this to anyone who loves the good guys especially when they get mixed up with a bad boy along the way

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Undercover Addiction

Working Vice for the Seattle PD Connor Bishop’s favorite part of the job is going undercover His current assignment is to get close to Riley Drapeau a human trafficker backed into a corner by the FBI and turned informant Connor needs to milk him for information on his organization but while doing so sees an entirely different Riley than he expec. This wasn t really for me The writing wasn t bad and there was a ton of potential but I never really got there not where I felt it and was rooting for the characters or had those heart sinking moments even the twists and turns didn t really shock me even though I didn t see it coming I had a real problem with Riley at the end well I had a real problem with him the whole time but at the end I was beyond pissedOverall Conner was okay mostly likable but there was something about him I couldn t uite grasp either I don t knowThere are hot cops bad guys action betrayal and sex so its a recipe for a great book unfortunately it fell a bit short for me


Ly when a leak is uncovered within the Bureau The choices Connor has to make become even difficult when Lucas admits he has feelings for him and promises a safe life far from harm But Connor can’t deny the only man he wants to be with is Riley Which forces him to decide if his addiction to the dangerous side of life can include loving a criminal. This book raised some interesting themes about good bad the grey in between i just dont feel that the MCs change of direction was convincing enough

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    This wasn't really for me The writing wasn't bad and there was a ton of potential but I never really got there not where I felt it and was rooting for the characters or had those heart sinking moments even the twi

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    45 Stars The Blogger GirlsI have no idea how Hayley B James was able to take what should be a hated character without any room for redemption and force me to have so many feels for him but she did and I loved every minute of it This is the story that took some serious guts for the author to tackle knowing that the subject matter would be difficult for some readers to stomach but the results were amazing full of tension and so ma

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    Definitely better than the first one The first thing I looked for was if the dialogue was as stilted as in the first book and I'm happy to say that it was much much better Cops sounded like cops and no one sound

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    I have a soft spot for this author and I think that this fact will never change I've been waiting for this book for so long and I'm glad Hayley B James didn't disappoint me I love flawed characters and the writer is very good at bui

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    When I recently discovered Hayley B James was releasing not just another book but also another in her Secret Sin series I was beyond thrilled

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    OkayThis was not as good as the first book It was okay The twists and turns near the end was good

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    This book raised some interesting themes about good bad the grey in between i just dont feel that the MCs change of direction was convincing enough

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    Reviewed by Brandilyn for Prism Book Alliance I have been waiting for Undercover Addiction by Haley B James ever since I finished Undercover Sins the first time I needed to know how Gabriel found his happily ever after However just giving me Gabriel would not do the first novel justice so I was happy to see a new mystery with Gabriel as a player but not the main character Find the whole review at

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    Second book in this series I found this one better than the first The story is interesting and credible than the previous one As usual I do not like that a former human trafficker escapes so easily from the justice after all his misde

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    45 stars

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