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Ables ISIS to frame and spread its message recruit its adherents and replicate itselfWhile many scholarly and journalistic works on ISIS provide a wealth of information not many elaborate on the terms that are often invoked in these writings For example scholars often use the term Salafi Jihadi but they do not provide a comprehensive explanation of such concept within the same text This book not only provides an explanation of the instructive terms used to explain the ISIS phenomenon but also asserts that only one scho.

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Isis Author Masood Ashraf Raja

Relying on a thorough understanding of the role of ideology discourse and framing this volume discusses ISIS as an Islamist ideological organization and examines its philosophical scaffolding within the material conditions produced by neoliberal capital As Raja asserts it is this nexus of specifically retrieved Islamic history and the current global economic system that creates the kind of social identity ideally suited for ISIS The combination of the historical narratives and the contemporary means of communication en.

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Ol of thought in Islam The Sunni Wahabis is likely to be the ideal target for ISIS recruitment This claim of course does not rely on an essentialized pathology of Wahabi Sunnis but provides an explanation of the Wahabi Islam as a proverbial slippery slope as an absolutely necessary first step for an individual's transformation into an ISIS fighterWritten in a clear and direct style this volume provides scholars and lay readers alike with a deeper understanding of ISIS and its strategies of recruitment and self sustenan.