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Curiosity turns into an obsession When the moment finally strikes for him to make a move will he take it Find out what happens in the fourth and final book in the Underground Kings Series. SURPRISE RELEASE I ve been waiting to read Justin s story since the first time I met him in Assumption Underground Kings 1and it was 5 years ago

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Infatuation Underground Kings #4

Warning This is a novella so buckle up for a uick sweet read that will satisfy your curiosityin·fat·u·a·tion A feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for admiration for or inte. 5 StarsTHIS IS NOT A DRILL JUSTIN IS HERE I REPEAT JUSTIN IS HEREI m convinced ARR could write instructions to the most boring tool ever and I d lap it up like it was the last drink of water on Earth This might be a bold statement but if I has to choose one author of all time It would be Aurora hands downl no uestions asked So throw in the incredibly talented Rochelle Paige who I absolutely adore AND give me Justin s story ALL HANDS ON DECK Y ALL Infatuation is the fourth and final book in the Underground Kings series and our sweet beloved much anticipated Justin is finally here to tell his story and get his very own boom and he did not disappoint for one single second ARR and Rochelle slayed every single moment in this unforgettable journey and gave me all of the feels and all of the heat along the way Justin and Aubrey stole my heart from the very first time they stepped onto the page Justin was waaaaay long before and I couldn t get enough of their storyYou absolutely cannot go wrong with these two ladies and if you have been a fan of this series then grab a dry pair on panties and a glass or three of wine So good So beautiful So unexpected So worth the waitI highly recommend this bookReviewed for Renee Entress s Blog

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Rest in someone or something; a strong and unreasoning attachment From the moment Justin sees the beautiful blonde living in the apartment below his he becomes curious and over time that. Ohhh yeah Justin babe I loved him Can t wait

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    UPDATE 102419 IT HAS BEEN RELEASEDFinally lmaoWell it's a novella I'm actually glad it is because her books are insta love anyway should be short and sweet and to the point Fingers crossed I like this onewhen the FUCK is this novel coming outraise your hands if you tired of waiting

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    5 StarsTHIS IS NOT A DRILL JUSTIN IS HERE I REPEAT JUSTIN IS HEREI'm convinced ARR could write instructions to th

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    Justin was so worth the wait If you have ever read an Aurora Rose Reynolds Until book then you will know that Justin is a side character that has wound his way around everyone's heart He is a gamer who loves to rile up his boss Kenton

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    I am absolutely addicted to Aurora's Until series and the Underground Kings series I re read them all the time and Justin's book has been a long time coming I know fans of the Underground series were begging and pleading fo

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    WHAT????OMG Finally We are getting this book WOhoooo #Happy DanceI have been Hooked On Justin since the first book and I Loved reading a little bit of his relationship with Aubrey When will it come out?? I need this Now

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    Ohhh yeah Justin babe I loved him Can't wait

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    Surprise Infatuation is now LIVE Aurora teamed up with Rochelle Paige to bring us Justin's story US 's story has been the long awai

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    when does it come out I need to read this book like it's my next breath of air haha

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    SURPRISE RELEASE I've been waiting to read Justin's story since the first time I met him in Assumption Underground Kings #1and it was 5 years ago 😉 💓

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    Spoilers aheadGiven the authors I'd think most would know what to expectInsta on speedNovella lengthPregnant hAlpha HAppearances from previous characters in the seriesI did think the h's reaction to what happened to her a bit unrealistic but I admire her for keeping and loving her babyh was a virgin when she was

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