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E of the main reasons why this specific book is so fundamental is that it deals with a cardinal doctrine of the Shadhdhuli teaching namely the ceasing of self direction and management in favor of choosing the management and direction of Allah isat at tadbir A major subject to which actually half the book is devoted is riz or provision and daily sustenanceIbn ‘Ata’Illah deals with the proper approach to acuiring one’s daily provision the proper manners of withholding it and spending it and most im. I first tried to read this translation a few years ago but to my dismay I was unable to read than a few chapters I now understand why A friend of mine stated that some people s personality permeates their writing so that you see the author and then the text but with others their personality melts away and you only see what is being said I find that the same thing often occurs with translations In this one in particular I cannot recognize Ibn Ata Allah Instead the only person whom I see is Scott Kugle This became apparent to me after reading Illuminating Guidance on the Dropping of Self Direction which was the motivation for my returning to this translation and forcing myself to read it from cover to cover a very painful experience The author s introduction is very informative but the translation itself is intolerable I unfortunately would not recommend this translation as I feel it has muddied a pure spring As an example for comparison we can take the opening address My brothers and sisters you are made to experience God s love You have been granted the rare gift of nearness to God s being God has offered you a taste of the liuor sipped by the people of divine intimacy God s continual intimate connection to you has been safeguarded from any chance of opposition or termination God has made you the followers of those people who are chosen to bear divine messages Their hearts break with longing when they realize that their vision cannot perceive God then their broken hearts are strengthened through insight as God becomes actual in their lives bestowing upon them light God has opened for them the gardens of divine nearness stirred up from this garden the fragrance of God s indwelling presence wafted its inspirations over their hearts and showed them the depth of God s prior concern for their well being Then God could reveal the subtlest of artful actions through which their lives are sustained and they desisted from resistance and obstinate self will The Book of Illumination 50 51Know my companions may Allah make you to be from among His lovers and enrich you with His nearness and cause you to drink from the cup of His beloveds and safeguard you from His absence by His perpetual presence and unite you with His servants whom He chose for His communion and message those servants whose crushed hearts He consoled and comforted when they realized that their perceptions could not attain to Him due to the glorious lights of His manifestations He opened for them the gardens of proximity and from them granted their hearts the inspirations of the fragrant breezes of His bestowal He caused them to witness His pre eternal planning for them so that they submitted confidently to Him and He revealed to them the secret distillation of His subtle mercy in His actions so they left off contention with Him Illuminating GuidanceOther examples could be provided but even this selection in my humble opinion in respect to grammar eg you are made manifests a failure to realize that the author is making an actual supplication for the readers underlying metaphysics eg God s indwelling presence implies a pantheistic doctrine that the author did not believe in and rhetorical flow eg changing the structure of the supplication to the passive tense hinders the personal relationship that one feels with the author when reading it the latter is far far superior to the former and the former is a disservice to the original That is uite unfortunate because Fons Vitae has such a larger distribution network and name recognition this translation will probably be the official translation of Kitab al Tanwir and the gem that is Dr Ibrahim al Shaghouri s translation will probably not get the recognition that it deservesI suspect that part of the reason why is that unlike Professor Kugle Dr Ibraim al Shaghouri is a native Arabic speaker who mastered English raised as a traditional Muslim and has studied a very similar scholarly tradition as the original author while Professor Kugle is a native English speaker who then learned Arabic and studied the religion as an academic discipline Thus the perspective from which each translation is coming are radically different One speaks from within the original author s paradigm while the other is of an outsider looking in In short while Ibn Ata Allah is known for his elouence and spiritual force Kugle s translation is flat and uninspiring Give it a miss I believe that the people who have this than one star only did so out of deference to Ibn Ata Illah and because they have not read the other much superior translation Illuminating Guidance on the Dropping of Self Direction their having nothing to compare it to I only gave this one star because if I gave it zero Goodreads would not consider it in the average scoringUPDATE This has to be the absolute worst translation of a classical text that I have ever read Other translations are riddle with blatant translation mistakes but this one was unnecessarily interpretive for reasons I can only surmise Therefore after brewing over this translation I was inspired to create an exclusive condemned shelf because of it However after returning to this review I realized that the brief selection from the introduction does not adeuately convey the flaws of this translation God willing this review will be updated when I am able to get my copy to correct this problem

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التنوير في إسقاط التدبير

Portantly how and why one should not waste one’s energy in anxiety over it In this respect the Way of the Shadhdhuliyyah unlike some of the other ways of Sufism does not call for a life of begging and mendicancy but rather teaches its adherents to live a life of intense contemplation in the midst of the worldly means of livelihood In other words ‘being in the world but not of the world’ And the importance of this book can also be seen in the method it teaches the reader of how to apply this advic.

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One cannot overestimate the value of Imam Ibn ‘Ata’Illah in preserving the teachings of the Shadhdhuliyyah since he was the first to write them down Both Imam Abu’l Hasan ash Shadhdhuli and his successor Imam Abu’l ‘Abbas al Mursi never wrote any books on the Path When asked why Abu’l Hasan replied “My companions are my books” Be that as it may the teachings would not have survived down to this day as they have if Allah had not inspired Ibn ‘Ata’Illah to put them into written formOn.

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    بدأت القراءة العابرة ولفتت نظري هذه العبارة ربط العزم مع الله تعالي قبل الخروج من المنزل على العفو عن المسيئين إيه ، إذ الأسواق محل المخاصمة والمقاول ولذلك قال رسول الله عليه ال

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    هو بصدق من أروع ماقرأته في حسن وأدب التوكل على الله عزوجل كتاب صغير الحجمكثيف المحتوى عميق المعنىيهزّك هزاً يجعلك تقف أمام نفسك وتجربة حياتك طويلا طوييييييلاًستتفاجأ بأنك تعيد قراءة الكل

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    I first tried to read this translation a few years ago but to my dismay I was unable to read than a few chapters I now understand wh

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    قراءة واحدة لن تكفي ، قرأته في الغالب أكثر من 3 مرات ، وفي كُل مرّة أتطرق لعُمقٍ

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    وإذ قد تبين هذا فاعلم أن مقامات اليقين تسعة، وهي التوبة والزهد والصبر والشكر والخوف والرجاء والتوكل والمحبة والرضا

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    يكفيني عن سؤالي علمه بحاليهكذا قالها إبراهيم عليه السلام، وهذه هي ملة إبراهيم الحنيف الذي ندعو بها كل صباح ومساءالكتاب مفعم بالروحانيات اليقينية وبالأخص التعلق بالمعطي لا عطيته به الكثير من قصص الصالحين التي دائماً تشعرني بأنها خرافة ما لا ا

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    كتاب عظيم جدا، كل كلمة فيه تتشرح في كتب دون مبالغة، فيه من أنوار النبوة ما فيهرضي الله عن سيدي ابن عطاء الله السكندري، كلامه يخترق القلب اختراقامن الكتب فعلا الي مفروض تقرأ كل فترة ويقرأها كل أحد، خصوصا الناس الي انشغلت في طلب الرزق

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    الكتاب المناسب في الوقت المناسب فالحمد لله الذي هدانا لهذا وما كنا لنهتدي لولا ان هدانا الله

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