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CHARACTERS Full Exposure Black Lace

Ng mysteries surrounding the college these two young women open Donatella's eyes to a world of sexual adventure with artists students and even the local carabinieri A stylishly sensual erotic thriller set in the languid heat of an italian summer.

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Full Exposure Black Lace

Lly attracted by an English artist on the faculty the alluring but mysterious lan Ramsey In the course of her inuiry Donatella is attacked but receives help from two new friends Kiki Lee and Francesca Antinori As the trio investigates the menaci.

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Attractive but stern Boston academic Donatella di'Bianchi is in Arezzo Italy to investigate the affairs of the Collegio Toscana a school of visual arts Donatella's probe is hampered by one man the director Stewart Temple Clarke She is also sexua.

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