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Rformance Changing needs as horses age Considerations for donkeys and mules Juliet M Getty PhD is a consultant speaker and writer in euine nutrition A retired university professor and winner of several teaching awards Dr Getty presents seminars to horse organizations and works with individual owners to create customized nutrition plans designed to prevent illness and optimize their horses' overall health and performance Based in beautiful rural Bayfield Colorado Dr Getty runs a consulting company Getty Euine Nutrition LLC GettyEuineNutritioncom through which she helps horse owners locally nationally and internationally The well being of the horse remains Dr Getty's driving motivation and she believes every horse owner should have access to scientific information in order to give every horse a lifetime of vibrant heal.

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Feed Your Horse Like a Horse

Feeding is the foundation of every horse's health and every owner cares about it but answers can be hard to find Based on solid science and the author's long experience Feed Your Horse Like A Horse illuminates the secrets of euine nutrition and points the way toward lifelong vitality for your horse Part I explains the physiology of the horse's digestion and nutrient use; Part II offers recommendations for specific conditions such as insulin resistance and laminitis as well as discussion about feeding through the life stages from foals to athletes to aged horses Whether you are a novice horse owner or a seasoned professional Feed Your Horse Like A Horse will be your most valuable resource on euine nutrition You'll begin in Section 1 with an up to date overview of nutrition and horse physiology that is designed for eve.

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Ryone from the novice to the lifelong horseman Section 2 will empower you to make the right feeding decisions that support your horse's innate needs regardless of his condition or activity type As a reference book you have the freedom to choose which sections to read Topics include Choosing the right hay or concentrates Helping easy and hard keepers How vitamins and minerals work Recognizing and eliminating stress Importance of salt and other electrolytes Treating insulin resistance Reducing the risk of laminitis Recovery for the rescued horse Nutrient fundamentals Dealing with genetic disorders Managing allergies Alleviating arthritis Diagnosing euine Cushing's disease Preventing ulcers and colic Feeding treats safely Pregnancy and lactation Feeding the orphaned foal Optimizing growth Optimizing athletic work and pe.

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    Incredibly informative book on horse nutrition what you should feed and in what amounts Gives you the power to really affect the life of your h

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    Incredibly informative well researched clear I highly recommend this book for EVERY horse owner It's one to refer to over and over Your horse's health depends on it

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