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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Overnight Without Pesticides or Toxic Chemicals Learn The Secrets of a Natural Bed Bug Pest Control Expert Everything you've been taught about killing bed bugs doesn't work Learn how to Kill Bed Bugs In 30 Minutes With All Natural Products You Have At Home Did you know that two common totally safe household products you have and eat every single day can kill bed bugs faster than any commercial pesticide or toxic chemical and do it without any side effects In this book author Steve Tvedten shares his 40 years of natural pest control experience so you can get rid of lice fast Avoid Poisoning Your Kids With Commercial Bed Bug Pesticides and Poisons Not only are most bed bugs now resistant to commercial pesticides but you are NOT resistant to them Many of these pesticides are known carcinogens meaning they have been shown to cause cancer in clinical studies Further many of these pesticides an cause neurological disorders and damage to your immune system About The Author Stephen Tvedten was President of Stroz Services Inc an alternative pest control company for 25 years and is currently President of Get Set Inc an integrated pest mana.

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Natural Bed Bug Treatment

Rol ornamental plant and shade tree interior plantscape vertebrate animal control turf pest control domestic institutional structural and health related pest control general pest termite mosuito house fly and vector control and Wisconsin certifications in forest ornamental and turf seed treatment auatic right of way general industrial institutional structural and health related termite and wood preservation; State of Illinois certifications in seed treatment right of way ornamental and turf forest auatic and mosuito pest control; State of Indiana certifications for seed treatment wood preservative non pressured forest ornamental auatic right of way residential institutional and non food industry pest control Steve has held West Virginia pest control certifications in general pest structural pest wood treatment and public health Steve has been a science advisor for the National Pediculosis Association Steve is a member of the Entomological Society of America Steve is or has been a member of The Xerces Society the International Cockroach Society Inc and the International Organization for Biological Control of Noxious Animals and Plants Neartic Regional Secti.

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Gement company and is also currently President of PEST Prevent Environmental Suicide Today an environmental group and Steve is the founder of the Institute of Pest Management Inc Prescriptive Nutrients Inc and TIPM and the Natural Pest Control Association Steve is the consultant and advisor for Safe Solutions Inc Steve is Head of the Advisory Board for the Natural Pest Control Council of America Steve was licensed as a Michigan Residential Builder and Maintenance Alteration Contractor and holds or has held Michigan pest control certifications in the following categories Forest Pest Management Wood Preservation Turf Ornamentals Seed Treatment Auatic Swimming Pools Cooling Towers Right of way Structural Pest Management Wood Destroying Organisms Vertebrate Interiorscape Mosuito and Public Health Steve also holds or has held Texas pest control certifications in General Pest Control and Termite control New York certifications in termite structural pest and rodent control Ohio pest control certification in the following categories seed treatment general auatic swimming pool general forest pest timber stand improvement wood preservation industrial vegetation cont.

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