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Le worldwide for the first time This collection also includes “The Confession of Eleanor Schreiber” a companion 36 page story written exclusively for The ConfessionsAnd finally all secrets are revealed in “The Confession of Tiffany Reisz” an exclusive in depth intervie. 5 StarsIt is finally here I am so excited that Tiffany Reisz released S ren s confession to the masses In The Confessions we are gifted with two short stories and an author confessioninterview The Confession of Marcus Sterns What happened six months ago I met Eleanor The timeline in this story takes readers back to when S ren first meets Eleanor Being S ren s primary confessor Father Stuart Ballard is no stranger to S ren s past and his sadistic needs but he listens intently and offers his sincerest counsel The friendship between S ren and Father Ballard is genuine and endearing Sheshe makes me laugh I feel human with her I don t feel human very often but I do with her When S ren confesses his love for Eleanor Father Ballard advises as only he knows how and to hear their words knowing what the future holds for S ren Nora and Kingsley is so impactful At times I felt like I was eavesdropping and I loved every damn minute The Confession of Eleanor Schreiber No flirting wicked girl I know I m you re type I can t help it she said I spread for Roman collars Nora s confession occurs much closer to the present when she and Father Ballard meet in person for the first time As coincidence would have it it doesn t take Father Ballard to identify Nora What is revealed during Nora s confession surprised me yet in some ways it wasn t completely unexpected Some of the missing pieces definitely came together in this deep and self searching confession You ought to cane him I hear you re good at it The best in the business Breaking up the levity is Father Ballard s wonderful sense of humor and Nora s unfiltered thought to speech I could listen to Nora in my head all day The Confession of Tiffany Reisz This bonus is an interview with Tiffany discussing all things about our favorite Original Sinners It was insightful and offered some hope for booksOverall this book is a must read for fans You will not be disappointed This was a FBR with Mistress warhawke aka Hawkey

REVIEW The Confessions The Original Sinners #82

The Confessions The Original Sinners #82

D those three fateful words “I met Eleanor” So begins the 40 page “The Confession of Marcus Stearns” a moving coda to the RITA® Award winning Original Sinners series Originally published as a limited edition paperback for the 2014 RT Booklovers' Convention and availab. 5 Father forgive me for I have sinned STARSThis was absolutely divine Tiffany gives us two confessions told through two short stories about two of the Unholy Trinity from The Original Sinners series I ll stop right here If you haven t read the series you MUST Why Firstly if you love erotica you HAVE TO READ THESE BOOKS It s unlike anything you ve read before with taboos secrets and wildly passionate encounters And secondly because this is not a standalone The first story is the Confession of Marcus Stearns Again I ll pause here because I simply can t pass up the chance to say that I am truly deeply madly in love with S ren He seeks his mentor Father Stuart Ballard shortly after his first time meeting Nora The next short is The Confession of Eleanor Schreiber Nora She too visits Father Ballard who is now much older at the age of 81 Both stories are told from Father Ballard s POV and in each a confession is made These meetings and conversations were fascinating and provocative Father Ballard was an interesting character In true Tiffany fashion she had me intrigued and wanting to know about this priest and what his story was At the end of this book there s a treat with a short interview with the mistress herself Tiffany Reisz If you re a fan of the Original Sinners you re not going to want to miss out on thisARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review For reviews and blog posts

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Three Sinners Three confessions And all the dirty little secrets you could possibly desire Father Stuart Ballard has been Marcus Stearns’ confessor since the young Jesuit was only eighteen years old He thought he’d heard every sin the boy had to confess until Marcus uttere. If you re a fan of The Original Sinners series then you won t want to miss this one No it isn t another full length book so don t get your hopes up too high It is a uickie novella that can be read in a single sitting detailing two confessions made years apartHonestly at this point I d take any scrap that Ms Reisz is willing to throw my way I just can t let go of Soren and Nora I love this story and the colorful characters that Ms Reisz has created So I happily paid the 299 on com for what was essentially 2 chapters and a few extras like an interview with the author I d do it again in a heartbeatBoth confessions were heard by Father Stuart Ballard Soren s long time mentor One confession was Soren s made soon after he met Nora It shed some light on his mindset and how conscious he was of his actions where Nora was concerned The second confession was Nora s made years later She had promised her mother that she would confess her sins to a priest other than Soren and was making good on that promise Not feeling the slightest bit guilty or repentant for her relationship with Soren her meeting with Father Ballard takes an interesting turn in direction Personally I was glad to hear Nora voice some of the concernsfeelingsjealousies that she did I felt some of the same things while reading the books in the series and I couldn t believe how okay she was with some of the events that transpired I was glad to see that she was human after allThere were several times reading this when I found myself laughing my ass off I have to say that if Father Ballard was hanging around my church in my youth I might have kept up attendance in adulthood He was a fantastic character with a robust sense of humor and a way of cutting through the BS I absolutely adored himOverall this was another fantastic addition to the series If you re looking for a uick Soren and Nora fix this will hold you over If you re hoping for another full length book to add to this saga you won t find it here

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    If you're a fan of 'The Original Sinners' series then you won't want to miss this one No it isn't another full length book so don't get your h

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    45 STARSimage error

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    Come on it's Nora and Søren so of course it was fantastic

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    4 short sinners stars Love is never a sin If it’s a sin it’s not love And if it’s love it’s not a sin The Confessions is a short look into three separate confessions Soren Nora and Tiffany Father Marcus has his hands full and I wish

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    5 “Father forgive me for I have sinned” STARSThis was absolutely divine Tiffany gives us two confessions told through t

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    Genre EroticaType Short StoriesPOV Third PersonRating The Confessions is divided into two short stories and an interview with the author Both stories took place within The Original Sinners series timeline✜ The Confession of Marcus Stearns ✜Father Stuart Ballard had been Søren 's confessor since Søren was eighteen

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    5 STARS Tiffany Reisz is such a brilliant author I loved these two short stories I'm a big fan of the Original Sinners so I was so excited to read this novella I loved it because there is the same humor and the beautiful

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    IT'S LIVE5 Can't get enough Orginal Sinners Stars Let's face it anyone whose experienced The Original Sinners by the hands of our dear Mistress Tiffany refuses to see her retire this crew I mean come on This is

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    5 StarsIt is finally here I am so excited that Tiffany Reisz released Søren’s confession to the masses In The Confessions we are gifted with two short stories and an author confessioninterview The Confession of Marcus

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    Så tag mit hjerte i dine hænder men tag det varsomt og tag det blidt det røde hjerte – nu er det dit Det slår så roligt det slår så d

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