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Serving in time Laser books ; 6

Me Service of the mysterious world government In the service he learns how history was manipulated and controlled to produce the beautiful world he enjoyed so much Thinking he unde.

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Rstands how to rectify the injustice and devastation inflicted on the world by the time managers Jan decides to make things right But he makes a tragic errorCover Artist Kelly Frea.

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Jan Jeroux is leading a carefree and idyllic life in the serene underpopulated pastoral earth of the year 2500 His idyll ends abruptly when he is abducted and forced to join the Ti.

About the Author: Gordon Eklund

Gordon Eklund is a Nebula Award winning American science fiction author whose works include the Lord Tedric series and two of the earliest original novels based on the 1960s Star Trek TV series He has written under the pen name Wendell Stewart and in one instance under the name of the late E E Doc Smith 1890 1965Eklund's first published SF short story Dear Aunt Annie ran in the Apr

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    In 1975 I subscribed to the first year of Laser Books releases and REALLY enjoyed every one that I read but never got around to most of them T

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    Looks like I'll be the first to write a review I picked this up at the town transfer station I always grab the sci fi From a series of books in the 70's I'm going to check out Gordon Eklund So far it's pretty boilerplate s

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    Pleasantly surprised with this one

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