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To a frenzy and leaving his schedule behind Marcus devises a way to help Jim not only focus on himself an.

Summary Hands Tied A Hammer Story

Hands Tied A Hammer Story

Jim and Marcus from Bent are back again When Jim lets a former co worker goad him into working himself in.

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D his master but to keep from working than he should as wellOriginally published in Toy Box Bondage Mitts.

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    I had recently read Bent which is the novel starring Marcus and Jim so despite my lukewarm feelings about the novel I am one of those readers who is always willing to go back for a revisit with characters I’ve met beforeIt would appear that things are going well for Marcus and Jim Jim has settled down and has h

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    What can I say? I really like Marcus and Jim so of course I enjoyed visiting them again in this short story Good thing Jim has Marcus looking out for him or that man would be a wreck Love their dynamic and the hot action that goes along with it sigh

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    Another peak at the life of Jim and Marcus Jim can let himself get pulled into destructive thought patterns but Marcus knows just how to redirect his focus

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