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Ms is chronicled through a special selection of castaways Roy Plomley inventor of the program as well as its presenter for than 40 years uizzes the young Cliff Richard about these rather frenzied movements the 1960s pop sensation makes on the stage Robert Maxwell tells Plomley’s successor Michael Parkinson that I will have left the world a slightly bette.

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Desert Island Discs

R place by having lived in it Diana Mosley assures Sue Lawley that Adolf Hitler was extraordinarily fascinating and had mesmeric blue eyes And Johnny Vegas tugs Kirsty Young’s heartstrings with his account of a childhood so impoverished that family pets were fair game My dad had always claimed that rabbits were livestock but we’d never eaten one before.

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Desert Island Discs celebrated its 70th birthday in 2012 Since the program’s deviser Roy Plomley interviewed comedian Vic Oliver in January 1942 nearly 3000 distinguished people from all walks of life have been stranded on the mythical island accompanied by only eight records one book and a luxury Here the story of one of BBC Radio 4’s favourite progra.

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    This book is full of information regarding the artists who have given their choice of music Definately a must and worth the money Ideal present for a music lover

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    I like listening to Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 and I am a sucker for shiny new books no one else has taken out yet at the li