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    A phone call saves Russell’s life when the September 11 Twin Towers disaster strikes At the same time it brings him bad news His mother has d

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    Painfully sad and yet hopeful and inspiring this novel connects small family moments with history to share the important message to never take your loved ones for granted

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    This book is written serviceably but so simplistically that I kept thinking perhaps I’d strayed into young adult territory Russell misses being killed on 911 by being late for work because he gets a phone call that his mother died and he must come and take care of his brain damaged brother Back in Nowheresville

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    and the award for the amount of humanity woven into a book goes to Catherine Ryan Hyde Based on my experience with the previous and first to me book by this author Don't Let Me Go I've had only a faint idea of what to expect small people waging their everyday battles love and devotion strength of human spirit and

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    I loved this story It’s a wonderful beautifully written tale I found it compelling from start to finish and read it very uickly as I couldn’t bear to wait to discover what happened The author has created some lovely characters in Russell and Anat September 11th 2001 changed many lives Russell was running late for work at the advertising firm where he was employed on the 104th floor of the World Trade Cen

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    I'm still reeling after reading this book I felt so protective of each of the main characters that by the time I got to the climax of the book I was simultaneously dreading and anticipating the turning of each page unsure what was going to happen next Beautifully written and conceptualized I just couldn't read it fast enough

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    What a story Beautiful hopeful but also at times heartbreaking If you’ve ever been at the bottom perhaps this book will remind you that it’s possible to go up again who matters and how to get through it

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    I read another one of Catherine's book a while back Don't Let Me Go and I loved it I wasn't really expecting to but I love when that happens d

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    I really wanted to like this book better than I did It held such promise It had some wonderful ideas that are good

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I was doing my best to get out the door And then the phone rang I almost let it go New York September 11th 2001Russell Ammiano is rushing to work when he gets a phone call that saves his life As the city he loves is hi. Painfully sad and yet hopeful and inspiring this novel connects small family moments with history to share the important message to never take your loved ones for granted

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When You Were Older

S estranged brother has reappeared and Ben's simple ordered world has turned upside downIn a story as heartbreaking as it is uplifting two brothers must bury their pasts and learn from each other if they are to survive. I read another one of Catherine s book a while back Don t Let Me Go and I loved it I wasn t really expecting to but I love when that happens don t youWell here is her newest book When You Were Older and I have to say I think I love this one even I started reading it over the weekend when I still had so much Christmas stuff to do and I did not want to put it down But I do have my priorities and my top priority last weekend was to get to the end of this storyI immediately loved Russell and empathized with him in his struggle to get home after 911 That morning he was running behind schedule and was still home when he gets a phone call telling him that his mother has died and that he needs to come home to take over the care of his brother If he hadn t been home to take that call he would have been in one of the Towers when it was hit and he would have died along with all of his coworkers He just wants to get home take care of things and then get back to his lifeWell things are not that easyI also loved this story because it took me back to the time of 911 and made me remember what a sad crazy time it was It was also a wonderful time for the United States because we all came together and became patriotic When You Were Older reminded me also that this time was not easy for everyone People were shunned and hurt And life goes on And all we want is to be happy This story is fabulous and different from anything I have read in uite a while Catherine is a wonderful writer and her stories are so enjoyable to read and so easy to get lost in I can t wait to read of her stories She is my new must read everything she writes author Thank you Catherine for another wonderful story

Read ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub Å Catherine Ryan Hyde

T by unimaginable tragedy Russell must turn his back and hurry home to KansasKansas September 14th 2001Ben Ammiano is mentally disabled and a creature of habit Any change to his routine sends him into a spin But now hi.