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F a long held family secret 29 year old Aurora Shirley is just over it all If her parents could lie to Aurora all her life won't everyone else Women are the last thing on her mind as she starts a temporary job at a local medical school Unfortunately for Aurora she needs to find a date for her best friend's wedding or be deemed the worst maid of honor in historyWhen Stella and Aurora unexpectedly come together sparks fly Neither is looking for a. was Aurora over thinking sixty nine ingThat is all

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Reservations of the Heart

Relationship but what they discover in one another is so much than a physical connection Can two wounded women who believe love is the last thing they want overcome their fears to find healing Best selling lesbian romance author TB Markinson brings lesfic readers a heartwarming age gap story about facing one's demons to live a fuller and loving life Grab your copy of the standalone medical romance novel that will make your heart sing84000 word. This was a really good romance I have been reading alot of age gap romance lately I guess it s the theme of the year I can t say that previously they have been my favorite but I am really beginning to enjoy them There is awesome chemistry between Stella and Aurora I have to admit that one of my favorite things about this book is the dialogue between characters I found Reservations of the Heart to be dialogue heavy and this is one of the few times that I felt an author pulled it off I also really really liked Aurora She was such a strong character I liked Stella just fine but I really enjoyed Aurora This was only my second Markinson read and I will mentally add her to the read again column425 stars

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Can two wounded souls find solace together 41 year old doctor Stella Gilbert used to have it all Her career was on fire and she had a picture perfect family until she was blindsided by her wife doing the unthinkable Three years after her divorce Stella's loved ones worry about her non existent personal life and her stubborn belief that focusing on her career and raising her daughter are all she needs to be fulfilledReeling from the revelation o. Based on the title and cover of this book I probably would have passed it just screams cheesy to me But I d read some good reviews for Markinson s other books and I was looking for something light to distract me from another book I was struggling to complete I figured it s a Kindle Unlimited and I m probably not using that subscription enough so I ll give it a try Imagine my surprise I really enjoyed this bookReservations of the Heart is a fun well paced romance between a divorced 40 something doctor and a 29 year old woman who is filling in as temporary scheduler at the medical school From the start both are pretty much set in their belief that they don t need a relationship to be fulfilled With a strong attraction and chemistry that expands outside the bedroom the reader clues in pretty fast that both characters are in denial and its a race to figure out who s going to admit their feelings first There s a lot I really liked in this one characters plot limited angst realistic obstacles and concerns smart banter and great chemistry and they all added up to a fun read I particularly enjoyed the characters in this book both the main characters as well as the surprising number of supporting characters they are well developed even if they are in a supporting role and feel real and three dimensional I m a sucker for smart and witty banter and Markinson s characters are fun and sassy with some really amusing and intelligent dialogueDr Stella Gilbert s got just enough social awkwardness that she s rather adorkable Smart successful but endearingly out of her element with Aurora at times On the other side of the coin Aurora Shirley is gregarious and outgoing definitely one to make the first move and keep Stella on her toes In spite of the snappy dialogue and teasing both characters have a underlying vulnerability and fear of being hurt which keeps them both from taking the chance at admitting that their relationship is a relationshipThe romance works really well there s an attraction as they meet but they interact and build on that in a natural progression with the back and forth banter and flirting really making the chemistry stand out Although their relationship begins with a mutual agreement that neither wants a relationship it builds as they spend time together and obvious to the reader that both are much invested than they are willing to admit to the other Of course this sets up a bit of a communication breakdown as they each think the other isn t interested in but are afraid to come out and admit that they do want There is a bit of an age gap which Stella seems concerned about but the characters mesh so well it presents very little angstI really enjoyed this one a smart funny and sweet romance

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    Another enjoyable romance by TB Markinson This story is about two women who both have to deal with trust issues Stella 41 a doctor suffered from the cheating of her ex wife and Aurora 29 temporary scheduler at the medical school who has to deal with a major secret in her family They are feeling the attraction from the beginning and it’s getting stronger and stronger every time they meet But both are convinced they don’t want

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    Mmmm wasn’t for me let’s just put it like this it was very boring unfortunately now the writing was good I have to admit but yet the plot was so “meh” characters were also just “ok” didn’t feel anything after I read it or during actually

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    Based on the title and cover of this book I probably would have passed; it just screams cheesy to me But – I’d read some good reviews for Markinson’s other books and I was looking for something light to distract me from another book I was struggling to complete I figured it’s a Kindle Unlimited and I’m probably not using that subscription enough so I’ll give it a try Imagine my surprise – I really enjoye

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    45 ⭐️Story worked for me and I enjoyed the romance Though the setting is set in a medical school you won’t be overwh

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    T B Markinson is a real anthma to me she writes well but her stories often fail to resonate but others are really good This one is one of those I enjoyed it the MC were real we had a well rounded story Thank you

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    was Aurora over thinking sixty nine ing?That

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    Stella has trust issues which she has to deal with since her wife had an affair 3 years previous Aurora finds out her parents have kept a family secret her whole life and is trying to come to terms with it This is TB at her best I absolutely loved this book from start to finish I loved both the main characters o

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    I'm stopping at about a third in There's a kernel of a decent story here But the character interactions are clunky and the motivations for both MCs are entirely negative and that's hard to take Worse they're both the same kind of negative motiv

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    This was a really good romance I have been reading alot of age gap romance lately I guess it's the theme of the year I can't say that previously

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    I liked most of itI like most of Markinson books and this one overall was a good read I really enjoyed the banter and interactions between Stella and Aurora and any interactions with Kenzie was really nice too I did not really like Becky she was not painted in the best light to me and seemed like a nag than anything I also

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