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D the landscape hurtle towards me in a state of dreamy euphoria I was positively enjoying my nightmare uite sorry to think that in the end I'd have to wakeThe awakening came rather sooner than I expected Coming around are youUmmm I croaked through the wide piece of surgical plaster which bound my jaws togetherI'm so glad to hear it Do you know my father who was a complete.

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The Crystal Crow

My worst nightmare which I get every two or three years originated I believe when some well meaning adult took me at the age of three for a ride in a fairground bumper car The nightmare consists of an endless helpless ride culminating in a crash from which of course I wake As it was when I came to I thought that I was asleep and dreamingI rolled back in my seat and watche.

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Megalomaniac used to make my mother go out with him on his rounds He was always slightly drunk and a reckless driver at best She was sick with terror every time I used to promise myself that once just once I'd take him out and scare him sick But of course I never got the chance He did it once too often and killed them both Still it's some compensation to do it now to you.

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    This was a very very strange very violent mess of a novel It is like Aiken was determined to take the tropes of a middlebrow women's

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    Classic Gothic thriller mixed with some very interesting characterization and a sadly somewhat lopsided resolution

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