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    35 HeartsI don’t know what it is about being stranded on a deserted island but the setup of desperate survival fascinates me and if

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    I'm giving it the full five stars because I not only loved it I also think I'll remember it foreverI've read less than a handful of books with the stranded on a desert island survival trope But I've loved and remembered every single one of themThis one was both incredibly romantic and incredibly realistic It kept my stomach tied up

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    What can I say? I love deserted island survivor storiesWhen TransOceanic Flight 3012 goes down there are only fou

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI stayed up until 230am reading this book and made it about 60% and then my body rebelled and demanded I sleep If I could have I would have read this all night I couldn't put it downOMG I LOVED THIS BOOK Let's start with the easy stuff I have never read anything by

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    This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI couldn't decide between a 2 and 3 star rating so I rounded up

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    This was a really cute story that I would encourage everyone to readIt might suffer a little bit from the unfortunate timing of the release coming so close after Keira Andrews' Beyond The Sea which it pains to me to have to admit is much betterBut this one is a little bit different the romance doesn't take place on the island but is rather about a couple who is separated and what happens during that timeIt's an imperfe

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    325 starsI enjoy stranded on an island stories so the story was gripping enough that I finished it in one day to see the conclusion The descriptions of how they survived on the island were very detailed and obvio

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    I’ve got a new to me author that is now sitting firmly on my list of ones to keep an eye on Addison Albright totally sucked me in to this story from the very beginning and holy cow she did not let me go for even a second until the very end

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    For my review of the book click here I love deserted island survivor storiesTold from both Henry and his husband Sam's points of view the story covers both the hope that the survivors will one day get off the island and back to civilization and the devastation of loss when the love of your life goes down in a crash and is missing and presumed dead I appreciated the greater delineation made by narrator David Gil

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    Just crazy The whole time I was reading it I was wondering how I would act if my plane went down and I was stranded on a desert island? Not sure I would handle it all well I also wondered how I would act if I thought my husband died and then came back into my life after 5 years? The day to day on the island was so interesting What they had to go through to survive Also Buddy what a sweetheart All he knew was H

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Til Death Do Us Part (Vows, #1)

Henry and Sam Miller Greene are living the dream They love their careers which afford each of them opportunities to travel to exotic locations they love their home Sam’s caring family and each other They disagree on the subject of adoption but are fully co. 35 HeartsI don t know what it is about being stranded on a deserted island but the setup of desperate survival fascinates me and if you throw in some romance even better This is about Sam and Henry a happily married couple so very deeply in love as they match perfectly where it counts When Henry s plane crashes over the ocean and he survives by making his way to a small uninhabited island with 3 others obviously he and Sam s lives are irrevocably changed as years go by without rescue Can their love endure such a traumatic forced separationThis book jumps timelines often giving you glimpses of the past before the island portraying life s trials on the island and watching present time unfold when Henry is finally discovered to be alive and well Full of tense situations as well as sad and emotional challenges there were also some great instances of levity when it came to Henry being a surrogate father to an endearing 10 month old boy seriously too cute for words I feared this would continuously be wrought with a lot of angst but though it was heart wrenching at times it was a totally tolerable turmoil for some reason I guess because it was grounded in realism and mostly external forces and not due to some frustratingly stupid plot device There are many things both Sam and Henry struggle with and triumph over What remains so strong is their love in the face of crazy adversity devastating loss and grateful second chancesOverall I liked this and was uite entertained but again survival on coconuts breadfruit and seaweed apparently interest me a lot Knowledge is power right The narration by David Gil was than totally serviceable Nothing grossly out of place but nothing extraordinary either It was a pleasant listen and I think most will have no problem with the audio version I think it s a testament to his rendition since I m off to listen to the seuel Thank you to the authorpublisher for the audio in exchange for a honest review

characters Til Death Do Us Part (Vows, #1)

Mmitted to each other in marriage ’Til Death Do Us Part The dream is shattered when Henry’s plane crashes and he’s presumed dead But four people Henry two other men and a child survive undetected on a remote small and insignificant island Will Sam and. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI couldn t decide between a 2 and 3 star rating so I rounded up This book was to me full of missed opportunity While the story has great bones and the premise grabbed me I found it anticlimactic Til Death begins with an engaged couple Sam and Nash being visited by military police They inform Sam that his husband Henry who was believed dead was found marooned on an island We are then told the stories of Henry s survival Sam and Henry s relationship and of Sam coming to terms with his grief Sounds super angsty and emotional right Just Not so much That s why I wanted to read this book I figured it would be a serious tear jerker with a painfully romantic conclusion It just didn t affect me the way I hoped Sure there was a bit of emotional conflict toward the end but I guess I expected Sam was an absolute mess for years He was the last one to believe he was a widower finally moved on then his world was turned upside down It seemed like he was all too uick in getting his feelings sorted out I feel like an entire good book could ve been made about Henry s return The story of Henry s survival on the island with Buddy Garrett and Devon was what kept me going This part felt much well done than the romance I was sucked in The atmosphere and character development were great here The four formed a sort of family and I was attached to all of them Even the technical parts of their survival were done well there was just a lot of stuff here that was really cool Their rescue was a great feel good moment It was the reunion that I had been awaiting since the beginning of the book that just didn t do it for me like I hoped I cry all the time when I read but this just didn t move me Buddy s assimilation was another thing I anticipated being an important part of the story but that was glossed over for the most part There were a couple other issues I had I actually didn t mind the perspective shifting it cycled from Henry s first person account to third person flashbacks to Sam s coping in third person but it was well done The dialogue however felt off I can t uite put my finger on it Sometimes their voices were wrong for them And there were a few times they sounded straight up cheesy 80 s romance novel Example It was only ever your scent that drove me mad with desire What Who the fuck actually talks like that Sometimes they sounded stilted female or age inappropriate Then there was the romance part I just found the emotionality lacking Like I previously mentioned I expected the reunion to be moving and the angst to be angstier There was also a bit of buildup to hot needy reunion sex but that was a letdown as well I can t say I d recommend this one to romance readers though there were aspects of it that were great The survival and rescue were awesome but if you want to get grabbed by an emotional story and particularly if you want your romance on the steamy side you might be a bit disappointed That being said I was entertained This certainly wasn t one I felt like I was dragging myself to finish And I feel like my last few reviews have disagreed with those I ve read of friends on here and other GR members so what do I know

Read ¸ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Î Addison Albright

Henry’s love be able to survive as well Henry fights to endure in harsh conditions never knowing when disaster will strike Sam struggles with his loss but with help moves on with his life Will Sam be able to put aside his new love when he reunites with Hen. 325 starsI enjoy stranded on an island stories so the story was gripping enough that I finished it in one day to see the conclusion The descriptions of how they survived on the island were very detailed and obviously well researched For such a small island the survivors seemed to have it remarkably easy like it wasn t hard to find water and the supply stayed consistent and there was so little mishaps sickness or injuries over the extended length of time they were there But it was the connection to the characters that left me wanting most I just never felt close or fully engaged with them I wanted to feel attuned to their emotions and desperation and trauma but too much was told rather than shown and I think that was what kept me at a distance from them The freuent flashbacks to Henry and Sam s relationship prior to the separation bugged me I think it was meant to make readers feel closer to them as a couple but since it was in the past I often felt compelled to skim that and get back to urgent current matters Personally I d rather have seen time spent developing the relationship with Nash as it came across rather cursory and without depth Even still before the rescue I was invested in the story and would have given it at least a four But the character s reactions and dialogue often times they all seemed to just spout words without even thinking after the rescue changed the heart of the story for me I came to dislike all of them at a time when I should have been feeling for them intensely All the back and forth stuff all the lack of thoughtfulness towards each other pulled me out of the story and made me hardly care Also the way it was handled I came to doubt if it was ever truly love with one of the characters If you are looking for stranded on an island stories this one is definitely readable with an interesting twist

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