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    Link to the pinterest The first picture is meant to represent Kambui He is a very bipolar person because he often switches on a dime from being Zander’s best friend to becoming a brutal bloodthirsty fighter Since the book

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    While it is nice to see Walter Dean Myers writing for young readers about significant issues this particular book the first in a new series was forgettable Eighth graders at a gifted school in Harlem are learning about the American civil war In a mock re enactment the students are divided into Union and Confedera

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    The book 'The Cruisers' is a good example of friendship discrimination and issues in the real world and how we help solve t

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    I love how the book covered real issues one social and one personal to Zander the protagonist The social issue was

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    I adore Walter Dean Myers This is the only book I've ever come across that explains race relations to teenagers I think people of all ages should read it especially television journalists and public servantsI read this book with a freshman I'm tutoring It was definitely easy reading for the student and we both enjoyed it Also I think the subj

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    This book is really good so far There are two groups called The Sons Of Confederacy and The Cruisers The Cruisers are peacemakers and the Sons Of Confederacy are just trouble makers There are two sides taking place in this book You're either a Southerner or a Northerner

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    Read in 2012

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    This is my playlist of all the songs referenced in the following Review song “Does It Really Matter?” can’t be found on Spotify Not on my Playlist However you can find it here Songs can represent many themes events issues and many other things In the book I read called “The Cruisers” by Walter Dean Myer two of the main theme is raci

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    This story about Zander Scott at DaVinci Academy in Harlem is interesting and I enjoyed this author's views about middle school issues

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    I really wanted to like this book but I felt there were too many things that got in the way Perhaps it was because it was too brief to develop the characters or plot Some of my uestions Why were the adult figures at the school so wishy washy? How was this assignment supposed to help the students develop a better sense of responsibility towards their academic performance? Why did they not set parameters for behavior or monitor the experimen

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free read ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ô Walter Dean Myers

D his friends are forced to consider the true meaning of democracy and what it costs to stand up for a cause The result is nothing they could have expected and everything they could have hoped f. This is my playlist of all the songs referenced in the following Review song Does It Really Matter can t be found on Spotify Not on my Playlist However you can find it here Songs can represent many themes events issues and many other things In the book I read called The Cruisers by Walter Dean Myer two of the main theme is racism and Civil War I have found ten songs with connections to the book I read This book is about four African American eight graders Zander LaShonda Kambui and Bobbi at DaVinci one of the gifted and talented schools in Harlem The four students are called the Cruisers and in the viewpoint of the assistant principal Mr Culpepper the Cruisers have not been living up to their full potential Therefore the leader of the Cruisers Zander comes up with the idea to start another school paper called The Cruiser However as a result of their failing grades when the Civil War project comes up they are responsible for being the peacekeepers between student groups representing both the Union and the Confederacy and preventing the war The first song I choose to represent racism an end to it is a song called People Are People by a Band named Depeche Mode Martin Gore the writer of this song composed lyrics to convey a message that people shouldn t judge one another and asks that humans put an end to superficial differences and unjustified violence Not only does he talk about superficial differences and unjustified violence he also touches upon racial discrimination homophobia and religious intolerance This song really relates to the whole book and what I believe the main message the author was trying to inform All through out the book you can see racial discrimination especially in Alvin s article in the beginning of the book and the shunning the white kids gave the african americans The second song I choose to represent is one of Billie Holiday s most iconic songs Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday This song is a haunting protest against the inhumanity of racism the message I believe that the author was trying to inform us about Not only is the song a protest against racism it specifically specifies the lynching of African Americans and how inhumane it is in the following lyrics Lyrics after this paragraph This song relates to the book because of the violence towards other students who were different color then themselves the main charactersSouthern trees bear a strange fruit Blood on the leaves and blood at the rootBlack body swinging in the Southern breezeStrange fruit hanging from the poplar treesPastoral scene of the gallant SouthThe bulging eyes and the twisted mouthScent of magnolia sweet and freshAnd the sudden smell of burning flesh The third song I choose to represent is by the American all female group En Vogue called Free Your Mind This song was released because of the Los Angeles Rodney King riots in 1992 A black Los Angeles resident King who was beaten by batons and tasered by four white Los Angeles police officers A bystander recorded this incident from a distance the news spread and racial tension sparked a massive wave of riots arson and general violence This shows the racist violence which was also shown in the bookas a mentioned before For example the plots of violence trying to beat people up violence through words and even auctioning a classmate This song is also about opening one s mind by challenging stereotypes and it shows in the following lyrics The following lyrics connects with how in the end the characters open their minds and think about otherssort ofOh now attitude why even botherI can t change your mindYou can t change my colorFree your mind and the rest will follow The fourth song I choose to represent Civil war and racism is the song I wish I was in Dixie or Dixie s Land as well as many other names This song is by Daniel Decatur Emmett and it is now considered as the unofficial national anthem of the Confederate states and a popular American folk song Back in 1861 when the Civil War came this song reinforced and strengthened southern white identity For example some lines in the song such as In Dixie land I ll take my stand live and die in Dixie talks about the belligerence of southern sentiment in the 1850s and symbolizes white southern opposition ever after also including defiance of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s I choose this song because in the book The Cruisers it includes lots of using words to show who s stronger such as the article that Alvin wrote at the beginning of the book It s black it s white it s tough for you to get by This is the fifth song called Black or White by Michael Jackson illustrating the idea or racism and how it shouldn t matter what color your skin is or what culture ethnicity or race is We are all technically the same The world should be about euality and not about judging people by how they look This song is a superb connection to the book as the book shows high tension during the process of the school project just because of the different races in different groups Beat me hate me you can never break me will me thrill me you can never kill me jew me sue me everybody do me kick me kike me don t you black or white me This song is the sixth song to represent racism They Don t Care About Us by the King of Pop Michael Jackson This song not only discusses racism between back and white but all races As you can see in his song he used some words that he had to apologize for and were masked by sound effects as the words he used were highly racist The two words that caused the most flare were the lyrics jew me and kike me This song and the blacking is like how the Cruisers wanted to take Alvin s article of the school newspaper as it involved racist opinions that couldhad caused tension The seventh song is preformed by War called Why Can t We Be Friends this song is about interracial sympathy and compassion This song is similar to The Cruisers because in the book the different groups different races are enemies then friends with no sympathy nor compassion just because of the different groups and races The color the colorThe color of your skin don t matter to meAs long as as long asAs long as we can live in harmony Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned everywhere is war This song is by Bob Marley named War and it is the eight song I picked to represent racial ineuality This song is about ways in which racial ineuality can lead to war In the case of relating to the book the racial ineuality has led to their own Civil War between the students The ninth song is by Live called The Beauty of Gray This song is about examining one s racial prejudices as shown in the following lyrics This is not a black and white world to be alive I say that the colors must swirl and I believe that maybe today we will all get to appreciate the beauty of gray This song clearly shows how there is a preconceived opinion in our world together separating us and showing us the downsides of racial ineuality Free at last we should be free at last not prisoners of the past divided by races Kind of strange though we re all bout the same somehow these lines remain we stay in our places And what does the color of the skin have to do with the person within This last song is about making a difference for racial euity by Up With People called Does It Really Matter Making a difference on racial euity DOES matter being unfair just because of what you look like is justabsurd Everyone iswas meant to be different the only similarity that we have is that we are all different This song doesn t directly relate to the book The Cruisers however this concept on how racial euity is important is a message that was meant to be known through reading this book the message that everyone was meant to be different If I have learned one thing from all these songs is that we learn from our mistakes and that the past is the past we can t change it However we can change the future If we learn from our mistakes like our ancestor s mistakes we can avoid a re enact of all the racial euity and violence Racism is now a part of our history and the mistakes we have made there is nothing we can do to fix what we have done but we can fix what we are doing now Reading The Cruisers and finding all these songs have helped me realize this crucial piece of information Racism isn t born it s taught

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The Cruisers Book #1

Eighth grade is hard enough but when you're a Cruiser you're really put to the test The launch of a new middle grade series from bestselling award winner Walter Dean MyersZander and his friends. The book The Cruisers is a good example of friendship discrimination and issues in the real world and how we help solve those issues The theme of The Cruisers is that you should not judge people no matter what their skin color is My favorite character in the book is LaShonda because she has that careless attitude LaShonda knows how to stand her ground Her articles for the school are powerful tooI connected to the main characters in this book Since it is about discrimination I understood how the characters felt throughout the whole situation I haven t really been discriminated against because it s not much of an issue for white people but I ve seen black people in my school get discriminated against and get made fun of for no reason I ve seen Hispanics get discriminated against too and I always feel bad for them I really liked this book If you like books about friendship and issues in the real world you should read The Cruisers

free read ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ô Walter Dean Myers

Kambui LaShonda and Bobbi start their own newspaper The Cruiser as a means for speaking out keeping the peace and expressing what they believe When the school launches a mock Civil War Zander an. I love how the book covered real issues one social and one personal to Zander the protagonist The social issue was freedom of speech versus racial sensitivity Through the characters Myers showed different attitudes towards the issue and various ways that people often handle or talk about handling it I really admired the non violent way that Zander addressed what was occurring in his school Zander s personal problem was his father threatening to take his mother to court for custody of him Myers ended the book very well The conclusion satisfied my need to know how Zander resolved his problems but still showed that the solutions had not been simple and that the problems might arise again