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Seen him grow up the owner of the local bodega the Lees from the Chinese restaurant his buddies from the corner and all of his neighbors and friends including Carlos who was Chulito's best friend until they hit puberty and people started calling Carlos a pato a faggotChulito rejects Carlos buries his feelings for him and becomes b. This feels like a play West Side Story Hair or Rent The characters are iconic When I first saw this book being read by a friend I was wary of it The setting and ethnicity of the story can easily be made into a farce by someone who hasn t experienced it And that hurts because I ve been there and it s no joke There s also the usual murder of our native language Spanish when words and phrases just yank me out of the story by how horribly mangled they areNone of that happened here Mr Rice Gonzalez lived it just like I did He belonged to that nabe there s just no way to fake it Several important topics are addressed in this book all layered into the narrative and perfectly handled It s a romance yes Chulito and Carlos had me rooting for their HEA from page 1 But it s also a testament to the people who make up the neighborhoods the influences local and imported that help shape their lives and future Carmen the hard working mother with a son who dropped out of high school looking the other way but knowing he s working with the local drug dealer All because she d rather not be alone and she knows he will leave if she pushes him There s no daddy around to impose the law Brick the ex drug dealermodel who paid dearly to get out and is still trying to learn to live a life worthy of the daughter he loves with all his heartMartha the no nonsense liberated woman going to college trying to make a future for herself But also standing by her friends and trying to help them overcome the obstacles they and their environment have imposed Julio the gay older man who owns the travel agency He and Puti the washed up drug addicted local drag ueen end up showing the whole block what it truly means to be a man By saying enough by fighting for your rights but not taking any shitCarlos having the guts to come out and live out To leave the neighborhood and go to college To dream of and go out to get it To believe in Chulito and give him the chance to be himself and reach for their HEAFinally Chulito the gangsta with the clothes and the bling and the Tims bopping along to the tune played by everyone s expectations Until he realized what true love is how it feels and that it s worth losing what you know to gamble on earning something unknown but infinitely betterThis is a book that should be read in every schoolroom in the US but particularly in all the cities with a high concentration of latinos Because no matter where we settle our ghettos tend to be the same Read it feel it hear the drums they beat in our blood

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Chulito Author Charles Rice-González

Est friends with Kamikaze a local drug dealer When Carlos comes home from his first year away at college and they share a secret kiss Chulito's worlds collide as his ideas of being a man being macho and being in love are challenged Vivid sexy funny heartbreaking and fearless this brilliant work is destined to become a ueer classic. This shit is dopeWow what an amazing read Chulito is a sweet faced thugged out sixteen year old Latino living in the Bronx He s dropped out of school and works for his friend Kamikazee selling drugs Chulito s best friend Carlos shocks the neighborhood when he comes out as gay and Chulito is torn He wants to be loyal to his friend but he has to protect his reputation To complicate matters Chulito is struggling with his own sexual orientation and though he tries to deny his attraction to Carlos he can t seem to stop himself from fallingand he falls hardIn the beginning Carlos is willing to keep things on the down low But as their relationship progresses Carlos becomes impatient He s hurt by the way Chulito pushes him away denies their relationship every time anyone from the neighborhood is close enough to see them togetherThis story was incredibly authentic written in street vernacular and laced with hip hop culture The dialect setting interpersonal relationships and atmosphere of the barrio all rang true and the book had me flying through the pages utterly engrossed Not only was the plot exciting but the emotional depth of the story was absolutely phenomenal Indescribable actually I laughed throughout and sometimes cried I especially loved the big climactic fight scene when Chulito finally came out and stood tall and proud for who he was Although emotionally told it was also funny in parts For example one of the secondary gay characters Lee was intent upon going out in the street to help his friends fight but his father locked the doors of their restaurant So Lee tried crawling through the takeout window and got his head stuck Believe me the way the author told it was hilariousThe relationship Carlos and Chulito shared was so beautiful and the portrayal was picture perfect Contrary to what some other Good Reads readers have written the story did not contain overly explicit sex In fact there are only two intimate scenes in the book One occurred in flashback Chulito s first experience and it was with his friend Kamikazee and a hooker they d hired Sort of his coming of age The second was a beautiful love scene with Chulito and CarlosThe story has a fantastic message and is incredibly well written By way of criticism I d have to say that it annoyed me a bit that halfway through the story the author began to shift point of view within scenes There were also uite a few typos like care instead of car and loose instead of lose Overall I loved the story and highly recommend it It s going on my recommended reading list on my website

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Set against a vibrant South Bronx neighborhood and the ueer youth culture of Manhattan's piers Chulito is a coming out coming of age love story of a sexy tough hip hop–loving young Latino man and the colorful characters in his vibrant neighborhood Chulito which means cutie is one of the boys and everyone in his neighborhood has. Chulito lingers in memory like a lover s first kiss on the lips in the moonlightReading Charles Rice Gonzalez s Chulito was a very personal experience for me It s set in the Bronx where I also grew up Hunts Point Longwood Avenue Parkchester almost forgotten yet familiar I could close my eyes and see the people and smell the odor peculiar to that part of the Bronx Adlai Stevenson High School was my high school and my eyes grew wide when he mentioned the University of Pennsylvania which I also attendedThe familiarity of the setting was an unexpected surprise I picked up this book because it fell outside the traditional white homo normative narrative of popular gay fiction Rice Gonzalez gives voice to the previously voiceless the inner city Hispanic the drug underlord the gay gangsta and what a voice it is solid and trueThe truth in his voice the authenticity of his characters made me fall in love with this book I too had a Chulito in my life Reading about this Chulito his struggle with his love for Carlos his sexuality and his place in the hood brought back memories and a pain I d thought long forgotten Every word every scene rang true and I found myself nodding throughout This book made me wish we d both been stronger but gave me hope the current generation isAs they fall deeper in love Carlos and Chulito must decide whether to leave the world they know or stay within their world and change it from inside The most powerful message is in the simple fact that whether they stay or leave they have changed the hood simply because they themselves have changedSeeing the book s unlikely hero the older gay Julio change through Chulito s eyes from an object of derision or worse an invisible person into someone determined wise and strong was extremely gratifying It is Julio who explains to the struggling Chulito until the world changes we have to fight for our love And fight they do Just as it was the effeminate the drag ueens that launched Stonewall here too it is the neighborhood ueens who rise up and fight back when they ve had enough The powerless become powerful the victims become warriors and a high heeled shoe becomes a weapon of retribution two ueens show a neighborhood what it means to be a manThis book is a must read for anyone struggling or who has struggled or who knows someone who is struggling to accept himherself Chulito s struggle is our struggle When Chulito comes out he discovers he must come out over and over again to the guys on the corner to his mother to Carlos to himself each morning His coming out rings true there is no magic bullet no one time that he comes out and it s over He must fight every day for his loveI was pulling for Carlos and Chulito from the beginning even when it looked like they weren t strong enough to make it My Chulito and I didn t get our happily ever after but Chulito and Carlos do that makes me infinitely happyChulito is a wonderful well crafted book and Charles Rice Gonzalez is a writer to watch I expect great books from him

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    Irregular irrelevant irrational Ridiculous tedious pretentious I can carry on like this but I won'tThere were several Spanish words And I will tell you a secret I wasn't thrilled about thisNow let's come back to the crux of the matter if I have to sum the story up in a few words I would say this is a nonsense There were moments I wa

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    Chulito lingers in memory like a lover’s first kiss on the lips in the moonlightReading Charles Rice Gonzalez’s Chulito was a very personal experience for me It’s set in the Bronx where I also grew up Hunts Point Longwood Aven

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    This is my book so of course I love it

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    Well I won't say I found this story beautiful but I will definitely say there's beauty in it Sixteen year old Chulito for starters He's a cutie On the first page of the book he's described as a Latino hip hop version of Michelangelo's David Then the neighbourhood Hunts Point in the Bronx The botegas The ChineseKorean restaurants The auto glass guys The corner where Chulito hangs out with the fellas It was very

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    This feels like a play West Side Story Hair or Rent The characters are iconic When I first saw this book being read by a friend I was wary of it The setting and ethnicity of the story can easily be made into a farce by someone who hasn't experienced it And that hurts because I've been there and it's no joke Ther

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    Some initial thoughts Finished March 4 1 I'm really liking this kid Chulito His name for his penis Papito his epic sex dream it's all very funny endearing and realistic2 I can see kind of a love triangle developing I'm really curious about Kamikaze if he's even aware of what he's doing Not getting as much of sense of Carlos yet but enough He's still in the distance I found Kaz very creepy because of his drug de

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    This shit is dopeWow what an amazing read Chulito is a sweet faced thugged out sixteen year old Latino living in the Bronx He's droppe

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    This is in many ways an amazing book with characters who are not your typical MM romance guys I'm not ualified to judge their authenticity but they and their setting rang completely true to me The MC Chulito seems older than his supposed age but as the song says you grow up uick when you grow up poor He is a fascinating and conflicted guy tr

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    DNF at 70% Sorry Just couldn't get into it and I really tried considering that I was already bored out of my mind at like 10% But some reviewers stated that this book just kept getting better and betterWell I certa

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    Excellent This is the Bronx I grew up in I know it may seem that in this hood they were always at the brink of violence and maybe it seems like a tragic horrible place to grow up It wasn't for me and I completely understand why Chulito and Carlos have this love hate relationship with the neighborhood It's home but you wanna get out it's smells good and it stinks your family and childhood friends are there but so are you enemies

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