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    UK Play the first chapter of Mountain Man Click here FREE extra scene of Cali and Jaeger after OFF LIMITS to all n

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    35 stars

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    If you have read Deep Blue this is basically Gen's side of the story with what has captured her focus Lewis This read will follow all the major events that happened in Callie's and Gen's It definitely seemed repetitive since I read Deep Blue however knowing both girls had this going on at the same time makes sens

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    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickBlue Crush is the second book in Jules Barnard's Blue Series and can be read as

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    “I’m like the creeper magnet”—GenGen puts the ‘gen’ in gentle and she’s tired of it She wants to be tough and have self confidence to deal with the unwelcome men in her life like the cheating ex boyfriend and

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    What a great book Lewis he's mysterious and well at first doesn't talk much And Gen well that girl just can't help herself but look at all the yumminess that's Lewis my gaze flickers to Lewis his hair sticking up in the front a light sheen on his chest from the sun and exertion His board shorts sit low on his hips every smooth abdominal muscle visible including the thick ones that disappear into his clothes The boy has no sleuth when it c

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    2 25 starsI was not convinced with Blue Crush I just didn’t get Gen’s point of view She came across as strong individual even though she th

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI thought that this was a good fun New Adult read It was exactly what I was expecting when I reuested it from the author I really liked Gen and I love seeing personal growth in characters and Gen had that in spades I love love loved when she put her foot

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    Thanks Netgalley for ARC365the book was good there were some parts where I tought it was kinda slow but it the end good Characters were just dancing around at the end but it all worked out I didn't remember much from book 1 so I was kinda lost

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    35 starsFull review to come An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

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He should stay away Gen’s afraid Lewis is the one guy this good girl can’t resist You’ll love this story because Lewis will have you intermittently fanning yourself and swooning with his sexy approach to convincing Gen they're right for each other Grab it nowEach book in the Men of Lake Tahoe Series is a standalone story. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickBlue Crush is the second book in Jules Barnard s Blue Series and can be read as a standalone I really enjoyed this book and I liked the characters a lot I hadn t read the first book in the series before reading this one but I can t wait to go back and read it This book takes place at the same time that the first book does but it is about Genevieve and Lewis while the first book is about Cali and Jaeger I was drawn in instantly with this story and didn t put it down until I had finished This one was a uick and enjoyable read and I look forward to the reading in this seriesAfter finding out that her boyfriend betrayed her Genevieve Tierney decides to spend the summer with her best friend Cali working at a casino to save money for grad school She is determined to avoid men and relationships and uickly makes friends with another casino employee Nessa Nessa introduces her to her friends and Gen is instantly drawn to Lewis Lewis however had a complicated relationship with Mira another friend of Nessa s Gen decides to try to stay away from Lewis but the connection between them is hard to fight When Gen decides to sign up for the Alpine Mudder Competition she ends up with Lewis to help her train He was a finalist in the competition a year before and knows how to help her prepare As they train together they find it impossible to stay away from each other and soon Lewis and Gen give in to their passion Lewis might not be with Mira but he does tend to put her before others and it becomes an issue for his relationships Can Lewis find a way to make Gen his top priority and give their relationship a chanceI really liked Lewis He was strong and sexy sweet and loyal He was fiercely protective of Gen and Mira and went out of his way to try to always look out for them I thought that he let Mira get away with far too much but it was nice to see him care so much about her as well as Gen I think he definitely should have handled a few things differently but he meant well and didn t always know what to do Gen was strong and determined but she was also insecure at times and had a tendency to run first and ask uestions later She jumped to conclusions at times but she had been hurt and that was understandable I did like that she was able to dedicate herself to doing something for her and that she took the competition seriously She wanted to prove to herself that she could do it and I admired her determination a lot I also really loved that she refused to settle for less than she deserved Regardless of her feelings for Lewis she wouldn t allow him make someone else his priority over her and put their needs above her own I thought that Lewis and Gen had amazing chemistry right off and they were seriously hot together But I also loved their playfulness and watching them fall for each other as they trained together and got to know each otherI have to say I had an intense dislike for Mira right from the start I didn t understand why Lewis put up with some of her crap regardless of what she had been through I understand that she had it tough but that doesn t excuse her to act like a bitch and take over his life the way she did I am curious to see what is between her and Tyler Cali s brother but I am a bit skeptical on how I am going to get behind her story Hopefully she can turn her life around and redeem herself but frankly she has a lot to make up for She took advantage of Lewis s friendship and did a lot of things she shouldn t have I will say that the ending of this story was also pretty abrupt and I felt like even though things were happy for now with Lewis and Gen that their story felt unfinished to me We are left with a cliffhanger and that will get me to read the next book alone despite the fact that it is Mira s story I would recommend this book to NA fans especially if you have read the first book in the series I look forward to reading from Jules Barnard in the future ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR

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That can be read in any order Hard Wood Book 1 Jaeger Mountain Man Book 2 Lewis Rebound Roommate Book 3 Tyler Hookup Master Book 4 Zach Cocky Prince Book 5 Adam Click HERE to sign up for Jules's New Release Newsletter You'll be the first to learn of new releases and gain access to subscriber freebies including FREE extra scen. 2 25 starsI was not convinced with Blue Crush I just didn t get Gen s point of view She came across as strong individual even though she thought she is not For that reason itself I felt that book didn t connect to me or made me feel anything as compared to Tyler and Mira s storyGen s convinced that her mom is mooching of her BF s or she is earning through life in not a right kind of way She doesn t share this info with anyone even Cali whom she considers as her BFF But she shares most of her story or concerns of Lewis with whom she felt of a physical attraction rather than emotional in the beginning The most annoying part of the book is where our girl says this line I don t know but I trust this guy I just trust this guy won t hurt me This pisses me off since there is no history between these two yet she trusts him coz they share a sizzling physical attraction Not convinced at all Gen s stance of being a priority in Lewis life was really cool and I appreciated her strength in this situation as she didn t let her heartache come in between her judgment I couldn t find much to the story and certain elements felt forced With respect to the characters Lewis was an amazing guy and was completely swoon worthy whereas gen was tall beautiful with a good hold on her emotional capability Overall it was an ok read I have read all three of her books and found this one the least interesting for all the reasons mentioned

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Gen’s cheating ex has her swearing off menOnly that doesn’t last longBecause Lewis steals Gen’s breath along with her good sense Lewis is six and a half feet of rugged hotness and the time Gen spends with him the naughty thoughts she has of him But he carries his own relationship baggageDespite the logical safe reasons s. UK Play the first chapter of Mountain Man Click here FREE extra scene of Cali and Jaeger after OFF LIMITS to all newsletter subscribers Click here More of the MEN OF LAKE TAHOEOFF LIMITS UK Play ROOMMATE UK Play MASTER short links UK Play PRINCE UK Play check out the spin off series the CADE BROTHERSTEMPTING LEVI UK Play WES UK Play BRAN CA UK Books Play