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    Attention I fucking LOVED this book One of them wouldn't be enough for me but the two of them just might be too mu

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    I admit it mmf is my kryptonite I'm usually disappointed by them and their insistence upon making the girl a cra

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    Rocker love triangle done RIGHTAwesome this was such a great book I was so surprised at how contemporary the writing style was Read this

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    ★✩★✩★ 5 Hott As Hell Stars this review may contain minor spoilers“So you're a fan?”“Huge”“You want an autograph?”“Oh my god” I bust out laughing “Is that how you pick up the chicks?”“Hey it works Red trust me”“I don't doubt it But no I don't want an autograph I'm sure by the ti

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    Pausing for nowboth H's flirted with OW after kissing and being attracted to h H1 even slept with a girl the first night then a foursome the next night only h interruptsnot feeling the romance right now

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    DNF I don't care how hot the sex is If I have to be inside Addison's head any longer I'm going to scream Her big fake D's th

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    it's between 3 and 35 position 69 is not enough starsthis is actually a very good ranking consideringI was thinking of taking my time to write this but fuck it I 'll say it straight it actually surprised me the way my mind accepted this sexual revolution and exibition cause that was the only thing I actually likedThe story started as it us

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    Global Warming has come to the fiction world in all of its blazing hot glory as Zoey Derrick kicks off her series 69 Bottles with Claiming Addison as she gives new meaning to “When the bus is a rocking don’t come a knocking” Holy flaming arrows cupid cover your eyes love lust and passion has never burned so hotAddison is a woman on the move climbing up the corporate ladder one job at a time Her assignment

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    This was a really good book I have found me a new hot rocker series Addison Beltrand is a PR rep for Bold International Inc when her Boss Trinity calls her into her office and tells her that she is needed to go on tour with America’s hottest alternative rock band 69 Bottles she agrees Talon Carver lead singer of 69 Bott

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    Sexiest bus tour ever Addison is going on tour with a band luckily its a band she really likes she's there to keep them in PR order She starts off well telling them what she expects them to do and not do The band is made up with a right bunch of characthers and they all cant help notice how gorgeous Addison is and she has to share a bus with them for six weeks When she's introduced to Talon the band lead singer her panties basica

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Push their boundaries and Addison’s but can they throw their reservations to the wind and claim her togetherTwo men One woman A rock band A tour bus One Wild Ride Content WarningSexy naked bisexual rock starsand a lot This book contains but is not limited to the following sexual content – reader discretion is advised hot sex between two men and one woman MMF MFM MF FM and MM sexual content There are no boundaries when these three crash together as long as you’re over 18 years of age. Global Warming has come to the fiction world in all of its blazing hot glory as Zoey Derrick kicks off her series 69 Bottles with Claiming Addison as she gives new meaning to When the bus is a rocking don t come a knocking Holy flaming arrows cupid cover your eyes love lust and passion has never burned so hotAddison is a woman on the move climbing up the corporate ladder one job at a time Her assignment as the PR rep for the rock band 69 Bottles is to travel with the band on their tour bus for two weeks A woman in control with a wild child just waiting to be unleashed may have met her match but will it take two men each craving her to find true release and passionThe ultimate lust triangle she wants him he wants her she also wants him and he also wants her and then just when you are ready for a good long nap he also want him who wants him back Told from the viewpoint of Addison Talon and Kyle there is no doubt that we are getting the big picture here as Zoey Derrick scorches the pages with great dialogue tidbits of humor and passion ignited Great characters that blend together perfectly there is tension a little tension and then just a tad after that in this spicy tale of letting go of boundaries and reaching for the stars I will say if you are easily embarrassed uncomfortable with in your face intimacy or have any health conditions exacerbated by rapid breathing elevated blood pressure or getting caught with smoking pages in your hands this may not be for you If you recovery uickly from scorched eyeballs read onI received this copy from the author as part of Zoey Derrick s Claiming Addison Tour stopping at Tome Tender March 6 2015Series 69 Bottles Book 1Publication Date January 6 2015Publisher Zoey Derrick PublishingGenre Erotica MMF Menage Romance Print Length 326 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleReviewed for

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Claiming Addison 69 Bottles #1

For Addison Beltrand PR rep for Bold International Inc climbing the corporate ladder is all that matters in life Her hard work is finally rewarded with the promotion she’s worked her ass off to earn but the gig comes at a price She leaves in two days for a twelve week tour with America’s hottest alternative rock band 69 BottlesTalon Carver lead singer of 69 Bottles has no problem with women as long as they’re gone by morning When Addison shakes up his world it’s a huge problem com. I admit it mmf is my kryptonite I m usually disappointed by them and their insistence upon making the girl a crazy train coupled with an annoying lack of mansex but I keep trying Word to the wise This is mfm than mmf Kyle and Talon do stuff but Addison is the focus More sadz I know I know hangs head They re all formulaic They all have a female protag who s either a virgin or virginal who s no nonsense and independent then gets addicted to the D and turns into a delicate flower with a river of tears at any perceived slight The writing s usually beyond bad I know there s going to be some overblown conflict that basically means the dudes have to grovel to win her back which inevitably involves her being fucked stupid into forgiveness and a riding off into the HEA sunset I know But Addison didn t take long to hop on the whattheactualfuck train I m so glad I wasn t in the midst of drinking a soda when she went balls to the wall with her Betty Badass introduction to 69 Bottles because painful Seriously what PR rep starts by telling her employers that if they fuck up she ll have their balls with a side of bacon in the morningIF Addison had backed that up and been tough as nails I prolly would ve liked her but the I got into this the she showed her ass Of course she s beautiful and hot and everybody wants her Of course she s perfect and insightful and caring and so magnanimous Hard to believe all that perfection has been waiting virginally for the past 8 years satisfying herself Even harder to believe that all her fabulousness has been simmering underneath her pencil skirt suit set just waiting for a couple of rock gods to set her free and by free I mean allow her tattoos to be displayed Evidently that s all it takes to discover yourself Write that down kidsAddison could uite possibly be the biggest misogynist I ve ever run across She s caddy and bitchy to every female she meets even her friends Every single female the band comes in contact with is a slut a bimbo an animal or a skank EVERY ONEThey couldn t just like alt rock music and this particular band They couldn t just be fans The guys are just fans but the girls all have some sort of ulterior skanky motiveWhat makes her judgments so laughable is the irony She makes these assumptions about these women based presumably upon how they dress and the fact that they re fans of 69 Bottles BOTH OF WHICH SHE HAS ZERO ROOM TO JUDGEShe s a fan and she dresses like a cross between Kesha and Avril Lavigne and yes she does detail every outfit Naturally all these outfits drive the band wild because She s all hair flip giggle sueal eye roll possibly sticks her tongue out She rolls her eyes so much I think it must ve become like an airborne illness Next thing I knew both her dudes were doing it I was starting to run out of fucks to give what with all the bad writez eye rolling yelling and whatnot but then some post migraine threesome impromptu morning sex happened and what can I say No self respecting perv bails when faced with the prospect of oodles of sex I soldiered on I took one for the team Or somethingAddison in her infinite professionalism bangs both the band manager Kyle and the lead singer Talon Like on the 3rd day of the tour I m not gonna lie I kinda wanted to high five her And DA YUM she is hornier than a wildcat and surprisingly adventurous Then again she does have that whole 8 year thing so I ain t mad at some of her antics and she does dig the dudes groping one another I know because she tells us ALL THE TIME take note of that T word there It s a good thing Addie s ready to roll at a moment s notice Baby girl until you I was a one and done kind of guy But being around you looking at you constantly hard is my new middle nameBut when you walk out of the room it s like he knows his favorite place to be is gone and he goes limp The words used to describe the sex are There are explosions and fire and boiling It was better than a natural disaster flickAnd lightening fastFaster than a speeding bulletIt s like they could just look at her clit real hard and she d have yet another earth shattering orgasm Granted it has been 8 years so suints maybe The dudes are no better though and they re in a rock band Which automatically means they were swimming in pussy pre Addie and her Doc Martens stomping in 3 whole days ago Still I m sure they had LOADS of stamina pre Addie but SHE S SO HOTAnd they re in instalove and E RYTINGYou know what Stamina Schmamina because PERMABONER That s about how fast the orgasms occurred If only there had been rainbows sighWhat little respect I had for Addie flew south for the winter when she decided despite knowing both her dudes were banging ALL THE SKANKS like 2 days ago she still wanted them to forego the condoms and mark her That lovely bit of sound decision making coupled with her propensity to party harder than the actual rock stars and sleep til mid afternoon shit I need this job Where can I get this job If this whackadoodle can do it I know I canAs luck would have it there s about to be a vacancy since ole Addie seems to have locked up a rock star career for herself by singing a duet with Talon ONCE And of course it went viral on YouTube and she got offered a recording contract because that happensThough I ll have to wait for the seuel to find out how that goes I m certain conflict and jealousy will be involvedI can t in all honesty say I hated this book because it entertained the fuck out of me I laughed I clapped I was thisclose to snorting a beverage out of my nose The writing is soooooooooo baaaaaaaaddddd it just became a joke that I couldn t get enough of and I even toyed with giving this 3 stars just for the giggles but the writez are truly awful so I just can tHowever if you want some hilarious brain candy A review copy was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Free download Þ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Zoey Derrick

Pounded by the fact that Addison’s not the only one he wantsKyle Black manager of 69 Bottles has a secret He and Addison are closer than she thinks but telling her could keep her away When Talon sets his sights on Addison Kyle uses his secret to push her into Talon’s arms only to discover she isn’t the only one he needsTwo men One dilemma Talon is wild reckless and loves controlKyle is calm collected and loves passionThe perfect balanceor Addison’s ultimate undoing Talon and Kyle. 5 Hott As Hell Stars this review may contain minor spoilers So you re a fan Huge You want an autograph Oh my god I bust out laughing Is that how you pick up the chicks Hey it works Red trust me I don t doubt it But no I don t want an autograph I m sure by the time this tour s over I will run away screaming God I hope not Addison Beltrand has spent the last seven years of her life locked in her own career driven bubble No relationships to speak of and hardly any friends but it has just resulted in the promotion of a lifetime As the new PR rep of 69 Bottles she is about to embark on on a twelve week cross country tour with the band and has no idea exactly how much her life is about to change And she thought being stuck on a tour bus with five guys was gonna be the height of her problems There is something about watching the two of them together I find myself drawn to the both of them for some unknown reason and again my cock is throbbing thinking about it I don t know whether I should be running to it or away from itTalon Carver has never had any trouble getting women into bed As lead singer of 69 Bottles he has his pic of the groupies every night and as long as they re gone by morning he s happy He has never done the relationship thing has no interest in it get in get off get out is the way he lives his life Until he meets Addison He knows he can t one night her and strangely enough he finds himself actually considering going after her anyway for than one night There is just one problem His best friend has also set his sights on her and rather then feeling competitive about it he has the oddest desire to have them both And it scares the shit out of himTalon and Kyle are like polar opposites Kyle is soft and sensual a teddy bear While Talon is rough and a little crass with his words and his actions Both while great separate are beyond comprehension togetherKyle Black is the Manager of 69 Bottles and has been best friends with Talon since college After meeting their new PR rep for the first time two thing become clear to him 1 he and Addison are far closer than she could have ever dreamed and she doesn t seem to know it 2 he wants her Without uestion But so does Talon When he attempts to push her into Talon s arms he has another startling realization Talon doesn t just want Addison he wants Kyle TOO and Kyle has no idea what to do about it Sure he s no stranger to admiring another man he s just never acted on it before As these three venture into unknown territory boundaries will be crossed passion will ignite sexual cravings will be discovered and nothing will ever be the same Two Men One Woman Unlimited Possibilities I will never be able to fully explain just how much I loved this friggin book Where to startAs this is a menage book let me start with the obvious THE SEXThere was plenty of it and it was hott as hell I read a lot of smut and frankly the dirtier the better Well let me tell you this book had some of the steamiest scenes I have EVER read No two were the same and Zoey had no limits anything was fair game I suggest having either your man woman or favorite battery operated toy nearby or suffer a cold shower cause damn seriously smokin Hottness aside what I really loved was how they all were experiencing all this for the first time together It brought a sort of innocence into the filth and that was pretty damn sweet Talon and Kyle have never been in this type of situation before and it shows They desire each other but are nervous about it they want each other but don t want to push too far The result was Addison being the least sexually experienced of the three acting as a sort of comfort zone They both wanted her desperately but that kind of desire they had experience with so she just sort of helped them get comfortable in their new desires That was a wicked twist I wasn t expecting but loved and it actually cranked up the hottnessI can feel myself getting worked up all over again just talking about it sooomoving onBesides all the crazy hottness that was this book there was actually a damn good story behind it believe it or not it wasn t ALL about the sex And the characters themselves were amazing Talon and Kyle were polar opposites one demanding and controlling one passionate and calming They balanced each other out perfectly and as the story progressed we peeled away layers to the men underneath the men they kept hidden from the outside world Addison was a wonderful mix of strong and independent yet vulnerable and insecure She just did a damn good job at hiding her insecurities except where her men were concerned she couldn t hide anything from them And with the exception of one situation involving a shopping spree where I kinda felt she seriously overreacted I had no complaints about any of them Granted it took some time in the beginning for the men to get their heads outta their asses mainly Talon but dudes a rock star so that was to be expected As it was everything progressed at a fantastic pace Every single page held my attention and added to the overall story all of the secondary characters were amazing and uniue each and every band member had ualities that had me loving them in their own special ways The banter between Addison and ALL the guys was freakin hilarious Honestly there wasn t a single part of the book where I wanted to put it down long enough to even sleep I could read this over and over and overbut then I got to the end I admit I screamed I cussed I wanted to throw my kindle and I kept hitting the next page button hoping that the page counter was wrong and there was There wasn t It wasn t even that big of a cliffhanger it was just that last sentenceand I will leave you hanging right there just like I am so I am not suffering alone Zoey Derrick most definitely cemented her spot on my One Click Addiction List one blush and gasp at a time with this one I STILL can t get this book or these characters outta my head and I am itching to get my dirty little hands on the next one I am officially a 69 Bottles Groupie Fuck Kyle growls next to me You took the words right out of my mouth Dude she s fucking ours You know that Kyle s words hit me like a fucking freight train She s ours She s mine she s his There is no jealousy no envy simply contentment and desire as she walks in perfectly measured strides towards us Check out my FULL post Bookworm Betties Happy Reading xo Jenn