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Ispute over who owned the land they were buried inThen there were the three dead teenagers in the woods slaughtered in a way I'd never seen beforeAnd then they found the dead girl drained of blood and left i. Although I never really learned to like Anita Blake she was always tolerable until Bloody Bones Didn t Anita complain about all of the Were s alpha fightdominance nonsense in Lunatic Cafe Really she is no better than the Were s here If you take out all of the I m a bigger badass than you are scenes descriptions of corny outfits you are left with nothing than a short story Granted I do like Hamilton s story telling But at this point I feel as if I am wading through the same crap I have read over and over again in every other Anita Blake novel Hamilton should give her fans some credit by now we know Anita sleeps with guns surrounding her and oversize clothes hide her multiple weapons in custom made holsters We know she wears polo shirts black jeans Nike s and sleeps in oversize t shirts Must we continue to read this in every chapter Really Further how does Anita always win every stupid ass contest she begins I m not talking about showdowns with the bad guysmonsters I mean every other character she encounters The woman has no humility no shame no reflection on her actions Why is Larry so loyal to her Why do Jean Claude and Richard love her She is an asshole Outwardly and even in her private thoughtsSolidifying my disgust with the entire series was the afterward to the novel Hamilton gave Anita Blake full Mary Sue status by pointing out all of the similarities between the two of them I don t know why it irritated me so much but it did Perhaps because in Bloody Bones I realized that despite being so self righteous Anita is also a hypocrite Or maybe it is because I had a crappy weekend and only slept four hours last night Whatever the reason I am done with this series for a long time possibly for good If Anita s boss were to fire her or Larry turned his back on her leaving Anita to do some soul searching and change her ways a little that would be an interesting novel Really story line to make her change her attitude But to know that she will continue to have the last word and solve all problems with guns well I have read that already No need to read it again


N her bed I knew what that meant of course It didn't take a degree in preternatural studies to figure out that something was wrong And I was right in the middle of it My name is Anita Blake Welcome to my lif. The creativity that seeps into Laurell Hamilton s book is astonishing With that said Bloody Bones is one of her books in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series that really doesn t do it for me There are parts of this book that make you read super fast in anticipation of how a scene will turn out Unfortunately those scenes are few and far between in this book Bloody Bones is a wonderful book filled with profound imagination and lingering betrayal The twists in this book are interesting but other than the few scenes that really gripped me the book is somewhat boring to me Anita Blake an arrogant and rude animator and vampire hunter is stuck between the two men in her life that leave her drowning in lustful sexual tension This book continues to incorporate mild sexual descriptions but I can guarantee you that it will not last A few books later and WHAM yumminess 3 It was St Patrick s Day and the only green I was wearing was a button that read Pinch me and you re dead meat I d started work last night with a green blouse on but I d gotten blood all over it from a beheaded chicken Although there are a few key points to this book that are severely disturbing there is little description which I am thankful for pedophile vampires Eww The homicidal scene that Blake and her proteg are investigating is pretty brutal As weird as this may sound I love it The back of the skull was full of blood and gore like a gruesome cup but the brain was gone The blade had sliced him open across the chest and stomach His intestines spilled out in a thick rubbery mass What I thought was his stomach had spilled out from the wound like a balloon half inflated The left leg had been chopped off at the hip joint The ragged cloth of his jeans clung to the hole like the petals of an unopened flower The left arm had been ripped out just below the elbow The bone of the humerus was dark with dried blood sticking up at an odd angle as if the entire arm had been broken at the shoulder and no longer moved More violent Had this one struggled a little I am looking forward to the next book of this series The Killing dance I recommend this book to anyone reading the Anita Blake series Although there is moderate violence in this book the sexual content continues to be somewhat mild I do not recommend this book to immature adults or anyone that is sensitive the wonderfully twisted parts of life that ordinary people are blind to Happy Reading


'When the monsters are involved it's never just one dead body One way or another the dead multiply'First there were the dead in the graveyard two hundred years dead I'd been hired to raise them to settle a d. Why do I put up with you You insult me at every turnWell LKH broke the formula with this book Anita actually TAKES a client and leaves St Louis to head to Branson Missouri where she is being paid to raise an entire graveyard to see who owns the property because of course Anita is the only one in this entire world who can do anything While she is there she learns that something is killing young boys AND a vampire is on the looseThis book than any of the earlier books set my teeth on edge Anita has to be one of the most rude most obnoxious protagonists I ve ever read As I continue to read through this series instead of growing fonder or closer to Anita I find myself gathering an arsenal of weapons to take her outWhat does Anita do that strikes the wrong chord with me How about this for startersI admit I took comfort in the fact that I was better dressed than most of the girls Petty as hell but I had been chunky in junior high You are in your mid twenties You have a great career two of the hottest guys fawning all over you you are highly skilled in your field and YOU ARE GLOATING OVER BEING BETTER DRESSED THAN GIRLS HALF YOUR AGE Girls may I add whose bodies are changing whose parents are picking out their clothes who aren t able to slip into Victoria s Secret with their uber fashionable friend Ronnie F youBut Crystal that is no reason to dislike AnitaHow about stupidityIt hadn t been my idea to date the Master of the City Jean Claude had given me two choices Either he could kill Richard or I could date both of them It had seemed like a good idea at the timeWhen had dating Jean Claude EVER seemed like a good idea Jean Claude was the guy she spent several books trying to AVOID And here s the woman who d rather shoot first ask uestions later who d rather do her own thing than listen to and obey ANYONE including her boss and her choice when faced with the death of her boyfriend is to date the guy she supposedly hates instead of oh I don t know SHOOTING THE PANSY VAMPIRE AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE I know she supposedly loveslusts him and she s probably dating him because she s an idiot female using Jean Claude s stupid offer as an excuse to makeout with him but I believe that as much as I believe that Peeps are magical fairies descended from Yoda of VulcanOr how about false modestyI m not the kind of woman to elicit jealousy on sight Not tall enough not blonde enough not Nordic enough not exotic enough I m pretty but I m not beautifulYeah you are so normal It s not like you are dating two hot guys one a Master Vampire the other an Alpha werewolf And it s not like that bartender guy you just met asked you to his bed And of course random men at a construction site wouldn t catcall you or anythingThe construction workers were appreciative Whistles catcalls and one offer to check under my skirtOhRIIIIIIGHTBy the wayis this 1960 What construction workers are going to be THAT openly sexist I ve worked in a male dominated field and NO MAN has EVER done anything like that to me because they know they ll get a nice fat harassment settlementWhat about being judgmental Does that countShe always this judgmentalLarry nodded UsuallyOr what about knowing she gets away with crap when everyone else can tI could get away with being a pain in the ass and most people wouldn t take a swing at me Or what about demanding very rudely to be called Ms instead of Miss but when someone asks her to refer to him as Mr Sterling Anita refuses and calls him by his first name I think I agree with Jean Claude who provides this review s title Why do I put up with you You insult me at every turnBut enough about Anita We re used to that by now What else upsets me about this bookHow about the fact that LKH feels that a novel is just non stop action scenes piling one on top of each other until they explode into one big shootout at the end that SOMEHOW solves all the previous mysteriesHow about ignoring that a child is missing and thought to have been captured by a pedophile vampire in order to have some vampire posturingHow about the fact that nearly every male in these books is a stripperhottie straight out of a magazine and if this were a men s novel people would be criticizing the male gazeHow about how we can t have a person enter the scene without a blow by blow of what horrible fashion they are showcasingJason was wearing black leather pants tight enough that I knew he wasn t wearing the underwear anyHow about how in books that are supposed to be celebrating a woman s sexual freedom Anita is embarrassed to look at Jean Claude s naked body not for being caught but just for looking and admiringI was spared another glimpse of Jean Claude s naked body Now that the hormones were receding I was embarrassedIf this doesn t clarify what I didn t like about Bloody Bones I have no idea what willBut Crystal why are you rating this 2 stars It sounds like you really hated this bookYes the dislikehate for this book runs strong However there were things I liked I liked Larry and how he is learning and coming into his own He feels like the Anti Anita he says some rude things occasionally but he also has boundaries and knows when to say things and when not to I actually really liked Jason he seems pretty no nonsense confident in his position and straight shooting for the most part I also thought the initial mystery was pretty interesting too bad it got buried in vampire posturing and overlong shootouts I liked being away from St Louis being away from Anita s relationship drama though Jean Claude does appear and bring it with himWhen I started reading Bloody Bones I thought this would be my favorite of the 5 books I ve read But if I had to list only one reason why I didn t like it so much it would be Anita I just do not like her as a character I don t care whether she survives I don t care about her dating life I don t care if she ends up as a rug at the end of the book If I weren t trying to follow the series to the turning point in Narcissus in Chains I would probably abandon the series right hereIf you are already a fan I doubt you will be as annoyed by this book as I was particularly if one of the reasons you are reading these is because you like Anita Newcomers can probably just jump in at this book and not have too much problems catching up If you weren t very sold on this series with the earlier books however I don t think this one will suddenly change your mind about Anita and the series

About the Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A #1 New York Times bestselling author Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis

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    Why do I put up with you? You insult me at every turnWell LKH broke the formula with this book Anita actually TAKES a client and lea

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    So the name of this book is Bloody Bones right? Well it is named after a restaurant in the book called Bloody Bones I have to wonder how many of us would be willing to eat at a place with that name Seriously they need to fire the person who came up with that one cuz yuck and mooingOh and I found another fun fact about this book Anita actually says a word often than Nike It's Browning and apparently it's some kind of gu

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    A perfectly supernatural spooky read for October there’s something easily readable about the Anita Blake series With another interesting mystery and a great set of fantastical characters this series keeps drawing me bac

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    I Got a Hot date with my girlfriend AnitaShe's All mineAnd my friend Shelly just let me borrow her copy of this bookRawhead

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    Anita is such a badass as usual

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    Although I never really learned to like Anita Blake she was always tolerable until Bloody Bones Didn't Anita complain about all of the Were's alpha fightdominance nonsense in Lunatic Cafe? Really she is no better than the Were's here If you take out all of the I'm a bigger badass than you are scenes descriptions

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    Bloody Bones is one of the brutal outings in this series A huge portion of the book follows Anita Blake as she’s working and this time she’s called in on a case that is particularly gruesome Three teen boys are brutally slain a young teen girl is left for dead and a young boy has been kidnapped possibly by a deviant sexual predator of a vampire who enjoys toying with children It’s dark and painful to rea

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    “Come to me child and I will always be with you I will hold you forever” Serephina Reread “the nightmares live on” Oh yes the

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    The creativity that se

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    I keep giving the series only 2 stars yet keep reading Why? Because I like the plot However Hamilton's writing style just makes me skim through large chunks of the story until I get to the interesting bits so it's a love hate relationshipI like the love triangle between Richard Anita and Jean Claude The introduction of the fey was interesting as wellAlso finally Anita is behaving like a religious person or at l

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