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    Is it better to have your life ended by someone who hates you or someone who loves you? Ash Princess has a heroine desperately trying to reclaim her stolen throne a mindlessly evil tyrant who stole said throne and a love triangle Wh

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    I hope you will not fall off your chair if I tell you that you have read this story beforeMaybe once or twice or a hundred of times but you most certainly have Girl loses kingdom and family Girl wants kingdom back and boy helps her Girl manipulates her way surprisingly mainly into—instead of out of—trouble Nothing stands out Not even the

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    ARC provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review “My name is Theodosia Eirene Houzzara ueen of Astrea and I will endure this” Friends I couldn’t put this down This was such an addicting and captivating read This was the first book of 2018 that I read in one day which is saying something because this book is almost 450 pages I was just so invested with the romance the rebellion and the betrayals that I

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    Edit I accidentally read this as Ass Princess and that’s what I’ll always see when I look at this titleThis book is everything I wanted Red ueen to be 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 What a fantastic debut I loved this so much I deadass want

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    This was a pretty dark and politically twisty fantasy and I was pretty sold It had powerful magic and intriguing world building and I am so there for this Seriously tho world buildingIt actually takes time to show us languages and cultures and there were a lot of fantasy words flying about but I didn't get confused I felt really sucked into the world after only a few chapters Plus it had a lot of fantastic details so everything seemed sup

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    35 starsThere's no denying This could have been intricately plotted The characters could have been developed Some of the violence because there are repeated beatings could have been written with emotional and physical impact There is a half hearted triangle sorta? Maybe of a red herring After 400 pages I'm still

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    EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK IT IS PHENOMENAL Theo is so strong and actually a normal character who relates to things normally which i loved felt i could relate to her a little better Magic kings war and spying i could barely put

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    So earlier this year I took a trip to the south of France notably the Périgord which is filled with lovely rel

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    WOW That was EXCELLENTEveryone who compared this to the Winner’s Curse was pretty on the money except that it was reversed It’s as if we’re following Arin’s story rather than Kestrel’s Me likey I can’t wait to start Lady SmokeRTC

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    Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian is the first book in the young adult fantasy series Ash Princess Trilogy This is one that is on the darker side with violence abuse slavery and a hint of rape so beware to those with issues with these triggers There is also a hint of a love triangle involved with the main character a boy from her past and the son prince of her captorThe story begins as we meet Theodosia Eirene Houzzara who by all ri

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Theodosia was six when her country was invaded and her mother the Fire ueen was murdered before her eyes On that day the Kaiser took Theodosia's family her land and her name Theo was crowned Ash Princess a title of shame to bear in her new life as a prisonerFor ten years Theo has been. ARC provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review My name is Theodosia Eirene Houzzara ueen of Astrea and I will endure this Friends I couldn t put this down This was such an addicting and captivating read This was the first book of 2018 that I read in one day which is saying something because this book is almost 450 pages I was just so invested with the romance the rebellion and the betrayals that I couldn t stop turning the pages Ash Princess is Laura Sebastian s debut novel which is a story about a girl named Theodosia yeah I m going to be singing Hamilton all day after writing this review whose ruling mother was murdered and their land taken over by another kingdom when she was only six years old the Kaiser allowed her to live but only so that she could live among them while they take everything she has ever known away She is used as a reminder for her people that the Kaiser has enslaved and when they do anything to rise up Theodosia takes the punishment Her back is incredible scarred from the whippings she has had to endure but the Kaiser also inflicts so much mental and emotional abuse alongside the physical The last person who called me by my true name was my mother with her dying breath The Kaiser conuered Theodosia s land because there are caves that run beneath four major temples that her people worship air fire water earth And gems come from those caves to give people magic but they also give people with an affinity for the elements a lot of magic The caves have so much magic inside them that when Theodosia s mother would rule people would go down and stay in the caves most dying but some emerging and proving that they are worth the element the god and goddesses gave to them Now that the Kaiser rules he forces the slaves down there to mine but most lose their minds after being around the powers for too long and eventually lose their lives Theodosia s only friend is a girl named Cress whose father is the one who swiped the blade across her mother s throat Inside Theodosia feels a constant battle about what she can do while feeling so absolutely helpless Yet Cress also lost her mother when she was very young so an unconventional friendship grew from two girls both mourning the mothers they never got to know I loved seeing their friendship develop and become what it was by the end of the book But Theodosia is constantly reminded of all the things she lost alongside her mother but she is forced to do the only thing she can survive That is until one day a boy from her past comes and offers her a way out and a way to maybe right a few wrongs that have happened to her people A life where a crown gold or ash doesn t weigh heavy on my head As I said above this is a dark story about a girl who is forced to live among the people who ruined her life and killed her mother TriggerContent Warnings for racism enslaving humans abuse torture graphic beating humiliation captivation gore murder death loss of a loved one bullying talk of rape in the past talk of animal murder in the past sexual assault unwanted touching and rebellionwar themes The other thing I d like to talk about is that the Kaiser and his people are white with light features where Theodosia and her people have darker features and are said to have a tawny skin color On top of the fact that this is a story about how one empire colonizes another and puts the remaining population in chains and are force them to work and die in the mines harvesting gems Maybe his interest in me isn t just about saving the damsel Part of him also wants to be saved If he s stained by his father s sins then maybe I m the only person who can absolve them My favorite thing about this book was easily the romance Now a lot of books have kind of vague blurry love triangles but Ash Princess just has a blatant one and I loved it Theodosia is torn between her childhood friend and first love Blaise and a boy whose father has taken everything from her S ren It is legitimately friends to lovers and enemies to lovers and my shipper heart was so full of happiness I personally like the enemies to lovers side of the triangle and I was falling off my bed swooning so damn hard during the last tunnel scene Like that is my romance kink 100% and if you ve read this book you ll know what scene I m talking about The romance in this is perfect and I will read Lady Smoke at midnight upon release to see how these romances progress because your girl is invested You could ask me for the ocean itself and I would find a way to give it to you So you re probably asking Melanie why did you give it four stars if you enjoyed it this much and won t stop gushing over it And that s because I ll be honest this story doesn t bring anything new to the YA Fantasy world If you read a lot of other reviews on Goodreads you re going to notice the same line of this is nothing new and it is true A lot of reviewers are also comparing this to Red ueen and An Ember in the Ashes but I haven t read either of those Basically this isn t groundbreaking or even uniue but it s super well written and crafted and it truly made for an un put downable read for me Overall I truly loved and devoured this This was easily the most addicting thing I ve read in 2018 thus far and I completely recommend it with my whole heart Again it might not be the most original thing but that doesn t make it not worthwhile I loved the characters the twists the plot the friendship the perfect romances the atmosphere the writing I loved it all We are not defined by the things we do in order to survive Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication

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E of reclaiming her throne lost she realizes that surviving is no longer enough But she does have a weapon her mind is sharper than any sword And power isn't always won on the battlefieldFor ten years the Ash Princess has seen her land pillaged and her people enslaved That all ends her. So earlier this year I took a trip to the south of France notably the P rigord which is filled with lovely relaxed people with sun kissed skin and floaty skirts a nice contrast to my jumpy pasty ass I was in the middle of an existential crisis and musing over whether or not to uit my job and become a starving artist and The Results May Surprise You While I was there I went to this antiues shop filled with retro fridges and dusty comics and amazing vinyl albums from the 80 s from before I was even born my dudes which makes me look like a foetus or whatever Anyway I was agonising over this fucking incredible standing lamp with an old aged leather lampshade teeth clenched over the 150 price tag but Okay Let me paint you a picture here The lamp was about my height and the lampshade was at the top of course but it was balanced on this handmade ye olde globe and the globe was being held up by a faux gold almost life sized sculpture of Atlas It was like a blend of everything I love good light to read by inaccurate old timey maps and Greek mythology I was just standing over this lamp a thread of drool wetting the front of my sweaty t shirt it was upwards of thirty degrees all week and that s not safe for a pale Celtic weirdo like me trying not to reach into my purse for my credit card Eventually I talked myself out of it Okay that s a lie I tore myself away from it like one might tear a glob of gum from their hair because that lamp would look so fucking good in my flat next to the K 2SO figurine and the red thread pinned into the plasterboard and the giant snail in the tank in the living room I kept cursing it cursing how poor I am until I came across a cardboard box full of no not false nails or chicken feet No It was full of carnivale masks They weren t the lamp but they were pretty cool I dithered between two of them one with a big velvet ruff and covered in bells and another smaller one with a salty little smirk on her face I eventually chose the one with the bells and it was only like 15 which was acceptable Jesus Christ it wasn t the damn lamp but it would do I liked it It took me a while to get the mask home because there wasn t enough room in my luggage but some weeks later I was balancing on the back of the ugly pink armchair one eye on the TV watching Kurzgesagt and trying not to press a push pin through my finger Then the mask was up and it looks cool and but le sigh I ll never forget about the lamp It will live on in my heart forever So here s the thing When you read this next part you ll probably envision me tapping away at my crumb filled 2012 MacBook next to my giant snail surrounded by crystals and dusty ornaments and sporting a tin foil hat and save for the tin foil hat you re not wrong The point is that on the Ghoul Boys scale I m not a Boogara but nor am I a Shaniac I m sort of in the middle and I have my own theories and all I m saying is HEAR ME OUT It started on the day that the mask arrived in my home On that day I experienced my very first lucid dream It was one of the most terrifying things I ve ever fucking witnessed and someday if anyone s interested I ll talk about it I took notes down on my phone the second I woke up but I needn t have bothered I remember the dream so vividly and I also remember the absolutely paralysing fear that I experienced I know it was a lucid dream and within the dream I was aware that I was dreaming I said the words to myself inside my head I am in a dream But it was baffling visceral and indescribably frightening I woke up feeling like I had already lived through a day The full story is for another time but that s still notable Something changed when the mask went up on the wall I was sitting in the living room watching Friends and drawing with my crusty old tablet and I heard the shoeboxes in my bedroom stir like they were being shuffled around My flat is fairly small and the front door opens out to a short hallway with the bedroom to the left and the living room to the right the noise was therefore loud enough for me to hear over my roaring laughter at the timeless joy of everyone s favourite 90 s sitcom and two albeit open doors An important thing to note here is that there are only two shoeboxes and they re fairly big so it s not easy for them to topple I texted my sister about this and she seemed spooked At the time surprisingly I wasn t worried I also woke up the morning after the shoebox incident with blinding lateral foot pain that was so bad I couldn t walk though I had run 4km the day prior to that so I put it down to overexercise Though I should mention that I had completed that same 4km run many times before with no trouble and had also been exercising uite diligently for weeks before that so Make of it what you will A couple of days later I was lying in bed at about 9am scrolling through Tumblr and I heard a funny clattering in the bathroom like something being knocked by an elbow Now my bathroom is stacked absolutely full of useless crap including but not limited to empty toothpaste boxes empty shampoo bottles face masks 40 vol bleach bottles a dying orchid and like eight pairs of sunglasses so it s easy to turn around and knock stuff over I glanced at the door then went back to scrolling on Tumblr Whatever dude Don t hate me but I tend to write off any paranormal experiences that start with I had just woken up Sleep messes with your mind guys Stuff like false awakening and sleep paralysis can seriously dick around with your perception of reality I ve experienced false awakening before and later discovered after some extensive research that what I thought was a crazy paranormal experience was just my brain tricking me into thinking I had three arms I m always open to suggestion but I tend to take anything that happens just after waking up from REM sleep with a big big pinch of salt What makes me pause on this is that I woke up at 8am and had been solidly awake but lying in bed for about an hour scrolling through social media when this happened Last night just after I had settled down to sleep I heard what sounded like the fridge door closing This gave me pause because before I go to bed I obsessively check the locks on the door check to make sure the sockets are off at the wall check to make sure the taps are off and check to make sure the fridge and freezer are shut This is a ritual because if I haven t double and sometimes triple checked these things then I lie awake all night getting anxious about it I did these checks of course and then the fridge door shut Okay My flat has been sweltering all summer It s still warm outside My flat is now cold Throughout the entire summer whenever I opened a window flies and bees and wasps always buzzed inside and annoyed the crap out of me The windows have been open every day since the mask entered my home and I have not seen a single bug There are creaks and small movements in the night I wake every now and again at between 3 and 5am though I usually sleep like a corpse Am I imagining it Probably But I ve seen and heard enough creepy shit in my life to believe that there s out there than what we can see And I had prepared throughout my years for something of this ilk to happen to me I had imagined what it might be to live alone and wonder if maybe I wasn t really as alone as I thought Every time I pictured it I saw myself terrified and unable to sleep and back in my old childhood home where I could not shake the feeling of being watched But the thing is that I just honestly don t give a damn I m stressed and trying to break into publishing is a fucking disaster and I m just like okay Whatever You can haunt my home if you want to as long as you stay in your corner and I stay in mine Just don t break anything and we re cool I can sit at my weird hoofed coffee table and write and this thing whatever it is if it even exists can pulse away inside that mask that feels like it s staring at me as long as it doesn t scare my friends or pick at the wallpaper It s cool I m fine with it Let s just both move on with our lives and coexist You were wondering where the book comes in rightI feel the same way about this book as I do about the mask The book s very pretty but its contents aren t to my taste That said I don t harbour any ill feeling towards it Some years ago I d have hissed and spat at this book for being so simplistic and depressing and at the same time boring and expected elemental magic Really Come on It s 20gayteen but now as a grown woman I m fine with it It s whatever It was very very standard YA fare and I doubt I ll remember it in 6 weeks time It ll sit on my bookshelf no not a shelf just a stack on the floor and as long as it doesn t fall and crush my toe or anything then it can do its thing and I ll do mine I can move on from it and forget about it and lament nothing about my time with it It was blah and thinner than rice paper but I really can t force myself to care Maybe I should be pissed off about the book than the ghost but the ghost cost 15 and the book only set me back like 799 The ghost is a better investment probably but given the barren fucking wasteland that is my life right now I d say they re both eually irrelevant The only thing I m cheesed about is the collective 2135 I paid for a very low key haunting and a long eye roll Thanks Brexit

free download ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Laura Sebastian

A captive in her own palace She's endured the relentless abuse and ridicule of the Kaiser and his court She is powerless surviving in her new world only by burying the girl she was deep insideThen one night the Kaiser forces her to do the unthinkable With blood on her hands and all hop. This was a pretty dark and politically twisty fantasy and I was pretty sold It had powerful magic and intriguing world building and I am so there for this Seriously tho world buildingIt actually takes time to show us languages and cultures and there were a lot of fantasy words flying about but I didn t get confused I felt really sucked into the world after only a few chapters Plus it had a lot of fantastic details so everything seemed super vivid It has a lot of prettiness in it to balance the horror of the conuerorsIt s absolutely about a conuered nation and Theo is basically a trophy tortured daily for the crimes of her people but kept alive despite the horror she has to go through So she s like lavished in pretty dresses and wears pretty makeup and goes to banuets and has books Her BFF is one the daughter of a very powerful dude and she s all pretty and light and flippant But then in the background you have the conuered people being murdered and enslaved in mines and Theo s being whipped if they rebel It was a brutal and visual contrast This one had such a stunning world and so much potential for seuels It s about wicked conuerors and the glitter and jewels people will pile on top of festering poison and murders and I was definitely intrigued