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Harest changes her travel plans forever Acting on impulse she agrees to visit Frédéric in Paris for a week Put a very French Frenchman together with a strong willed Australian girl and the result is some spectacular and often hilarious cultural clashesLanguage is a minefield of misunderstanding and the simple act of buying a baguette is fraught with social danger But as she navig. 35 The idea of living in France sounds lovely but in reality I think I d probably be lucky to manage living there for any than a month There are just too many things that would drive me batty the bureaucracy the ueues the competitiveness between women which results in a lack of friendliness just the general effort involved in living each day in a culture which involves a completely different perspective compared to the Australian way of life as the author found out I know there are compensations great chocolate pastries and baguettes being able to walk along the Champs Elysees and go to the Louvre and Luxembourg Gardens daily to name a few but I don t think they d make up for the mental and emotional toll it would take to change my attitude and way of thinkingThanks to Sarah for doing it and writing about it to make me realise that even if I ever get around to learning the French language learning the French way of life and living it every day is another matter altogether

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Ates the highs and lows of this strange new world from the sophisticated cafés and haute couture fashion houses to the picture postcard French countryside little by little Sarah falls under its spell passionate mysterious infuriating and charged with that French specialty séduction And it becomes her home Almost French is the story of an adventurous heart a maddening city and lov. This is the best I ve read so far of the moved to France adjusting to cultural differences genre Sarah the Australian TV journalist goes walk about in Europe meets a Frenchman in Romania and then accepts an invitation from him to visit Paris She goes and the rest is history which this book chronicles She covers the cuisine the fashion the dog mania the trying to make friends and many other situations I particularly loved her description of the bafflement at going to a party where everybody stood around in silence with open champagne bottles but no drinking After Sarah finally takes the plunge and starts pouring champagne in the glasses she is told by somebody that they must wait for all the guests to arrive which she thinks is a big disincentive to get anywhere on time I too had somewhat similar experience when I cooked a big Mexican dinner for a crowd of French people in Paris and wanted to start serving margaritas to everybody when they arrived but was told we had to wait on everybody One person was uite late and I was really frustrated I asked a Brit how they did it in England and was told like Americans people arrive you give em a drink Bien sur

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Before Eat Pray Love there was Almost French'This isn't like me I'm not the sort of girl who crosses continents to meet up with a man she hardly knows Paris hadn't even been part of my travel plan' After backpacking her way around Europe journalist Sarah Turnbull is ready to embark on one last adventure before heading home to Sydney A chance meeting with a charming Frenchman in Buc. The Kindle blurb begins with the statement Before Eat Pray Love there was Almost French I missed that statement Duh to me I did not like Eat Pray Love But here we are anywayI m not writing a blurb for this journal I m sharing my opinion of the book It will therefor contain spoilers There are really great points in this book about the French culture as experienced by a radical feminist as the author was seen in a country where she resided for a few years In her later books she writes about their journey back to the southern hemisphere and ultimately back to her country AustraliaAnother reviewer a linguist Australian and French afficionado did not mince words in declaring this book Pointless whiney drivvle that perpetuates the love hate stereotypes we ve been rehashing and rehashing for generations now Alanna s ReviewI was amazed that the author actually remained married and from her point of view happily so We will never hear dearly beloved Fr d ric s side of the story through his own words He wouldn t dare I m sureI found it difficult to believe that the husband the beloved Fr d ric happily gave up a century old inheritancea totally foreign and frightening concept to her to follow her back to AustraliaBefore that he had to give up a spacious apartment in a suburb to live in a dump in the Paris city center just to make her happy Fr d ric Who d have enough of those clean leafy streets Grinning Fr d ric gestures grandly towards the rats and rubbish You want Paris Voil le vrai Paris Nothing was ever to her taste She complained about his choice of furniture his way of life his friends his family his everything And ultimately his everything had to go The language was a gorgeous mellifluous gabble which I can listen to forever without identifying where one word ends and the next begins Those sliding liaisons and smooth syllables the to die for accent and controlled cadence together they make an incomprehensible verbal stew Perhaps his love for his child kept him in the relationship since there was little else justifying this clash of two cultures in which he constantly had to give in She lured him into a shallow world of pop culture and values which defined her but robbed him of himself Who cares It made her happy She just did not understand the concept of space and freedom he was accustomed to and could not adapt to his world Although she pretends in this book that she tried and became almost French it is clear from her actions that it was just the opposite Unfamiliar with the tradition of retreating to family homes on weekends I resent the routine of it the expectation whereas for Fr d ric returning regularly to his pays is the most natural thing in the world He thinks we re lucky having access to a country home just a few hours from Paris Besides the Boulonnais is beautiful I must be crazy not to see it Her observations of the people were sometimes serious sometimes funny like when she described Fr d ric s friend Jean Michel While Fr d ric smells lightly of Davidoff aftershave Jean Michel s personal aroma is flavoured by ripe armpits What I really appreciate about this book is the absence of endless recipes which so many expats indulge in Hallelujah She had me rolling with laughter describing a flatulent moment in a super marketview spoiler Inside suadrons of English shoppers choke the aisles wheeling trolleys piled with wine spirits and enough beer to sink the ferry on the way home As they pass in shorts and singlets thongs and tracksuit pants PANTALONS DE JOGGING Fr d ric s mood sours by the second Never mind that the Auchan hypermarket in economically depressed Boulogne sur Mer is hardly a summit of style like a crevasse Their sloppy dress standards are polluting his hometownRevolted Fr d ric glares at an Englishman who is bending for beer causing his shorts to slide south and reveal a substantial expanse of pink bottom We are standing behind him waiting to get near the shelves when he farts Emphatically Explosively It is not the most gracious of gestures to be sure but you ve got to admit the timing is exuisite What a succinct response to Fr d ric s Brit bashing It s as though the shopper took aim Fr d ric gassed and stunned is just centimetres from the firing line I practically fall on the floor laughingBut someone experiences a serious sense of humour failure Fr d ric is truly genuinely livid The fart is not funny It is and these are his exact words a declaration of war A lack of respect for French standards AN OUTRAGEOUS PROVOCATION And France retreats in a petulant fury abandoning the trolley and leaving the alcohol aisles to the enemy English hide spoiler

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    Oh dear god can I really bring myself to write a review of this book? This has to be honest to goodness one of the worst p

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    The author an Australian television journalist on a whim heads to Paris to stay with a man a French lawyer that she's met only twice The book is billed as a love story though we actually see very little of Frederic her future husband other than brief caricatured appearances after picking her up at the airport he effortlessly whips up an elegant lunch setting the table with crystal knife rests and an antiue silver bowl

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    The Kindle blurb begins with the statement Before Eat Pray Love there was Almost French I missed that statement Duh to me I did not

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    Much much bett

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    35★ The idea of living in France sounds lovely but in reality I think I’d probably be lucky to manage living there for any than a month T

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    This story of an Australian woman who meets and falls in love with a Frenchman almost immediately moving to Paris to live with him is a great illustration of what it's like to be an ex patriate particularly coming from a country with a relatively short history and moving to a place with a deep and rich history The culture clash is evident and reminded me of my own experience living in Japan a place of long his

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    45 rounded up A vivid and captivating personal account of the author Sarah Turnbull’s seven year life in Paris with her boyfriend Frédéric The two met each other by chance at a party in Romania while 27 year old Sarah

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    This book gets a big fat eh from me I really WANTED to like it It's a memoir of a young Australian woman indeterminately aged who moves to Paris to be with this guy and she ends up staying and discovering true French and Parisian culture Sounds

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    This is the best I've read so far of the moved to France adjusting to cultural differences genre Sarah the Australian TV journalist goes walk about in Europe meets a Frenchman in Romania and then accepts an invitation fro

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    Kirsten gave this to me for the plane ride I enjoyed Turnbull's interpretation of life in France I also liked how she was a