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    5 alluring starsReview completed May 5 2013Allure picks right up where Arouse left off Liv and Dean are attending a Christmas party and they are engaged in some heavy and delicious make out session in the coat closet Hawt fans self If I may be so bold Olivia Florence leans closer and lowers her voice to a consp

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    Picking up where 'Arouse' left off Dean and Olivia are trying to work through their problems With a baby on the way the couple seems to have a renewed appreciation for their relationship It is strange that a pregnancy scare was the beginning of their temporary downfall months earlier and a pregnancy also brings them back

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK Spoiler free review I can’t stop thinking about it Just BEAUTIFULDean and Liv are officially one of my all time favorite book couples Their passion love heartache and healing hit me right in the heart Allure is th

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    IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK #1 DO NOT READSPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised5 STARS out of 5Genre Adult Romance Erotica FULL REVIEW POSTED 51313 HIGHLY EROTIC HIGHLY EMOTIONAL TRUE TO LIFE CHARACTERS You’re the first woman who’s ever made me afraid” I stared at him “Afraid?” “Afrai

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    ★★★★★ Allure book 2 of 3 Professor Dean West Liv’s lives are rocked by joy sorrow; growth reflection; trials tribulations “We want the unending spirals of bliss we can create only with each other We want to shut the rest of the world out while locking ourselves in together” Books in the Spiral of Bliss Trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 ArouseBook 2 AllureBook 3 Awaken In Arouse book 1 we followed Olivia West

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    You and me beautyYou and me professor 5 SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL STARSArouse is the seuel to Allure and the beautifully written continuation of Dean and Liv's story The story of a married couple that is dealt with a lot of drama

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    5 STARSBefore her I had never known a woman who could make the noise of the world and everyone in it disappear I'd never wanted to prove myself to anyone the way I did to herWowThis is amazing just like the first oneI love itThis book picks up where Arouse left off and things between Dean and Olivia are in a better place but things are not t

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    My God this series are getting better and better with each book Loved it so much And I'm gonna start to read the next one D Oh I almost forgot Professor Dean West swooon

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    5 Only Love StarsThe best kind of stories are the ones we live everyday The stories we come up with ourselves we witness and narrat

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    5 ALLURING STARS ★★★★★ “Our relationship our love cannot and will never be perfect It will however always belong only to us in all its flawed intense beauty Perfect in its very imperfection” After reading that uote above I knew THIS was definitely a 5 stars winner for me Once I put down the book I was in com

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After lies and betrayal almost destroyed us Dean and I fought our way back to each other But now another battle threatens our fragile reconciliationThough Dean's protectiveness of me is powerful tha. 5 alluring starsReview completed May 5 2013Allure picks right up where Arouse left off Liv and Dean are attending a Christmas party and they are engaged in some heavy and delicious make out session in the coat closet Hawt fans self If I may be so bold Olivia Florence leans closer and lowers her voice to a conspiratorial whisper Your husband is uite dashing but his adventurous spirit is well it makes him just irresistibleII beg your pardonMy dear I m seventy three years old Florence says And in fifty one years of marriage I can only wish that my husband had even once shagged me in a coat closetShe winks at me then turns and walks away So after tasting the appetizer at the party they really needed to devour the entr e when they got back home And how Though while Liv was willing to address their problems right away Dean preferred to postpone the discussion We ll talk tomorrow Liv He tightens his arm around me and brushes his mouth against my temple Right now I want you naked against me I want to wake up cold because you re hogged all the blankets I want to feel your leg between mine your hair in my face your arm flung across my chest I want to find myself on the edge of the bed in the morning because you re sprawled all over the mattress I want to sleep with you Even so Dean is not very keen on discussing the matter because first and foremost it s all about Liv and her well being Life however is not predictable and has its own agenda Shortly after Dean and Liv are compelled to leave for California due to a family emergencyNina set a high standard when she wrote Arouse and I m very pleased to say that Allure totally lived up to my high expectations The book title is perfect and I loved all the connotations of this word Liv and Dean s story is a pure spiral of bliss In fact Allure is an absolutely delicious cocktail of prime erotic romance It provides intriguing and believable characters great dialogue an authentic well thought out and engaging plot that is interspersed with plenty of alluring spicy and deliciously written sex scenes As it was I devoured this novel and I cannot wait to read the conclusion to their fervent journey in Awaken Though I m already dreading the day when I ll be reading the final page of their story I m going to miss them immensely Allure as a whole is beautiful however I think that Nina outdid herself when she wrote the final 10 % The ending is emotional and brilliantly written and I m sure you will feel an urge to read Awaken straight awayThe story is told in first person and alternates between Liv and Dean s POV Additionally it switched between present and past events I tilted my head back to look at him He d waited a long time for me His gaze searched mine Thanks for waiting I whispered My beauty he said I d wait for you forever No worries though the transitions are smoothly done and if you have read Arouse then you know how skilled the author is As a matter of fact I think that Nina did a great job at moving the story forward and with such an ending I m willing to bet that some interesting events are about to happen in Awaken While reading Allure I made some notes And I must say it s a good feeling when your thoughts have been proven right eventually My thoughts in the early stages of the plot Dean has this unrelenting urge and need to protect Liv to shield her from everything bad painful or difficult Even though it s chivalrous I think it s pretty unhealthy and kind of smothering It s not good because we need to have a choice Human beings and certainly women in general need to make their own mistakes and we need to claim the privilege to fail once in a while And often than not we learn by making mistakes At any rate it helps us to grow as a person and we gain self confidence and strength Besides a couple needs to trust each other completely Bottom line you need to communicate early often and well Don t hold back because you think that your partner will get hurt or won t be strong enough to take it Holding back will only cause smoldering dissatisfactions it can fester and then it will simply blow the conflict out of proportionI was so relieved when Liv said to Dean You have to let me fail Dean and you have to believe I can get back up on my ownI know you canMy heart constricts But you have to let me prove it You have to accept that I m going to get hurt but also that I can be self reliant You can t always save me Liv really needs to start spreading her wings She needs to develop self reliance in her skills and she must stand up for herself I think we will see that in Awaken Looking back now I believe that Arouse was the excavation And while Allure was all about laying the foundations Liv will be ready to build the house in Awaken My mind is already perusing the connotation of the book title Liv wake up Great sex is never a problem solver If anything it only helps to postpone a much needed controversy because you must get down to the root of the problem eventually I know that many readers are getting tired of cliffhangers Though I must say that I completely understand why Liv and Dean s story is told in three books As far as I can judge there is enough substance to develop their fascinating journey and it s a long and complex process If you have to face difficult marital problems you don t solve them within a few days after all As I see it Dean and Liv have ways to go when it comes to deal with past and present pains Also they must and will be growing as characters to get past their problems In this context I must say that something sad happened in Allure and I m glad it did because it needed to happen Whoever wants to flag this pic don t do it coz it s been approved by GR Thank you I laugh Lovely sentiment but why did you draw a picture of a smiling butt A what A smiling but I hold out the note That s a coffee bean Note to self Mind out of the gutter coz when I looked at the pic I saw a smiling yet very naked butt The butterflies migrate to survive I say They need to escape the cold They need nourishment And once they have that they always return home In that place of us Liv and Dean love has its own poetry and language Allure uatrefoil fleur de lis Right here PR91993 R5115 Y68 My white knight I m yours Give me a kiss Pie love you I remember Professor BeautyThe sound of textbook pages turning as rain pours outside the window The twist of a string around his long fingers That tight knotted ball inside me opening flowering into pleasure for the first time ever Papers about library collections medieval architecture database systems and archeological surveysuiet weekends board games take out pizza houseplants and boring foreign films The soft gentle healing of old wounds The glide of his palm over my skin his deep voice whispering in my ear The easing of my heartThe way he looks at me The way I smile at him The way we can always just be us In reference to certain uotes of Allure I ve spent the last weeks craving exactly this to be swept off my feet by Nina s powerful intense and beautiful writing I ve longed for this story to be released to be reclaimed by Dean and Liv s struggles and laughter thoughts and feelings Love will never ever be perfect Love changes its form over the years but if you nurture and cherish it then it will always be there stronger than before and ready to be called whenever you ll need it It will be waiting for you in all its flawed yet intense beauty Perfect in its very imperfection I ve longed to go back to this fascinating couple for a long time and it was so well worth the wait Promise me Nina that you will be writing wonderful stories that will make me want to try to stop the march of time Your writing is a never ending source of inspiration Thank you for inspiring my thoughtsAs a side noteThere is no cheating whatsoever in this story ARC courtesy of Nina Lane author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Nina I have Nina s permission to add her message to my review As an avid and passionate reader and reviewer this is the most precious gift I can get from an author It means a lot to me If you d like to see what she s written then read the spoilerview spoiler Wow Baba Totally speechless That is the most amazing review ever Images uotes everything And you totally UNDERSTOOD everything I was trying to do which is the best gift you could possibly give me You understand Liv and Dean and how they need to change and grow that excavation foundation building a house metaphor is indescribably beautiful I can t even tell you how grateful I am and I made my husband come in so I could read him that last paragraph because it is so moving I m going to shut up now because I m about to get all mushy and start telling you how I ve been a writer my whole life and have always felt that writing is the ONLY thing I m really good at so to hear how much my writing affected you means the world to me Can t even tell you Thank you SO SO much I m about to head into serious emotional overdrive so I m going to go now THANK YOUNina hide spoiler

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Allure Spiral of Bliss #2

N ever he can't escape his seething jealousy over what I did with another man And I can't forget his lie especially when a West family crisis forces us back to his hometown where I'm confronted by t. Allure book 2 of 3 Professor Dean West Liv s lives are rocked by joy sorrow growth reflection trials tribulations We want the unending spirals of bliss we can create only with each other We want to shut the rest of the world out while locking ourselves in together Books in the Spiral of Bliss Trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 ArouseBook 2 AllureBook 3 Awaken In Arouse book 1 we followed Olivia West s and her husband Professor Dean West as they experience marriage troubles Mainly misunderstandings and miscommunications but also their pasts coming back to haunt themAllure book 2 opens up to the aftermath of book 1 s cliffhanger ending Dean and Liv make huge progress in overcoming issues and opening up the lines of communication We learn about their inner thoughts and fears some via note drawings We are treated to moments of bliss both current and flashbacks plus everything that is sex with Professor Dean But their troubles are far from over Soon their world is rocked by family issues taking them on a trip to see Dean s family While Dean tries to deal with his family Liv is faced with their hostility and secrets from his past A stronger mature Liv emerges while Dean is still confused and mostly paralyzed by his mistakes and his inability to see the big picture Then tragedies strike yet again putting them both on a downward spiral so out of control it threatens not only their marriage but their careers and wellbeing Professor Dean West had been his wife s rock and savior but we saw his position waiver even crumble at times Dean is a man who loves his wife with everything he is yet he feels like he was failing her and he will continue making mistakes and being tongue tied Seven words to describe Dean Captivating strong assertive commanding noble obtuse and unforgettable He is imprinted in my bones my soul He has marked me in ways permanent than time Olivia West Liv aka Beauty has followed her husband in the pursuit of his career and along the way lost her footing In Allure she will start the process of finding her identity next to her larger than life husbandSix words to describe Liv Strong endearing lost insecure na ve and conflicted I press my face against her sweet smelling hair You ll always be my allure Allure ends with another cliffy so I m very much looking forward to book 3 Awaken for the conclusion of Dean and Liv s saga Captivating plot Spellbinding storytelling Interesting characters Fascinating lovable and unforgettable hero Professor Dean West 6 star shelf and top 10 hero Epic read You and me beauty he reminds me his eyes gentle You and me professor Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 45 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 5 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes GIF approved by GR 11 2013


He woman who loved my husband before meI'd thought we were safe again in the warm loving haven of our marriageI was wrongSpiral of Bliss Reading OrderAROUSEALLUREAWAKENARRIVEBREAK THE SKYADOREALWAYS. My God this series are getting better and better with each book Loved it so much And I m gonna start to read the next one D Oh I almost forgot Professor Dean West swooon