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Alien Bride Water Planet #1

Dangerously sexy General Taneris Tanoor distract her from her mission.

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A to save Earth from a dangerous period of drought But will the eually.

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Now an BESTSELLER Dr Kalista Alana has been sent to the planet of Chor.

2 thoughts on “Alien Bride Water Planet #1

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    This is not a stand alone I didn't have to buy the first part of this book it was offered free on This book was only 32 pages so very short I dislike when authors do this and the next 32 pages is 129 which I won't buy If it was the rest of the book I probably would bought it but not chapter by chapterThe story and plot were good but this really ins't a book it is like a chapter We are left with a cliffhanger at the en

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    I really enjoyed this story I had to get the second one right away to find out what happened Love the dynamic between the characters

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