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Itrary laws were rescinded The English herbalists are now free to practice their art and are daily becoming popular with the common people the real power and they are today nationally recognized physicians W.

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Advanced treatise in herbology

Herbalist of this country should combine as a unit and fight for their rights as free American citizens In England the great medical Goliath was slain by the little David of united herbalists so that the arb.

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E are trusting you with the secrets of nature's great healing agents and their method of application We are offering you power success and a place in the sun Do no fail in your stewardship Edward Shook pg 34.

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    Also posted on my site the Paperback StashWhile this text is a bit dated and things have been discovered since almost everything written in this short study is accurate and true Dr Edward Shook was a man clearly determined to spread the word of good health nutrition herbs and healing to the medical world as it was chang

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    20th century herbalism with a 19th century flavor designed for the experienced practitioner Not uick reading but full of interesting and useful info