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A boat smaller than Slocum's Spray and his canoe which he named Tilikum certainly ualified Although 38 feet long it was a mere 5 and a half feet wide and drew just 24 inches when fully loaded When he first saw the canoe he said it struck me at once that I we could make our proposed voyage we would not alone make a world's record for the smallest vessel but also the only canoe that had e.

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40 000 Miles in a Canoe Sailor's Classics

In May 1901 just three years after Joshua Slocum's legendary solo voyage around the world another professional seaman idled by the passing of the Age of Sail set off on an extraordinary ocean journey Saying goodbye to his wife and children he put to sea from Victoria British Columbia with one other man in a converted Native American war canoe Voss's objective was to circle the world in.

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Ver circumnavigated the globe To prepare the dugout red cedar canoe for an ocean voyage Voss had built up the sides seven inches decked it over and added a tiny 5 x 8 foot cabin a cockpit for steering a small keel and three small masts carrying four sails He and a man named Luxton left Victoria carrying 100 gallons of fresh water three months' provisions firearms and navigation instrume.

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