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prognosis, and special treatment of diseases. The sub-

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cold astringents or by plugging the nostril with cotton wool

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Most of the author's operations were performed three to

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— but, eventually, on reflecting that she could be scarcely more mise-

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run in, once or several times. When mucosis separates the ingesta from

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foot and a Pott's fracture. The crepitus, preternatural mobility,

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with soil, are respectively caused by one and the same pathogenic

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polypi only 31 had asthma, and in 517 cases of chronic

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been sufficiently considered in exi)laining the origin of multiple preg-

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tal, operated on a woman, and during the operation one

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fracture of the bones or dislocation of the joints is not so easily

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in a short time, the average duration varying according

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acid upon them. A fever more or less intense corresponding

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the amount of which was $623,859.42. The basis for this ap-

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Founded 1842. Incorporated 1890. fif§F" Pamphlets gratis to practitioners by mail upon request.

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by the term scrofula is understood a certain disease or

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fluid, could be made out in the right lower lobe. Re-

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instances in which the sponge-tent had proved Its remedial

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was considerably emaciated, with a languid countenancei

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but one case of sarcoma of the brain was localized by means of

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in acquired disease constitutes a very unfavourable com-

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of blood or pus, or cast-off cell elements in certain malig-

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produce the gouty cop'!i*ir>n and, so, a p.'ec'iEDis'i'.nn to renal disease. A

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which the eyesight has been affected by the disturbance of

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It thus appeared that the destructive agent in the blood-

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and becomes connected by fibrous processes with the margins of the inter-

Please ensure that you request your repeat prescriptions from your GP in plenty of time so that you do not run out of your essential medication. The emergency department and walk-in centres should not be used for this.